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Friday, April 1, 2022

Apollo City 2022

Apollo City 2022

When you shop for an electric kick scooter, it can make you feel irritated. If you invest low, you need to sacrifice range and speed, essential for climbing steep hills. Besides, the model becomes weightier when you invest sufficient money, and it is hard to lug up some stairs.

Buy the Apollo City 2022 as it doesn't let you in trouble and makes you feel comfortable. You can find turn signals here. It is available at a $1,499 asking price and weighs 57 pounds. People who are living in a walk-up should not use the scooter.

Apollo City 2022 Design:

It resembles a bulked-up version of the company's current Apollo Air scooter. Compared to the earlier model of real Apollo City, it comes in a better look.

The model's deck tapers slowly from front to back. Besides, the digital readout of the scooter has a connection with the handlebar instead of with a separate console. A display showcases the speed, riding mode, and estimated battery life. The display is not so big, but it can provide you with sufficient details required if you are not willing to use the scooter with the mobile.


There is a throttle on the right handlebar with a power button. Another button is there used to activate the right-turn signal. You can see a Mode button on the left handlebar, enabling you to switch between the three riding modes and a left-turn signal.

While using the scooter, you can see a thumb lever on the left. It allows you to activate the regenerative braking system. However, you should use the two hand brakes attached to the dual drum brakes. The process is like a belt-and-suspenders system.


There are two big turn signals available on both sides of the rear side of the scooter. When you turn on the scooter, it glows orange. However, the oncoming traffic would get help if the lights were on the front side of the deck. As a result, they could know which side you will turn. The turn signals of the Glion Balto come in small sizes, but these can wrap around both deck sides.

It is compatible with smartphones. Besides, the company offers a third-party phone holder to attach the mobile to the handlebar as an accessory. But it could have a better design.

The scooter features a latching mechanism. Hence, you must lift up a tub to lock the downtube while folded from the deck. Thereafter, your job is to pull out a hook from the downtube. It resembles a hook used by a Navy jet to land on an aircraft carrier.

Maximum Speed:

The scooter hits a top speed of 27 mph, and the average travel distance is about 25 miles. It is available in a secured package, and you need a single cable to set up and connect, two screws for the handlebars. The model's body consists of aircraft-grade aluminium and comes in a gorgeous grey finish with touches of orange. You can easily run the brake cables through the frame and see them at the exit points only to the levers and drum brakes.

The steering shaft is more than 41 inches, making Apollo City 2022 effortless to use. You should know that the scooter makes fast stops, which flips over the scooter by putting all the weight forward. After completing riding, the handlebars fold and lock. The deck's back can curve upwards where you can keep your foot to rest. 

Supporting Weight 

It can support up to 220 pounds. The deck comes in a cover made of rubber rather than grip tape. A single spring shock and dual springs exist in the front & rear, respectively, making your ride smooth even on bumpy city streets. Its 10-inch tubeless self-healing tires are very handy. You can charge the model in under five hours. It comes with an ingress protection rating of IP56, due to which there is nothing to worry about riding on wet streets. The scooter features an integrated headlight, taillight, self-cancelling rear signal lights, and a bell.

It uses 20 x 3.5-inch self-healing puncture-resistant tires allowing you to handle nails up to two inches. These get connected to a spring suspension system— 1 in the front and 2 in the rear. Its orange paint can add a splash of style.

Apollo City 2022 Performance:

The scooter can offer ultimate smooth performance with its beefy motor and full suspension. It helps to ford the path holes easily and comes with sufficient power to take you to fairly steep hills. A drawback of the second-generation Apollo City 2022 is that it doesn't come with adjustable-height handlebars. All its focus has gone towards offering a more unified look.

You are unable to activate both turn signals with one hand. For instance, approaching your right hand enables you to activate the right-turn signal. You can find the turn signal switch on the Glion Balto, helping to control the scooter easily.

Battery life and range: 

It has a 48v/13.5Ah battery that can offer a range of up to 25 miles. However, it completely relies on how you have planned and where you plan to ride.


The app allows you to make some adjustments to tweak the scooter's performance. If you are a beginner, switch riding modes— Eco, Normal, Sport, where every mode limits the highest speed. The Eco mode has a nine mph top speed, whereas the second and third modes have 18 mph & 27 mph, respectively. With the help of the handlebars, it is also possible to adjust riding modes.

Using the app, you can set the highest speed for Apollo City 2022. You can use the mobile's GPS to track your rides. While on the scooter, it works like a big dashboard, showcasing the speed and battery life.

Apollo City 2022 Price and availability:

It will come into the market for sale at the end of March 2022. We expect to ship it by June 2022. People get it in two versions— the Apollo City with a single 500W motor costs $1,499, and the Apollo City Pro with dual 500W motors costs $1,799.

The Bottom Line:

Apollo City 2022 comes with several qualities helping it to stand out separate from others. Its smooth, powerful ride, regenerative brakes, and app can justify the price easily. Due to its heavyweight, apartment dwellers like to use a lighter model.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Photo iPad Scanning Dock : Gadget Review

Technology is ever evolving in itself and most of the time it leads to invention new remarkable products. Scanning had always been the tedious task in the past where an individual had to use large bulky scanner to scan either photos or documents of importance.

Brookstone had developed a new iconic product which simplifies the scanning process wherein users can simply dock their tablet on its influential iConvert iPad compatible Scanner and convert the hard copies into soft copies with ease and grace. This scanner simply increases the advantages which can be gained from the iPad.

Features and Specification Of The Iconic Scanner Dock

This product seems to be carved to fulfill the needs of millions of iPad users. This is CIS sheet-fed type of scanner which can scan the papers and photos up to the size of 8.5”W X 14”L. It is highly compatible with its 30 pin connector and extremely lightweight at just 1.5 lb which makes it easier to carry around.

Scanner is apt at providing highly detailed and impressive quality pictures. Images scanned by this scanner offer the commanding of 300dpi which helps in capturing clear and crisp images in JPEG format. Most of the people are fond of recapturing the precious moments of life with scanner.

This scanner possesses a front feeder which can be adjusted from 2inches to 8 inches as per the size of the photos or documents. Scanner dock is firm and holds a strong grip on the iPad to keep it upright. To begin the scanning one is just required to plug into AC with the iPad USB power adapter.

Scanning Process Appears To Be Highly User Friendly

Some of the latest innovative gadgets increase the learning curve wherein users have to give some time in order to understand how it works. But Photo iPad Scanning Dock doesn’t trouble the user with the learning curve rather it lay down ways of the scanning process by providing step-by-step approach.

The instruction starts to appear in simple language once the tablet has been placed in the dock. The scanning process is relatively quite fast and it takes just 12 seconds to convert a photo into a high definition JPEG image.

More Reasons To Opt For This Scanner

Once the iPad is placed on the scanner, it starts charging the device which an added advantage. This means you can kill two birds at the same time-charge your iPad and scan the photos and documents as well. The scanning process is controlled via a free app and it requires iOS 4.3.5 Operating or later.

In order to use other apple devices like iPad4, iPad Mini and iPhones operating should be iOS 6 or later. Manufactures also provide a wide range of accessories to take care of the scanner in a professional manner.

Apart from the standard instruction booklet, a lens cleaner, roll cleaner, protective sleeve and calibration is provided. On top of all this one year limited warranty is given. It is an apt choice for those who wish to treasure their photos within a short while onto their iPads.