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AirTag Update: To Avoid Unwanted Tracking

AirTag Update: To Avoid Unwanted Tracking

Sometimes, people can get unwanted tracking alerts. For example, it gives notification while you borrow someone’s keys, but when only the AirTag is attached with it. If you mistakenly left your AirPods inside your car while traveling with your family, the tracking device helps you by giving you alerts. However, it is seen that some people are trying to use the device badly for malicious or criminal purposes.

Apple is working with different safety groups as well as law enforcement agencies. However, we have given more ways regarding AirTag update safety warnings. Every model comes with a unique serial number. Besides, devices that are paired are associated with an Apple ID. You can get information on the paired account from Apple for a subpoena or valid request from law enforcement.

What is AirTag?

AirTag is actually a device used for tracking and produced by Apple. This tracking machine is designed to use as a key finder. With the help of this device, people can find their objects such as keys, bags, apparel, small electronic devices, vehicles.

It helps to track your private items through the Find My app. The device has been launched last April. Since the Air Tag Update, multiple people have shared their stories regarding the device how it helps to get their valuable item. For instance, a person has got his wallet after he lost it on the subway. You need to know that the device is made to locate the belongings of people. It doesn't help to find the location or track people or property of other people. 

As unwanted tracking can be harmful to society, therefore the factor is considered seriously while designing it. This is the reason why developers made the Find My network keeping the privacy factor in mind. It uses end-to-end encryption also. It is also one of the reasons which the first-ever proactive system is made. It helps to notify you of unwanted tracking.

Updates of the AirTag device:

These are a few available updates. New privacy warnings during AirTag setup:

If you are a new user who set up the device for the first time can see a message in the upcoming software update. It states that the device is used for tracking your belongings. If the device is used to track people without consent, then it is called a crime around the world. The device is designed in a way that can be detected by victims. Besides, law enforcement is capable of requesting the identifying details about the owner of the device.

Addressing Alert Issues for AirPods:

It is heard that people have got reports of an “Unknown Accessory Detected” alert. You can make sure that you won't get to see the display when an AirTag device is available around you. It is applicable for merely AirPods of 3rd generation, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, or a third-party Find My network accessory.

Updated Support Documentation:

Apple is now updating its tracking support for communicating the safety features that are default in AirTag, AirPods and Find My network accessories. On this page, you can get extra explanations that can be triggered by Find My accessories. You can see here updated details that let you know what you are required to do after you receive an alert like instructions to disable an AirTag, AirPods, or Find My network accessory. However, there are some links to resources that someone can use when they feel that safety is at risk.

Now, we will discuss the updates that are going to be introduced later this year.

Precision Finding:

This feature allows you to find an unknown AirTag with precision. It is applicable and can be used on iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 devices. It helps to see the distance as well as the direction while it is within the range. The Precision Finding feature takes the help of the input from the camera, ARKit, accelerometer, and gyroscope.

Display Alert with Sound:

As soon as the device emits a sound to notify that it is present nearby, you can get a display alert along with sound. It is useful when you see that the device is in a place that is hard to find.

These are some of the AirTag updates that we have discussed in this blog.

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