Tuesday, February 2, 2016

iOS 9: The Best Hidden Features

iOS 9

With the introduction of the Apple iOS9, tons of new features and functionality were discussed on various platforms when it was unveiled to the public. However, people are still wondering as to which could be the most exciting feature o fall. Not to worry, we would be covering on a lot today.

There will be a new Home Screen on the device. Users will get all the stories that they are interested in or they like in one place. This will ensure that there is absolutely no need to hunt around sites and applications to get what one might be interested in. The specific information is pulled out from various places as per the taste and specification and arranged in a fashion as preferred by the user. So, when it comes to going through information, it is definitely a beautiful experience irrespective of the type of device being used for the same.

Improved note taking and updation: 

Taking down notes has been a time tested activity and its app format – The Notes app is simply great for taking down notes. Additionally, one is also able to add pictures, site links or maps to the notes. It is even possible to draw a sketch using the finger. And, using the iCloud, any change done would be updated across all the devices that are linked. This ensures that there is only one standard version of version of information, thereby ensuring real-time updation of information and eliminating the chances of any misinterpretation.

Improved options for navigation: 

Travelling will be a new experience with this new OS. The Transit view displays routes, lines and tracks for trains, buses, ferries, etc. in the form of a map. This implies that travelling from one point to another is going to happen in a smooth way, even if it is a new place. Though this feature is available in a limited cities, however, things are expanding pretty fast. The application will show different categories like Food, Fun, Drinks, etc. and users will have to make the selection accordingly to get what they want.

Pay the bills or make purchases conveniently: 

The Apple Pay is another useful feature to make payments using the credit card. The Wallet function is simple to use and easy to access. Even the Kohl’s Charge card can be used with the Apple Pay. Things are underway to include store credit cards along with a range of reward cards so that everything can be managed by a single tap of the Apple Pay app.

SIRI enhancements: 

There have been dramatic improvements and Siri is able to fetch information, much like google, even if there’s no command given. Moreover, it can now recognize the pattern of usage and function accordingly. SIRI has been improved with voice command recognition as well. The notification and alert features too, have been updated.

iOS9 has brought key enhancements for the apps that one frequently uses like email, text messaging, maps, Internet or site browsing, taking notes and a lot of other things. Hence, those equipped with iPads and iPhones are bound to have a good experience once they start using their favorite apps.

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