Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mountain Lion OS X: Mac compatible and the other

Distribution to developers Monday night in a golden master versions of Mountain Lion are the opportunity to know exactly which Mac will benefit. The list was reduced compared to that of Leo. It is good, while the OS arrives by the end of the month (it will cost € 15.99 on the Mac App Store), to repeat a point.

OS X 10.7 Mac had as a prerequisite a 64-bit, so have at least an Intel Core 2 Duo. Plus, 2 GB of RAM and 7 GB available on the storage medium (in addition there were other requirements, for example to use Airdrop).

In its page update, Apple confirms what was discussed last February that all machines compatible with Leo will not necessarily with its successor.

The 10.8 will claim at least an iMac (2007 or better), MacBook (late 2008 as amended and with the aluminum unibody white), MacBook Pro (Mid 2007) MacBook Air (Late 2008), a Mac mini (Early 2009), a Mac Pro (Early 2008) or Xserve (Early 2009). They will have 2 GB of RAM (rather obviously we advise a minimum of 4 GB if possible) and 8 GB of free disk.

In Leo, the easiest way to check if your machine is fit for service is to open About This Mac from the Apple menu, click on more and then you get the introductory period on your Mac. In parallel, all machines bought on or after June 11 will be updated for free, within 30 days.

Ars Technica blamed for that discrimination on the graphics card drivers, including embedded chips from Intel. Mountain Lion using only 64-bit drivers, some cards that are no longer supported using the 32-bit drivers which did not have the opportunity to be adapted and became unusable with the new system.

The file-sharing network via Airdrop will need at least a MacBook Pro (Late 2008) MacBook Air (Late 2010), a MacBook (Late 2008), iMac (Early 2009), Mac mini (Mid 2010) and a Mac Pro (Early 2009 with an AirPort Extreme card).

Another feature, new this time, the mirror mode display screen from the Mac to a TV with Apple TV (small black box version) will require an iMac (Mid 2011) Mac mini (Mid- 2011), MacBook Air (mid-2011) or MacBook Pro (early 2011). Exit the MacBook and Mac Pro.

There is also Power Nap as a novelty, one that allows a laptop to continue to up the mail in standby mode, but also to make Time Machine backups or retrieve updates. Only the MacBook Air (late 2010 or newer) and MacBook Pro Retina qualified.

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