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8 Ways the iPhone 8 Can Beat the Galaxy S8

 Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 IPhone 8: the top smartphones in advance comparison

Galaxy against iPhone: this year, it's going to be an extra year. In 2017, it promises to be particularly exciting. Samsung has to deliver after the note 7; Apple will introduce its anniversary iPhone. We compare the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 8 based on the current rumour. At the Mobile World Congress 2017, there were some exciting smartphones to see.

The LG G6, the Huawei P10, and the Nokia 6 - all these devices could convince. Nevertheless: The very big highlight was missing this year. This was because Samsung pushed the presentation of the Galaxy S8 was postponed. After the presentation of the Galaxy Tab S3 there was only a short teaser, held an event on 29 March 2017. After all, almost all the specs, pictures and videos from the device have come into the public several times.

According to the company, the Galaxy S8 is once in a normal and the larger plus version. With Apple this year even three iPhones are pending. To the iPhone 8, which is apparently to be called iPhone Edition, the upgrades of the model from the previous year: the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus.

The Samsung will probably differ only with the screen and the battery size as well as in the price. In addition, we can assume that the new Galaxys also offer top processing. Since there was in the past few years apart from the premium class nothing to complain about. Likewise, it will be experience with Apple. Well, the protruding camera lens in the last devices was perhaps not everyone's thing.

Display: OLED and curved is the trend

The Edge screen, which Samsung introduced with the Galaxy Note Edge and then with the Galaxy S6 Edge on both display pages, has now become the trademark of the premium class. Leaks show: Even 2017 do not differ from Samsung. On the contrary, for the first time, both Galaxy-S devices will come with curved displays, which extend over the entire front side. Infinity-Display calls Samsung the same, the smaller output is 5.8, the larger 6.2 inches. As far as the technology is concerned, everything that is not AMOLED would be a surprise.

Apple is also on the iPhone 8 gadget for the first time set to OLED. Whether the company from Cupertino sets on edge screens remains to be seen, but is not excluded. Apple will probably change the display size. The current iPhone 7 Plus offers a diagonal of 5.5 inches, the iPhone 8 is to come to 5.8 inches. That was in the past at 2560 x 1440 pixels. Apple's largest iPhone brought it 2016 to Full-HD.

The keys move to the screen

Both manufacturers had a physical home button under the display. It seems to be in the upcoming version. In Samsung, the fingerprint sensor moves to the back, everything else is solved via on-screen buttons. That was already seen on numerous leaked pictures

Apple should go even a step further and the fingerprint sensor in the screen. In addition, the well-known dock in iOS could give way to a touchbar-like bar that offers fast access to apps. There will be further optical differences in the connections. Apple has already renounced the iPhone 7 on the headphone connection and will not deviate from it. At Samsung, which also show pictures, the socket is still on board.

In terms of performance, both smartphones are not likely to be used in everyday use. Samsung is using the new Snapdragon 835. Samsung has secured a lot of chips for the production by an exclusive deal with Qualcomm - and thus also overpowered all competitors. Apple, on the other hand, is an open secret, the A11 chip is used.

As you know from the company, you will not reveal details on the timing. Instead, a chart of marketing boss Phil Schiller will once again show how much faster the new iPhone is compared to its predecessors. The company is also traditionally silent on working memory. You can assume that the speed at the iPhone 8 will again be very high.

Double or simple camera

Both Apple and Samsung have been known for years for excellent smartphone cameras. In the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has switched to a dual camera, with which to shoot chic portrait photos. On Samsung, however, it did not look like a converted to double clips on leased images. A tweet, however, gave cause for surprise. Perhaps the dual camera at Samsung is used up front. Portrait Selfies would be fine. Apple also has something special - the front camera, it is to support depth perception. In principle, the technology even includes 3D self-esteem and facial recognition.

The software: the old song

With the software, Apple traditionally has the nose ahead. iOS 11 is adjusted exactly to the hardware of the iPhone 8. In addition, operating system updates are guaranteed in the following years as well. At Samsung it looks a bit different. The Galaxy S8 certainly comes with Android Nougat on the market. Until the update on Android O follows, it should then experience but again a few months.

Two personal assistants:

Siri is an old well-known one that fulfils the usual requirements more or less reliably. Samsung sends Bixby a whole new artificial intelligence into the race, which comes from the Siri inventors. Scope? Not clear! In addition, you can connect the Galaxy S8 to the so-called Dex interface to a monitor and use as a PC. That sounds exciting. With such a thing, Apple cannot serve. Finally, the iPad Pros and the MacBook Pros are working.

Prices and availability

Up to the presentation of the S8 it takes only a few weeks. Very shortly it should come on the market. The prices are rumored at 799 euros for the small and 899 euros for the big Galaxy. Apple traditionally invites in September. Especially in the anniversary iPhone, there is no reason to swerve from it. The prices always remain constant. But this year should only apply to the iPhone-7s series. The iPhone 8 should be significantly more expensive.

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