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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Best Wireless Router for Mac Users

There are tones of wireless routers are coming from the electronic department of various manufacturing companies around the world. Most of the routers are suitable for only Windows and Linux operating systems rather than supporting Mac Os. Only few of the routers are coming with Mac operating system compatibility and they are unique in performance. Choosing the best compactable router is a tougher task; if you were an expert then you can easily able to select by your own. In this post, you can get various information about routers released by apple in the market.

Apple Airport Extreme 

Apple Airport Express is a top pick product by most of the magazines; the various feature if this product made this to become the top product for this year. This is not exactly a cheap device on the market and the various functionality of this product gives you an immense happiness when you were using this product in your Mac. The Apple Airport Extreme allows the user to work over 802.11n and 802.11 a/b/g connections. This router enables you to access your internet connection at almost top speed whenever you want to access the internet connection. This router can connect up to 50 Guest connections and also able to share your hard drive data over the network. The speed of the hard drive sharing is comparatively high when compared to the other devices in the market. If you need an extreme connection, then you can surely go for Apple Airport Extreme.

Apple Airport Express 

Apple Airport Express makes you to sticky way to apple’s theme. This router is comparatively cheaper while compared with Apple Airport Extreme. Devices are extremely simpler one and you can connect with up to 10 devices and there is no Ethernet port in this router. Even though, you can connect up to 10 devices using this router. An interesting character with this router is the Airplay Function. By Using Airplay function, you can stream your ITunes library to speaker system in your living room / home. You can easily play your favorite music over the air by using this router.

Apple Time Capsule MC343LL 

Apple Time Capsule is a branded piece of apple and it is not only a router. It offers you lot of features rather than simply routing in the network. This router is slightly a price one and it is similar to Apple Airport Extreme and it has inbuilt memory storage component to store the data which are downloaded by using the router. It comes with 1TB inbuilt hard drive and it can be expanded up to 2 Tera Byte of Memory. It has Ethernet port similar to Airport Extreme and the additional features made this to become a best router in the market. In this router, your files are automatically backed up, suppose if your files are corrupted by the nasty viruses, your files will be automatically saved without performing any manual tasks. This one will suits for those people who looks for an all-in-one stuff.