Thursday, August 2, 2012

Compatibility Mountain Lion: The editors take stock [MaJx3]

All publishers have not necessarily provided updates today for Mountain Lion but many of them make a point of the situation for their software.

On the blog, VMware says that in view of its articles in recent times with 10.8, the virtualizer is running smoothly. It does not mention any upcoming update.

Its competitor Parallels reports no particular problem either, and calls out just download the latest version dated July 10 (v.7.0.15104.778994).

Conversely, Quark will soon propose a Gatekeeper to reflect, but as is the desktop publishing software also works.

At Realmac Sofware, a ticket shall make an inventory: RapidWeaver, LittleSnapper and Analog function. The first two will still be updated for MacBook Pro Retina and LittleSnapper will be more a fix for the Flickr export. Mail has some problems with the export of 8.10 which will be corrected in the coming weeks, plus an adaptation Retina.

Bjango with its utility for monitoring system activity - iStat Menus - does not mention any compatibility problems, the publisher had made some updates upstream.

At Objective Development, publisher of Little Snitch, the current versions 2.5.3 and 3.0 preview should not be a problem.

[Update 25/07/2012 @ 9:22 p.m.]

Intego detail on one page French compatible versions of its utilities. Basically you have to say X6 versions.

Adobe has added a FAQ. Neither version CS5, CS6, and CS5.5 not need update for Mountain Lion says the editor, but prompt to download the latest update of Flash. Regarding versions CS3/CS4 it will simply bypass the warning Gatekeeper launch (right click on the icon of the program concerned and Open).

At AgileBits, no problems either for 1Password which has already received updates anticipated for 10.8 as well as for users of MacBook Pro Retina.

Insider Software's side it is advisable not to update to 10.8, the Font Manager FontAgent 4.x is not compatible and should receive an update.

[Update 25/07/2012 @ 10:46 p.m.]

Microsoft says Office 2008 and 2011 are compatible with Mountain Lion. Only condition: check you are using the latest version of office suites. Gatekeeper is not yet supported, but the system of automatic updates from Microsoft still operates normally.

[Update 26/07/2012 @ 7:39]
Dropbox has released a new version of its synchronization software that formalizes its compatibility with OS X 10.8 [04/01/12 - 22.6 MB - OS X 10.5].

Rival SugarSync [ - OS X 10.5] refers to a update to his manager, but for the moment only the version dated 13 July and numbered is displayed.

However readers have reported problems with the application of Microsoft SkyDrive.

Elgato has released a fact sheet that lists a few bugs discovered in its applications and its EyeTV box Elgato Video Capture Game Capture HD. EyeTV 3.5.5 for it is with the sharing feature with the iPhone profile and access to content recorded by EyeTV from Safari or Live3G. An update is planned. In the software accompanying the Game Capture HD Capture and Editing sections are some options disappear, a review will happen within 48 hours.

[Update 26/07/2012 @ 9:35 p.m.] Autodesk AutoCAD editor warns its users: its software is not compatible with Mountain Lion, whatever the version. A beta program will soon be launched for AutoCAD 2012 and AutoCAD 2013, but until better stay in OS X Lion.

[Update 27/07/2012 @ 9:35 p.m.] Kolor, editor photo stitching software to create virtual tours ensures the compatibility of its tools.

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