Thursday, October 9, 2014

Apple’s iOS 8 – Download Free Bing App

Mobile Safari
Apple has made provision with the release of the iOS 8, an opportunity of enabling app developers to create extensions for apps. With this extension the user can share content from anywhere, with the capabilities of adding editing tools to the Photos app together with an update to the Bing app and translate websites directly in mobile Safari.

To download the free Bing app from the App Store, all that needs to be done, is to follow the given instructions: Install the app and once the app is installed, launch Safari and then tap on the share button, swipe left on the bottom row of icons and proceed to `More’.

Thereafter slide the switch next to `Bing Translate’ to `on position and tap `Done’. Google’s Chrome app installed on iPhone prior to the iOS8 was for the purpose of translating websites. With this extension users can visit website of any foreign site and tap on the share button and then on the new Bing Translate icon which will provide the user within seconds, the translated page in the native language.

The app by default uses the same language the iOS device has been set to use but the same can be adjusted by launching the desired Bing app.

The Bing Translator

Though users have been debating that Google Chrome tends to be a better browser, iPhone users seems to be loyal to Safari and the one features which gives Chrome advantage is its ability to recognize the language of any given page, with an option to translate it to a native language.

 Safari on the other hand does not work overtime with any options for translating services. On the contrary there is now an extension which can easily be added to Safari’s share sheet for the translations which is the same as the one that was demonstrated by Apple at the WWDC’14 recently – `The Bing Translator’.

It would have been an excellent option for Microsoft and Apple to come up with a deal in incorporating Big Translator directly into Safari, which seems doubtful and hence this extension is the only best option presently.

One of the appealing features of iOS 8 is that it has provided Safari with the capabilities of supporting extensions which means, third party developers now can add required features to one of the most popular web browsers of the world.

Bing Nifty Widget – Trending Stories & Image

This could be advantageous to the users since they can add updated functions which can make their browsing on the web more convenient on their iPhone as well as the iPads.

A new feature which can be added to mobile Safari with the iOS 8 extensions is the capabilities of translating any web page into English which by default, Safari does not have the translate feature.

Hence iOS 8 users need to depend on Google Chrome for this function though one can translate any web page in Safari with the extension which is offered by Microsoft’s Bing Search app. Besides, Bing also comes with a Nifty Widget which does not translate languages, but offers trending stories and image of the day. All support and guidance has been provided on `how to add widgets on iOS 8’, at the site.

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