Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Apple / Samsung: using preproduction iPhone, iPad and Sony in the middle [update]

New pieces recorded in anticipation of the trial Apple / Samsung which opens July 30 in California, show different iterations of the iPad and iPhone (then, in 2004 for the iPad, which are in some Again the words "iPod"). The Korean took advantage of the way to groom the California, saying the design of the iPhone has been widely influenced by the precepts of design came from Sony. The unpublished photographs show the tracks tested by Apple designers, including forms phone or integration, imagined a time, one foot on the back of the tablet.

Samsung provides a document [pdf] in which it states that Apple has taken most of the Sony creation of the design of the first iPhone. Mention is made of an article that Tony Fadell was circulated in February 2006 with Steve Jobs, Jonathan Ive and others, that of an interview with a designer of Sony. The man spoke of the culture of Sony products that preferred simple lines, devoid of frills, with rounded corners and no excess buttons.

A designer of Apple, Shin Nishibori, was then instructed to think about a design inspired by Apple phone from Sony these precepts. Drawings of which are also sometimes called Sony as a reminder of this mission, sometimes "Jony" as a nod to Jonathan Ive. Richard Howarth, another member of the Apple team, found that the cleared land with this design, as opposed to one already in the study had several qualities that give a more compact appearance and a more pleasant to use. Shin Nishibori confirmed that his essays inspired by the words of his counterpart at Sony, allowed taking a new direction for defining the model of Apple. Here two prototype iPhone from 2006, which left seems an evolution of one of the iPod mini (and also think about the current Nokia Lumia) which already had many features of what would become, many years later, the iPhone 4. Samsung, always in this document defends the idea that it itself thought of phone designs to big screen, with rounded corners, with grids of icons and display several directions, starting in September 2006. [UPDATE]: Apple has responded to parts supplied by Samsung, challenging the possibility of their use during the trial.

Apple develops several arguments: for example, that the article is mentioned on the design of Sony, which appeared in BusinessWeek, did not contain any images. Preventing it from judging whether Apple products are derived from those of Sony. Then, that what the designer Shin Nishibori were part of a deposition is not authorized by the court. After that Samsung has made these arguments well after the period for doing so. Or, a judge has already found that the theory that Apple patents were illegitimate because of Sony's previous design to them, was not admissible.

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