Sunday, June 22, 2014

Apple updates Support Communities forum with instant search box, streamlined UI

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Apple Updates Forum Style Support Communities Webpage

It has been reported that Apple has recently updated its forum style Support communities’ webpage with a new dual-purpose text input which has the capabilities of both searching as well as posting, together with a fresh look which is more in line with other pages on the corporate website.

 The change to the Apple Support Communities site is a huge central text entry box which rolls out in search function with submission of question and till date, these two assets were separate entities. The updated search box being instant, dynamically runs searches for relevant topics for discussion matches when users edit in text, with a list of possible hits from the Communities websites.

Another option is that the registered members havinga valid Apple ID can also type in a query and have it posted to appropriate forum with the click of a large button indicating `Submit my question to the community’.

New Exploration Features 

Other changes comprises of new exploration features which enables users to a browse the Community pages by way of topic and category with options which include past and current software, iCloud developer forums together with tutorials and much more.

Revamping of forum views has also been done with a sliding carousel bar at the top of each page indicating popular threads and discussions within a particular section.

With the new social features, Apple now has quick links to `Activity’, at the top of the redesigned site thus making it easy to be on top of forum, one is interested in, as well as view likes from other users.

`People’, tab, which is another quick link, enables users to search for forum members with links to redesigned profile pages for each of them.

Much Cleaner and More Streamlined

With Apple’s flip to its new design for its Support Communities forums, users can now discuss problems and troubleshooting products through Apple’s website.

This updated Apple Support Communities design has brought about a much cleaner and as well as more streamlined feel and look which extends through the Support Communities sites inclusive of the individual forum pages.

Besides a redesigned user interface, Apple has also build in new social features with improved search engine in the Support Communities site where the search bar displays question when user type and submit them.

Apple has been working in offering a more consistent online presence by way of building site design changes which would incorporate fewer text links and more iconography.

New Layout – Tailored to Touchscreen

Apple Support Communities will bring together all users from across the globe to discuss Apple’s products and topic, as conveyed through an official introduction. Moreover, the Support Communities would provide a huge amount of information with regards to Apple hardware and software products to enable users to get the most from their purchases while at the same time also help other Apple Support Communities’ users in answering their questions.

With most of the customers reaching the corporate’s website through iPads and iPhones, this new layout seems to be moving towards a tailored to touchscreen instead of a keyboard and mouse input.

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