Sunday, August 19, 2012

HP Palm permanently buried

To wipe the slate clean, as is the goal of HP with Palm. Such an approach can be understood as the recent past has been glorious.

While the first final Open webOS be launched next month, HP is preparing a grand plan to boost its operating system, which in the space of a few months, fell in complete anonymity.

HP is preparing to launch GRAM. It is both a brand and a company that will be responsible for ensuring the development of webOS Enyo and other offerings for the cloud.

The main difference with the webOS Global Business Unit as we know is that it is a fully independent company HP. Finally, not totally independent since the main investor will GRAM as HP will not find other partners. It seems that this be a priority for the team in charge of developing the company being founded.

The idea seems to find it is also spirit startups to give a new impetus to this project, the more time passes, will struggle to make a place among iOS, Android and other Windows Phone.

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