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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Photo iPad Scanning Dock : Gadget Review

Technology is ever evolving in itself and most of the time it leads to invention new remarkable products. Scanning had always been the tedious task in the past where an individual had to use large bulky scanner to scan either photos or documents of importance.

Brookstone had developed a new iconic product which simplifies the scanning process wherein users can simply dock their tablet on its influential iConvert iPad compatible Scanner and convert the hard copies into soft copies with ease and grace. This scanner simply increases the advantages which can be gained from the iPad.

Features and Specification Of The Iconic Scanner Dock

This product seems to be carved to fulfill the needs of millions of iPad users. This is CIS sheet-fed type of scanner which can scan the papers and photos up to the size of 8.5”W X 14”L. It is highly compatible with its 30 pin connector and extremely lightweight at just 1.5 lb which makes it easier to carry around.

Scanner is apt at providing highly detailed and impressive quality pictures. Images scanned by this scanner offer the commanding of 300dpi which helps in capturing clear and crisp images in JPEG format. Most of the people are fond of recapturing the precious moments of life with scanner.

This scanner possesses a front feeder which can be adjusted from 2inches to 8 inches as per the size of the photos or documents. Scanner dock is firm and holds a strong grip on the iPad to keep it upright. To begin the scanning one is just required to plug into AC with the iPad USB power adapter.

Scanning Process Appears To Be Highly User Friendly

Some of the latest innovative gadgets increase the learning curve wherein users have to give some time in order to understand how it works. But Photo iPad Scanning Dock doesn’t trouble the user with the learning curve rather it lay down ways of the scanning process by providing step-by-step approach.

The instruction starts to appear in simple language once the tablet has been placed in the dock. The scanning process is relatively quite fast and it takes just 12 seconds to convert a photo into a high definition JPEG image.

More Reasons To Opt For This Scanner

Once the iPad is placed on the scanner, it starts charging the device which an added advantage. This means you can kill two birds at the same time-charge your iPad and scan the photos and documents as well. The scanning process is controlled via a free app and it requires iOS 4.3.5 Operating or later.

In order to use other apple devices like iPad4, iPad Mini and iPhones operating should be iOS 6 or later. Manufactures also provide a wide range of accessories to take care of the scanner in a professional manner.

Apart from the standard instruction booklet, a lens cleaner, roll cleaner, protective sleeve and calibration is provided. On top of all this one year limited warranty is given. It is an apt choice for those who wish to treasure their photos within a short while onto their iPads.