Monday, December 9, 2019

Apple celebrates the best apps and games of 2019

Best Apps of 2019 By Apple
Apps are the new need of this era. People all over the world have become so habitual to the utility and ease it offers. In today’s world, we almost have an app for everything like for travel, workout, online payment, food, mechanic, grocery, shopping, entertainment, etc. A massive majority of people use smartphones, where you get all these useful and best Apps of 2019in one place to use it anytime.However, for these reasons, we have reached a stage where we cannot do our all-day work without using a single app. In other words, apps actually help to simplify your work.

The demand and growth rate of apps are fast, and therefore you can see full of innovation every single day. According to a study, the current year mobile app revenue has already reached $77 billion.

Best Apps of 2019 By Apple

1. Spectre Camera

Spectre camera is considered one of the best Apps of 2019. It allows you to take exceptional long exposures photos. It helps you to unlock your creativity and bring out the artistic effects. It not only lets you create long exposure but also erase crowds and other unwanted objects from your photo. It even blurs moving objects and captures every detail. The app includes an editing feature where you can edit your photos and share them with others. Apple awarded spectre the title of the iPhone app of the year.

2. Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher is next-generation publishing software that allows you to create single or multi-page documents. It is mostly used for making layout-based media, which combines graphics and photos to create brochures, magazines, books, etc. It also allows its users to produce content for ebooks, online, and print. It literally allows you to achieve the pro-level design. It has all the features needed to work on content-heavy documents.

3. Flow

Flow is a powerful digital Moleskine notebook that has sophisticated and easy to use tools, which are perfect for keeping track of meetings and lectures and another occasion. The app also allows user draw and sketch and gets innovative ideas out of your mind. You can sync your documents through iCloud. The essential features it has are width documents, drag, and drop, hideable interface, split screen, etc.

4. The Explorer

The Explorer is a groundbreaking app and undoubtedly one of the best Apps of 2019that explores and shares the earth's wonders and diversity. It was designed to support the Explorer, scientists, and whoever working for the same goal to create a complete visual inventory of the natural world through photos and videos. The app helps you to explore location-based content, chat with friends or other Explorer, share your work, free of advertising, etc.

5. Uber eats

Admittedly, Uber Eats is one of the best Apps of 2019. It is a food delivery app that delivers food to your doorsteps from various restaurants near you. It simply locates your destination through GPS and then shows all the restaurants and cafes near you. You can easily order foods from your favorite places in just a few clicks.


The above-mentioned best Apps of 2019surely help us to do our work more conveniently. However, we are surrounded by apps all the time, and we use them very frequently. Therefore, we must always choose safe apps to use. Apple Store is undoubtedly one of the safest app market place. It takes privacy and security very seriously. Every app must fulfill all the guidelines of the Apple Store to register themselves.

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