Thursday, June 18, 2015

Apple is setting itself Up For a Giant iPad

Apple’s larger Version 12.9 Inch iPad

It has been rumoured that Apple had be working on a 12.9 inch iPad for years.Some report that the company would be unveiling its bigger tablet at the Apple Watch event soon but there are other new reports indicating that the big iPad would not be available till fall. Some of the interesting features revealed by Apple recently are its iOS 9 operating system new controls which have been specifically designed for the iPad.
These comprise of –
  • Updated split screen mode to open quickly a second app in the right column and thereafter slide it away. For instance, one could quickly slide the Twitter app to view while reading a website.
  • A second much more powerful split screen mode to utilise fully two apps, side by side, for instance one could simultaneously browse through the map while going through, to-do list for the day.
  • Picture-in-picture mode which enables a video float above the rest of what one is doing on the iPad together with adjustable positioning and size.
  • New set of keyboard features which include the capabilities to swipe over the keyboard with two fingers in order to simulate a trackpad that is designed to make it easy in moving around a document and selecting text.
Striving for Untapped Market for iPad

These additional features could work well in the prevailing iPad line-up, the iPad Air of 9.7 inch screen and iPad mini of 7.9 inch screen. As the preference in tablets has lessen, Apple is striving for untapped markets for iPad and a larger version would add to the appeal to business customers. Presently several companies tend to use iPad while on the go computing and sending employees out in the field, with thinner, lighter and cheaper iPad seems to be an appropriate choice rather than expensive, bulkier laptops.

However, the iPad Air’s 9.7 inch screen is not ideal for work while the 12.9 inch screen would provide workers with around 60% more space to work on and the size would make it appropriate for the purpose of web browsing, creation of document and for presentation.Apple is also likely to provide the larger iPad; support for USB connected devices that would provide the capabilities of powering peripherals like the mouse, keyboard and the external hard drive.

New iPad for Corporate Consumers

Presently the iPad have Bluetooth keyboards but their AA battery power together with confined keys tends to make it far from ideal for good productivity. The new iPad would be one of the few Apple products aimed especially for corporate consumers. Apple had mainly given upon corporate consumers in recent years and companies have been apprehensive in adopting Apple products since Apple had not played well with the corporate customers and without notice, it eliminated critical products such as the Xserve, totally castrated the Final Cut software, thereby making the video producers unhappy. However, Tim Cook & Co have been changing it all and Apple seems to be serious in getting its mobile devices into the centre of the companies which it partnered with IBM – IBM.Tech30 in helping to get business software and security in the iPads. Apple is now actively making attempts to differentiate the iPad as a powerful productivity device and not merely as an entertainment product.

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