Friday, July 1, 2011

iPhone changed everything Part.III

However, we can forgive these errors before the announcement, which had, after all, very little evidence on which to rely. However, when all was said and shown, the reactions can give food for thought, in retrospect. David Haskin for ComputerWorld, said; I am more convinced than ever that, after an initial frenzy of publicity and sales to "early adopters", sales of the iPhone will not be dramatic. If Apple does not respond quickly by lowering prices and making amends with AT & T, which will probably be irritated, the iPhone could become the next Apple Newton. Remember, two years after the marketing of the Newton, PDA smaller and cheaper appeared - the Palm Pilot - which really made her little effect.

The quotations are undoubtedly the most ready to smile for the most outrageous, nothing but long awaited finally on the hilarious John C. Dvorak is that it made a specialty about Apple, which said in March 2007; Apple should drop the iPhone ... What Apple risks here is its reputation as a cool company that cannot miss anything. If she is smart she will say that the iPhone is a "reference design" and pass an asshole for him to build the marketing budget to someone else. Then it can wash their hands of any commercial failure ... Otherwise, I advise everyone to look elsewhere. You will not like what you see.

But he who made his gloating of the iPhone, which has since changed his mind quickly, was Steve Ballmer, in a statement that was missing a lot of foresight and that cost him dearly.

There is no chance that the iPhone can earn any significant market share. No chance. It costs $ 500 when it is subsidized. They might make money. But if you really look at the 1.3 billion phones that are sold, I would prefer to see our software in 60 to 80% of them on 2 to 3%, which is what Apple might have.

iPhone changed everything Part.II

Why the Apple phone got this much success? Since it will be a great device, if I was not the man stingiest of America, I could buy. The strategy as a whole, however, is based on what I call "iPod magic." Apple has succeeded with the iPod, the theory says. As a result, they can set foot in other categories and put them upside down. Even the press historically benign vis-à-vis Apple may have lack of discernment, both before and after the announcement of the iPhone. Also in December 2006, The Register published; Apple will launch a phone in January, which will be available during 2007. It will be a gem, a joy to behold, and its limited functionality will be easy to access and use.

The Apple phone will be offered exclusively by the network in every major territory and some consumers change their operator just to get it, but not as much as some had hoped. As consumers begin to realize that the competition offers better functionality at a lower price by negotiating a better subsidy, sales will stagnate. After one year a new version will be launched, but the innovation of the first model it will fail and disappear quickly. Even John Gruber himself, he is also so quick to recall the failed predictions of his colleagues, was guilty of blunder on the eve of Apple's announcement; there are still only a few days, I do not expect Apple has a phone this week. But I changed my mind during the weekend, and I think since it is ultimately what is most likely. Not a VoIP phone, which depends on the Wi-Fi or anything of that order, but a real mobile phone pure juice. It seems that we should expect to say "Wow, I thought Apple could announce a phone but I do not expect them to do like that!", But it is the devil if anyone knows what it is. My estimate would be unlikely but nevertheless enough to inspire: it will not be an iPod-phone, but rather the beginning of a new OS for mobile devices.

iPhone changed everything Part.I

Four years after the marketing of the iPhone, and you can not admit that Apple has totally revolutionized the industry of mobile phones in more ways than one. First in technology, since all manufacturers have begun to touch that applications are now the daily bread of Smartphone users, and browsing the web it has become even more natural than on computer, so that before they were content to substitute such as WAP or i-mode.

Even more impressive, Apple has moved the debate, making phone capabilities a central criterion when he was once a gateway to the service, if not negligible: Apple has gradually relegated telephone operators to the rank of sellers of pipes, which once made them rain or shine on the market. In short, the success of the iPhone is undeniable, even beyond its sales figures, also impressive for a company that did not put a toe in the market four years ago.

Despite the technological revolution, which put Apple in the years ahead of its competitors, all the oracles have failed to predict his destiny. CNET offers a small selection of Cassandra, and begins to make his own mea culpa with about Michael Kanellos, published by the site in December 2006 when the iPhone was still a persistent rumor; the iPhone sales will skyrocket initially. However, things will calm down, and the Apple phone will take its place on the shelves alongside the video cameras, cell phones, wireless routers and other aspirants to success. Remember the Mac mini? He was supposed to blow up a revolution for small computers. It was not the case. Some have predicted that Apple would derive rates the market up. Oops :P

Google improves search in Chrome

Google has introduced three new features to its search engine for computers. Two are reserved for users of Chrome, Google's browser; even if we can assume that the compatibility will be extended to other browsers in a second time.

Issue of mobile voice search is now also accessible from the desktop version of Google. Operation is very simple: when it is available, a microphone appears in the search field. Simply click and dictate the request to search. This function is reserved for Chrome, it's actually an API created by HTML 5 and Google is clearly not used elsewhere in Chrome, since version 11.

Also new this time open to all browsers, the search images. This feature was also initially being available on mobile devices with Google Goggle: the search engine will scan the image and search based on what he finds. Several possible uses such as finding the name of a plant or building are simply a different way of search.

Google is proposed three ways to launch a search with an image. The simplest is undoubtedly the drag / drop an image into the search field of Google, but probably not only work on all browsers. In all cases, you can also click on the icon of camera added to the search field to select an image on your hard drive, or even just copy / paste an image. Google has even developed an extension for Chrome and Firefox.

The third novelty of the day does once again that Chrome. Google still wants to speed up the search for the users of its browser by loading in advance the first search result. The company is betting that the first result is the one most likely to correspond to your research and place it in the browser cache. When you click on the link, it loads immediately.

Effective if we are to believe the video, but it will wait a bit to use this feature. Google says you can test it with the development branch of Chrome, but that the domestic beta is expected soon to experience it. It should be a priori accessible to as many people in Chrome 13.

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