Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How Apple’s Trojan Horse will Eat the Credit Card Industry

Apple has launched its mobile app payment system called Apple Pay last year among much fan fare and great support from the credit card industry. Apple Pay partnered with a number of banking institutions which issued credit cards. It was supported by the credit card because it solved the most critical technology issue and infrastructure problems which were being faced by the credit card industry. Apple Pay in other hand offered a new avenue for growth for the credit card industry.

Apple Pay is like a Trojan horse for credit card industry

Apple Pay is not yet a popular name in the field of transaction but it is growing at a steady pace, which ensures that it will achieve wider popularity within few short years. Apple has recently announced a deal with China’s Union Pay, which will allow it to operate nationwide in China.

The credit card industry should remain vary of the Apple Pay as it a Trojan horse for them. Once Apple has successfully established its platform on a larger level across the globe then it wouldn’t need the help of banks and credit cards at all. Apple will be able to take advantage of another great technology named blockchain, which will acts an alternative payment option. Bockchain happens to be core technology behind popular Bitcoin and it can function as a transparent ledger of the transactions.

Apple advantage over credit card industry

One of the biggest advantages, which Apple has over the credit card industry, is that it is supported by a grand magnitude of iPhone loyalists. iPhone has a cult-like following all across the globe which brings a great opportunity for the Apple to push the Apple Pay to its followers with each software update or new product offering. But it wouldn’t be easier for the Apple to change the habit of the people but with time we will see a wide number of users actively adopting the Apple Pay platform for making day-to-day transactions than the credit cards.

Apple is also financially equipped to push the usage of Apple Pay by offering credits on purchasing of an iPhone along with exclusive discounts on iTunes store. Even the rebates for credit card fees can also be used for buying the music on the iTunes, iPhone accessories or movies on Apple TV. Currently there aren’t enough outlets throughout the globe, which accepts Apple Pay, but with time it is expected to gain huge momentum.

Credit card companies failed to popularize the use of chip and pin technology

Credit card companies simply failed to force the merchants to install a new chip and pin technology. It should be noted that merchants had complained a lot the time taken by the credit cards in reading card cards. This not just annoys the customers but also costs money in lost transactions. Even this system doesn’t have a uniform guideline for usage as in Europe chip-and-pin transactions require both the chip in the card and a pass code while in US terminals only need the chip.

An iPhone 6s Skin Makes a Perfect Stocking Stuffer

You’ve made your list, and you’ve checked it twice. With only a month left until the big day, there are a handful of weeks to complete your shopping. If that brews anxiety in the pit of your stomach, you’re not alone. People around the world dread December shopping. You and every other reluctant shopper are in luck, however! You can avoid the stress of packed shopping malls by visiting an online retailer of iPhone 6s skins.

What’s so special about iPhone 6s skins? First of all, they provide the best in protection, which will save your loved one the heartache of ruining their phone. How often have you heard about people gouging their iPhone and ruining its sleek design? Or when someone’s dropped it and shattered the notoriously fragile touchscreen? Without a skin, your friend, family member, or partner will see similar damage to their 6s. iPhone 6s skins are designed to take the brunt of these damages, saving the vulnerable body from scratches and dings. These skins also make it easier for the user to handle their phone, as they’re made out of an ergonomic vinyl that enhances the grip of a typical iPhone. With more to hold on to, the chances of your loved one dropping their phone and shattering it are slim to none.

Secondly, iPhone 6s skins are designed with style in mind. These aren’t ugly or boring sheets of vinyl that wrap around their phone. The vinyl is a flexible material that’s custom-cut to the unique specifications of the 6s. As it provides unparalleled protection, it can take on a lot of different designs. When you head online, you can see the selection and choose a combination that best suits your loved one’s personality. Let’s face it—the iPhone 6s isn’t known for its individuality, but with a personalized skin, the person on your list can have the most unique iPhone in the neighbourhood.

The third reason is its price. We all know that the holidays can add extra strain to your budget, even with the best laid plans. It’s important to know that a gift of style and protection won’t put your budget out to pasture – if you know where to look. You can find the perfect gifts for iPhone 6s users at dbrand, as their skins are moderately priced. Inexpensive though they may be, they won’t sacrifice on either protection or fashion, as they use the best quality of 3M vinyl precision cut by talented engineers.

The importance of precision in the 3M vinyl is so that the full phone can be covered without interfering with its unique design, features, or buttons. Tough, sized, and easy to apply, iPhone 6s skins make great gifts for any iPhone user in your life. They’re the total package, as they provide protection for such a valuable (and expensive) phone and add style to a lacklustre design. Best of all, they’re easy on your budget, so you can get a couple for everyone on your list.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dividing the Screen in Mac OS X

Apple Mac devices are widely popular among the users due to its incredibly secure OS X which safeguards from a wide number of malwares and an incredible set of features which makes laptop more productive. Apple has introduced a SplitView feature in Mac OS X which allows users to quickly and evenly divide the screen between two programs which aid in multitasking. Most of the users sadly don’t know how to use the SplitView feature which limits their ability to get more out of the Mac device. Here are some smart and simple steps which will help in dividing the screen in Mac OS X.

How to access the Split View Mode? 

Boot up your Mac device and select the open window of the first program you wish to use. Now in the upper left corner of the screen click and hold on the green button this will launch the program in full screen mode. If nothing happens on pressing down the green then open Mac’s System Preferences from the Apple menu or from the Dock icon. Give a click on Mission Control and ensure that you had enabled the ‘Displays have separate Spaces’ in the settings.

Get two programs in evenly divided screen

In order to shrink the window of the program simply ‘hold’ down the mouse button or trackpad. Now drag the shrunken window to the side screen you prefer and let go of the mouse button or the trackpad. In order to bring another program in the Split View mode or in the half of the display screen give a click on another window which will make it pop up. Now simply fill the other half of the screen right next to the first program you had chosen earlier.

You can easily see both the chosen program windows are filling the screen in an evenly manner. In this Split View Mode users can easily switch back and forth between the two programs simply by clicking on them.

How to get two programs in Split View when one is already in Full Screen Mode? 

In case you are already working on a program in full screen mode and wish to start the Split Screen mode then follow these steps. Go to the Split View by opening the Mission Control, give a click on Mission Control in the Dock or simply press the Mission Control Key on the keypad.

Once the Mission Control view is open, drag the window of your opened program right onto the thumbnail of the program open in full screen mode. Now you will see two programs running smoothly in an evenly divided screen on your Mac OS X.

How to move out of Split View Mode? 

In order to get out of the Split Mode simply give a click on the green button present at the upper corner of the screen and it will bring back to the standard Mac desktop mode. Users can also simply give a press on Mac’s Escape (Esc) key to get out of Split View Mode.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

BBC iPlayer App Comes to Apple TV


Apple has unveiled a new version for its popular Apple TV which shows a better design, user friendly interface and inexpensive price. Apple has made some interesting changes and additional of new features which makes this new version better than earlier ones.

Apple TV offers a ‘top layer’ over the big screen filled with exciting features, a well crafted and designed remote, voice control service, universal search which makes searching everything simpler and the much needed on-demand portal. However at the time of its launch few key video services were missing which seriously limited the joy of using Apple TV to the full extent. Apple has risen from its slumber and it has launched the iPlayer on new Apple TV via its built-in App Store.

iPlayer debuts on new Apple TV

The earlier generations of Apple TV were lacking the iPlayer, which was not much sorely missed but the absence of its new TV’S App Store was simply a gross mistake by the Apple. Similar kind of TV devices running of Android Os offers this service which makes the television much more enjoyable. Though there was another smart way to watch the iPlayer shows using Airplay in Apple TV but it was a cumbersome operation. On last Monday Apple took heed of this situation and resolved the problem by bringing the iPlayer on new Apple TV.

iPlayer will set new record in adoption rate

It has been estimated that more than 10,000 devices which includes even the Android smartphone tablet and computers will be able to run the iPlayer. In 2014 more than 3.5 billion TV and radio programmes were requested by the users on iPlayer and iPlayer is expected to break its own record in 2015.

New Apple TV much easier to operate

The new Apple TV is extremely easy to install and comes with just one power cable and HDMI port without much confusing parts. Users having the previous generation of Apple TV can simply unplug the old device and replace the new one in its place without even opening and using the new HDMI cable or power cord. Apple TV software as always is simple and straight forward which makes setting up streamlined. A new Siri remote is offered by Apple which automatically gets synced via Bluetooth. Apple TV can easily be connected to the phone just an authentication of the Apple ID is required. Users can purchase various apps from its App Store which works seamlessly and efficiently on the television and it will also help in improving the functionality of the television.

iPlayer fills one of the missing apps in new Apple TV

Currently Apple TV features more than 2,600 apps which comprise of some exciting games and productivity apps but users are still missing a number of core content providers such Sky TV and Amazon’s video service. However a recent software update provided by the Apple has brought some exciting features TV device which includes voice search for music and various bug fixes.

Recording All Kinds of Streaming Video on Mac with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac Review

With streaming video becoming increasingly popular nowadays, there are tons of different platforms on which you can view great content. From regular streaming video services such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion to the TV shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu, and so on – you’re quite literally going to be spoilt for choice.

Unfortunately with all of these platforms the one thing that you aren’t going to be able to do is save the videos on your Mac and watch them later. Needless to say this can be a bit of a drawback, particularly if your internet connection is fairly unstable or there are certain periods where you aren’t able to access the internet. The good news is that you can work around that problem with the help of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac.

All that you need to do is set the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac to record the streaming video and then save it in a format of your choosing. Doing this will just take a few steps:

  1.  Adjust the capture frame so that it encompasses the area of the streaming video that you’d like to record. 
  2.  Check the audio source is set to ‘System Audio’. 
  3.  Start the recording by pressing ‘REC’ and play the video simultaneously. 
  4.  Stop the recording once it’s done and save it on your Mac.
See how straightforward it is? The other features of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac are just as easy to use, and you’ll be able to enhance the quality of your videos, cut and combine video segments, insert customizable text, add audio tracks, use stylish transitions, and much more too.

Essentially the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac will give you all the tools that you need to not only record streaming videos and save them onto your Mac, but also to improve them and edit them so that they look exactly the way that you want them to.

Due to the fact that the software is so intuitive, it shouldn’t take you long to start to record streaming video on Mac. Once you do that, you’ll find that all its other features fall into place just as easily too and in no time you’ll be able to create professional-looking videos of your very own.