Monday, June 22, 2015

Apple plans FaceTime camera

Apple Watch 2 – Video Camera/New Wireless System for iPhone

It has been revealed by sources that two months after its initial launch of Apple Watch and a day following the device’s debut at its store, Apple is considering for the 2016 release of a second generation model. As per several sources familiar with the plans of Apple, the Apple Watch 2 is scheduled to gain a video camera, a new wireless system for the iPhone independence together with new premium models and would also have similar battery life to its predecessor.

The present consideration of Apple calls for a video camera to be assimilated into the top bezel of the Apple Watch 2, allowing users in making and receiving FaceTime calls on the move through their wrists. The company has transmitted its interest in growing Apple Watch FaceTime functions at the time of the rollout of watchOS 2.0 during the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month and for the first time, the new software enabled users to answer FaceTime Audio calls from the Apple Watch and route FaceTime video calls to be answered or rejected on iPhone. However, plans could change and there could be a possibility that the camera may be pushed back to a later model.

Initiative Internally Known - `Tether-less’

Apple plans for the second generation under an initiative internally known as `tether-less’. Presently, the activity tracking, mobile payment together with music playback operation of Apple works substantially without a connected iPhone. Although several other features which could normally function under a Wi-Fi connection, may not function completely and this could include text messaging receiving updated weather data and emailing.

To make the Apple Watch more proficient without the connection of an iPhone, Apple plans to integrate a more enhanced dynamic wireless chipset in the wearable. However, it would continue to require an iPhone for the purpose of heavy data transfers, with inclusive of software upgrades as well the synchronization of media files and basic communication jobs could be handled without the assistance of the iPhone. The updated Wi-Fi chip also permits the `Find my Watch feature’, reported earlier this year, since Apple will be capable of tracking Apple Watches utilising Wi-Fi router triangulation technology rather than the GPS.

Nightstand Charging Mode

While the consumers as well as Apple were apprehensive about its real world battery life before the release of the Apple’s product, the company had undertaken market research ever since and had concluded that the majority of the customers were satisfied charging their Watches every night.

Apple’s study according to a source specifies that average consumers tend to finish each day within a 30% and 40% charge balance on their Apple Watches thereby enabling Apple’s engineers to change their hardware priorities for the future Apple models.

Though Apple could have considered focusing on major improvement of battery life, for the next Apple Watch, the company is of the belief that it could satisfy consumers by keeping or improving a bit the existing battery life while adding more advanced hardware features.

Apple’s inclusion of a Nightstand charging mode to its Watch suggests that the charging at night will stay on, in the near term and this strategy would trail Apple’s annual iPad hardware plan that has brought about updated features to the product yearly without moving away from the 2010 promise of 10 hour battery life.

Focus on Broader Portfolio

The company is presently focusing in discovering a broader portfolio of the latest Watch models beyond present day’s Sport, Steel and Edition levels and the company is believed to be focusing on the introduction of latest models which would be sitting between the highest end stainless steel Apple Watch with the entry level of a 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition.

 Moreover, the company is also on the lookout on ways in attracting the consumers at price points within the range of $1,000 and $10,000, though it is not known if it would manage in attracting consumers in lower priced gold Apple Watch variation, higher priced steel models together with more advanced bands or versions along with latest materials. There is a possibility that Apple would introduce Apple Watch 2 differences made with titanium, palladium, and tungsten or as it has previously been suggested, in platinum.

Release of a Full Next Generation Apple Watch Device - 2016

It has been hinted in analyst reports, over the past few months, that with minor hardware upgrades, Apple would most likely wait till 2016 for the release of a full next generation Apple Watch device. Sources have also cautioned that Apple samples several variations of future hardware products prior to the release and hence the plan for a camera equipped model would eventually be saved for another generation owing to roadmap changes or component availability.

Till the new model shows up, Apple will hold off Apple Watch consumers by releasing watchOS 2.O this fall along with the latest Nightstand functions, as well as a trio of new watch faces, with improved email functions and new messaging features of new Digital Touch.

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