Thursday, May 11, 2017

Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 7S Bad News

Controversy Surrounding the Release of Apple iPhone 7S

The world is excited about the release of the latest version of iPhone, that will be in the market in this year, but the sources have confirmed that there is nothing true in the release date of iPhone 7S and because of this contagious leaks; the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has snapped the leakers of this news blaming that it is because of the trouble that surrounded this fake news has led to so many issues that they would no longer will be able to launch iPhone 7S in this year.

He even confirmed that this vicious leakage has barred the manufacturing process of iPhone 7S, but the upcoming models like iPhone 8 is also facing serious problems and since the problems were unprecedented, hence the latest version is facing serious issues.

The reports suggest that iPhone 7S will not be launched before 2018, which is really disheartening for the ones who were eagerly waiting to get hold of this big catch probably the best in terms of smartphones.

A multinational Deutsche Bank based in Germany has prepared a research on this issue and there research suggest that no version of iPhone will be launched in market this year and the research substantiates the fact that the primary reason behind delaying of supply of iPhone is the shortage of components and technical know-how rather than the leaks that occurred surrounding release date of iPhones.

The manufacturers are trying to hide their inefficiency behind the wale of leakages. Delays are inevitable and the iPhone users have to be patient before they grab their favorite iPhone model induced by all sorts of technologically resilience.

Tim Cook has got an opportunity to blame the media reports of leaking the release date of iPhone 7S, but the truth behind the delay lies in their leaking system of manufacturing. So, the question still remains unanswered and release date of iPhone 7S is still a mystery.

The upcoming model of iPhone is said to be bestowed with new and smart technologies. News says that this new model would be attached with a touch bar which was not there in the previous models and this would equip the users with smart and less complicated shortcuts of iPhone 7S and this has increased the excitement of all the users who are eagerly waiting for this model to be launched.

Some critics have suggested that this is a publicity stunt and by delaying the release, Apple is creating the ground and accurate moment for launching their product and some also suggest that the reason behind this delay is that Apple still hasn’t upgraded its technology to add something new to their new release since 2014 and they know that the only way through which they can increase their sale by bringing in new technological upsurge and no improvement has been done in this regard till date. Further, the wait for iPhone 7S seems worth the wait as Apple has assured its users to grant them with unique kind of smartness in their upcoming release.

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