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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Motorola rdu2020 two way radios

Many smaller sports venues are beginning to take advantage of all the beneficial features of two way radios. Here are some of the ways that the employees at these venues are making good use of their walkie-talkies.

With two way radios, employees working at small baseball or football fields can remain in contact with one another. This can help when visitors are looking for seats to watch the game. One employee with a walkie-talkie in the entrance area of the field can talk to another who is circulating throughout the seating area. He or she can report the number of seats available in a certain section. This helps visitors to the ball field to avoid the frustration of walking around looking for empty seats.

Another place where small sports venues use walkie-talkies is in the concession area. One employee in the concession area with a walkie-talkie can contact another employee who is close to the storage facility. The person can request various items that are running low in the concession stand. Once again, this helps employees to avoid wasting time walking back and forth from storage to the concession area.

Finally, security employees working at the ball field can easily communicate with one another via walkie-talkies. Not surprisingly, security personnel who are in constant contact with one another are able to take care of any disturbances at the ball field in quick, efficient fashion. The motorola rdu2020 two way radios are capable of accomplishing these tasks at a small sports venue.