Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to Free up Memory Space on iPhone

Sometimes one may run out of space on iPhone and face difficulties in taking new photos or to install apps, download music and would want to install iOS 8 but may not have the 6GB memory storage for the said purpose.

Some of the strategies mentioned here would help in resolving issues with regards to free up memory space on the iPhone. Users are aware that the new operating system contains a 1.1GB download which cannot be installed unless the iPhone has free space of around 6GB. If the iPhone storage limits are used to the maximum, users need to engage in some housecleaning in order to make space for iOS 8.

They need to identify what has been consuming the storage space which can be done by going to Setting>General>Usage which gives the user a clear indication of what has been utilising the gigabytes.

iCloud for Photo backup

To find the actual spare capacity available and to check which apps are using the maximum space, you could go to settings app and click on the` general’ tab and then select `usage’. This function would undergo some summing process indicating a list of app and how much storage space each of them has been utilising.

This will enable the user in identifying where to draw the line to limit the storage space and use it whenever it may be needed. If the user has been using iCloud for photo backup, they could delete them from the camera which would provide and create more space on the phone, though by doing so, you tend to rely on iCloud to keep them safe.

For precaution measures, a backup on a home computer would be advisable. One could delete them in bulk or one by one by clicking `select’, from the camera roll screen, whichever needs to be deleted.

Accumulation of Unused Musical Albums/Videos/Podcast 

Often unused app tends to accumulate over a period of months or years utilising a lot of storage. One could scroll through the menu and check on unwanted games which are not being used. By tapping and holding the icon, a small cross appears at the top left. On pressing the cross, the app can be deleted and provide more space.

Musical albums which are of no use can be deleted to make more space, which can be made available on the computer should the user feel the need of wanting them back at a later date,. While deleting music, swipe a song from right to left where a `delete’ button would appear and complete the process. Besides photos and musical albums, videos too tend to take up plenty of storage space while some app also tend to download files as in the case of iPlayer which can download programmes that can be viewed later on.

If the user has video download which are of no use to them, it can be deleted by going to the app. The usage list provides the information on any app which may be taking up large amount of storage space. Podcast accumulate swiftly and the new content gets regularly delivered to the phone automatically. In this section of the setting, one can tweak certain setting to keep a tab on the space they may be utilising and under `limit episodes, one can opt to have the recent needed episodes and can also choose to delete played episodes automatically.

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