Monday, July 2, 2012

LT ConnectMyDNA

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
When I was still studying in college, I have classmates from other countries or races whom I became closefriends. It's pretty interesting how we share common interest with one another. We like to eat the same type of food, we listen to similar music and watch the same movies in the cinema. We really get along so well and our friendship didn't end even if we already graduated from college. We often communicate in a social networking site and we actually have plans of having  a class reunion next year! Oh! I can't wait to see them! By the way, I have learned recently about ConnectMyDNA™. ConnectMyDNA™ could display some of your genetic characteristics and show you how relatable you are to your friends and even people around the world. Their unique services provide you with your very own DNA signature compacted into a personalized Gene Ring.
Think of a Gene Ring as your own personal fingerprint.  No fingerprints are alike, so as the Gene Ring. It is a visual representation of your DNA. There are green markers positioned on the ring that represent the unique values found on your DNA. ConnectMyDNA™ compares your gene ring to people around the world and match you to a population group that shares the same DNA to you. You can also explore and learn about the country you are closely match and the people that live there.
In your DNA profile test, serial numbers are used to track your order, not your name. There is no sensitive information provided by the ring so this is very secured. ConnectMyDNA™ is not an Ancestry test but a product that highlights your similarities to today's population and people around the world; not through heritage or lineage.
I want to try ConnectMyDNA™ myself and compare my gene ring with my friends to see how closely our values match. It will be interesting to discover that we may be more alike than I thought! I am also eager to know what population group shares the same DNA to me. I am guessing Spain is my country connection since I share common interest with my friends who are from Spain. I would love to visit Spain someday too and learn about the country.
ConnectMyDNA™ is an easy affordable way for me to see  my DNA profile and share it with others. Try it yourself! Use the discount code IZEA290512. This will give you a reduced price down to $29! Check out and take advantage of the great deal code I am offering exclusively to you! Learn something new about yourself! You may be surprised to see what your country connection is! What country do you think your DNA most matches?

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