Saturday, May 12, 2012

The "new iPad 2" is gaining autonomy

We tested a "new iPad 2", that is to say an iPad 2 with the chip smaller A5 and engraved at 32 nm (read: The iPad 2 also has an A5 engraved in 32 nm). The chip of the original version of the tablet was engraved at 45 nm, as the team A5X that the third generation iphone. Overall in the Apple lineup, only two products are equipped with more finely etched chips: Apple TV 1080p and the iPad 2 remains in the catalog.

As usual, the manufacturer did not communicate this change should not impact the average user. Except these tests show, the transition from 45 nm to 32 nm has a significant effect on autonomy.

In web browsing, the original iPad 2 was slightly more than 10 hours. The new model features a chip smaller than for its widely 11 hours of battery life. This is more than an hour longer than the original version and is more than two hours more than the new iPad.Le gain is even clearer when the graphics chip is used. The impact of finer engraving on the new iPad 2 then approach 30% more runtime. On Infinity Blade II (5.49 €), the iPad 2 came out last year was just over 6 hours while the models currently produced reaches almost 8 hours!

A5 chip etched at 32 nm gives the iPad 2 greater autonomy in all areas. In video playback, the tablet is over 3:30 p.m. whereas it was only 13 hours with the model released in 2011. Thus, the "new iPad 2" is the tablet that Apple has the largest autonomy so far ahead that the new iPad needs a lot more power for its Retina display.

If autonomy is an important criterion for you and you can toggle between the Retina, buy an iPad 2 is the best solution. It remains to find the right model: Apple, iPad 2 is an iPad 2, regardless of its date of manufacture and therefore the fine engraving of the chip. Only option, buy the tablet and turn it on. If iOS 5.1 is installed, it is a priori a new model, the original was rather iPad 2 comes with iOS 5.0.1.

To be sure, it is best to know the model number of your tablet. For this you can install Geekbench 2 (€ 0.79). The "new iPad 2" is actually a iPad2, 4, the original is an iPad 2.1. Stocks of the original model should also decrease over time, allowing more generations.

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