Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Apple will host next iPhone launch Sept. 9

The most awaited event for this year is finally here, Apple will be launching its next iPhone on September event in San Francisco. Exactly a year ago, Apple had launched the bigger iPhone 6 and now it is time to launch new devices with tradition. Invitation for this event started coming out on Thursday with simple tease: “Hey Siri, give us a hint.”

Apple hoping to boost its sales

It should be noted that two third of the Apple’s revenue comes from the sales of iPhone followed by its other devices and web based services. In order to keep the revenue steady it is necessary for the Apple to keep introducing new devices in order to generate desire among the consumers. Apple has been selling millions of mobile devices each but in the recent times it has seen slowing down of sales largely due the rise of Chinese Smartphones manufacturers and saturation in the world mobile market.

The other major device in Apple’s portfolio is the iPad, which is going through a bad phase in sales. The quarterly sales of Ipad are declining with each passing year and Apple had recorded six periods of low sales in a row, which is highly alarming.

Apple launch event will brings tweaked iPhone

Just a year back Apple had launched new bigger iPhone which boasted huge advancement in the hardware and design but this year focus will be bringing tweaks and functionality enhancement as seen earlier with ‘S’ cycle launches. The major example of ‘S’ cycle change or tweaks is the introduction of Siri, Apple’s voice assistant with the launch of iPhone4S few years back.

It is expected that Apple will be bringing its relatively new ForceTouch technology to its other devices. ForceTouch technology debuted last year with the iPhone 6 allowing it the ability to differentiate between the hard and light taps on the screen. Apart from this Apple will be bringing tweaks with a fast processor, better camera and more color options for the users.

Apple TV can even make a debut

We had long being hearing about the Apple TV and last time it was expected to be revealed at the annual developer’s conference in June but it was pushed back for unknown reasons. Later on it was revealed that Apples had failed to broker any deals with the TV programmers to bring some content in time. This time Apple is expected to launch the Apple TV box along with an internet based television service for its users. Apple was first to pioneer the thought of binging a service of internet delivered TV but it kept pushing it back and now this service has grown considerably with increased accessibility.

Apple might reveal new bigger iPads

Apple had long kept the tradition of holding separate events for its tablets and smartphones. And usually iPhones are announced in September followed by iPad in October. This time they might surprise us by launching both the devices together and users will be able to see the upcoming 12.9 inches iPad Pro in September event.

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