Monday, October 15, 2018

8 Best Accessories for Your New iPhone

Best Accessories for Your New iPhone
iPhones are known for the very many features that they have. The iPhone can do this and that….., is just the beginning of what an iPhone can do and for all that functionality there is a heavy price to pay too. But if you are still not satisfied with what your iPhone can do then here’s a list of 8 Best Accessories for your new iPhone.

Ranging from cases to portable chargers, we’ve got you covered on this list of 8 best accessories for your new iPhone. This list is created so as to satisfy even the most hard- to- please- person- ever.

Starting off this list of 8 Best iPhone Accessories withRAVPower Alpha Series Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad: 

Beginning this list of 8 best iPhone accessories with a wireless charging pad. This wireless charging pad is fit for iPhone 8 and above. The charging can take anywhere up to 2 and half hours for a full charge and it even comes with sensors that show what the current battery status is. The pad also has anti- skid so that you can rest assured your brand new iPhone won’t slide off while charging.

This best iPhone accessory will cost you $40.

Don’t lose your keys with Tile on this list of 8 best iPhone accessories: 

Tile is an iPhone accessory that you attach as a key ring to your keys or any other thing that can’t afford to lose. It has Bluetooth and an associated app on the iPhone that can help you locate your lost keys without getting delayed to go for that meeting.

Tile plays a tune to help you locate your lost article and has a range of up to 200 feet. This best iPhone accessory will cost you around $25.

For the Outdoors- Nomad Rugged Cable on the list of 8 best iPhone Accessories: 

If you’re an out doorsykinda person then this cable is for you. It is durable and dirt resistant with sealed caps to keep the dust a bay and can be used with iPhone 5 through 8.

This rugged gadget will cost you $25.

Kenu Stance Tripod on the list of 8 Best iPhone Accessories: 

This tripod allows you to prop your iPhone in either landscape or portrait view. This cool gadget makes it great for hands free video conferencing and reading.

The company has even tweaked the design a bit to make the tripod as a bottle opener too. This amazing gadget will cost you $20.

Another one for the Adventurer in you- Rokform Pro Series Bike Mount and case: 

This one doubles up as a bike stand and case for your iPhone as well. If you like taking your bike to various places then this gadget is the one for you. You just have to place the mount on the bike and attach the iPhone with its case onto it. You can then use your phone for hands- free travel. This costs $99.

Belkin Lighthening Audio+ Charge Rockstar: 

This gadget is for those who want the ability of charging and listening to music at the same time from their iPhones. This one is capable of supporting iPhone 7 and 8 and will cost you around $40.

For Extra Storage the HooToo Flash Drive: 

For extra storage why pay a premium when you can get this flash drive with a lightening connector on one end and a USB 3.0 port on the other and what’s more is that it comes with 32 GB of storage. This costs $40.

DJ Mavic Air a drone on the list of 8 Bets iPhone Accessories: 

This drone is can be controlled form your iPhone and can shoot videos in 4K plus it has a range of 2.5 miles and costs $800.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

AirPods Accessories Worth Your While!


AirPods Accessories Worth Your While!

Since its release the Apple AirPods have been a real success. They make a welcome addition to any line up let alone Apple’s. Their simple white Apple signature look coupled with their charging case make them a must have for anyone. But what more can you want when you already have these AirPods at your disposal. Not much you would think. That is until now…

To make your audio experience even more worth your while, here’s a list of Apple AirPods accessories that will liven up your Apple AirPods experience.

Apple AirPods Accessories Numero One- Elago Wrist Fit Apple AirPods Silicone Strap:

With this handy device you can store and access your Apple Airpods easily enough. This AirPods accessory is like nothing you’ve seen before. You can easily strap on your AirPods onto the slots provided in the band for easy storage.

You can even latch on the AirPods holder onto the band which is compatible with most Apple Watch bands.

Get fancy storage Apple AirPods Accessories with ColorWare Limited Custom AirPods Retro:

This Apple AirPods case will take you right back to the 80s with its rainbow themed button and 80s vibe.

This AirPods accessory has taken its inspiration from Apple Ile. Apple AirPods Retro is a cool blend of the old and the new and comes complete with faux vents to give you that 80s feel.

This One is for all Apple devices including the AirPods- Elago Charging Hub 3 in 1 dock:

Unlike all the Apple AirPods accessories on this list this one is for all the Apple devices out there. This Apple AirPods accessory is just a compact charging dock for all your fav Apple products and just above the Apple watch charger you have your self an Apple AirPods charger in the dock.

So, in order to beat rush hour traffic in the mornings all you have to do is remember to grab your Apple AirPods from the dock so as not to miss out on your fav tunes.

An AirPods case to go on the List of Best Apple AirPods Accessories- Twelve South Leather AirPods Case:

Here is something fancy on the list of best Apple AirPods Accessories to own. The Twelve South leather case is made from full grain leather and all you have to do is slide your ear buds into the case and there you go. You have your self a fancy looking bag for just ear buds.

Chargable Apple AirPods Case at your Disposal- Did I mention this one too is made of Leather:

So, sticking with the leather theme here’s another AirPods accessory that fits the bill. It is made of leather, looks cool and you can charge your AirPods using it as well. There is no real need to move your AirPods into a case for charging.

Get your AirBuds Charged with this Wireless Charging Case on the List of best AirPods Accessories:
Since wireless charging is all the rage now, why not include wireless charging on our list of best Apple AirPods Accessories? Complete with its own case and wireless charging using Qi tech, this one is must have if you’re looking out for an AirPods accessory.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto which is better?

Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto
Credit:Nissan Guam

Apple Carplay vs Android Auto: No answer to user’s current dilemma

There are a number of car owners and buyers for whom how their cars interact with their smartphone is a great concern though it might appear trivial to many. This new thinking and the need to keep phone in sync with the car have brought the two old tech competitors back to wrestle for the supremacy. Currently the automobile makers are offering to major offering to the users being the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This has resulted into the inevitable Apple Carplay vs Android Auto which is loved by all the respective fanboys globally.

Apple CarPlay comes with limited capabilities of iOS

A number of cars had started embracing the Apple CarPlay acts as the interface of the car's built-in infotainment system. It comes with quite a limited capability similar to the iPhone devices but it exclusively requires the smartphone in order to make use of it. A number of cars will need the wired connection in between the car and iPhone but many are expected to offer similar pairing over wireless connections in upcoming days.

When it comes to features Apple CarPlay comes loaded with a number of exclusive and essential features like music, map, navigation and hands-free calling. Since it is Apple based so users will be utilizing varied Apple only applications like Apple Maps, Apple Music or iTunes and it even allows sending and receiving messages on the go.

Apple CarPlay is supported by about 200 car models across the major automobile makers. In some of vehicle Apple CarPlay will also show the support for steering wheel controls. It will also boast of the support of Siri which can get most of job done by simple voice commands. However, the voice control powered by Siri isn't as great as it happens to be with iPhones.

Android Auto brings better feature and familiar capabilities

Android Auto isn't much different from Apple CarPlay but it happens to be a better alternative. Android being an open ecosystem benefits from it in every genre and here it isn’t a surprise anymore. It offers a slightly large array of functionality and capability which powers the car's in-built info system better. The display of infotainment system acts just like second screen of your Android device and touch navigation becomes a breeze with the presence of large buttons.

When it comes Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto then the likely winner is no other than Android which with its support for the wider range of voice commands. It also supports a huge array of app like for Music users can choose from Pandora, Spotify to any other.

For messaging there is Facebook's Messenger, for video calling there is Skype, for navigation Google apps is there but users can also use other apps like Waze. Google had claimed that Android Auto is supported for more than 400 car models spanning all the major automobile makers.

The only downside here happens to be fact that Android Auto is only supported on the device running on Android Lollipop or later.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Fruitfly Mac Malware: How to Protect Yourself from Undetected Malware

Fruitfly Mac Malware
Do you know that from past 15 years there is an undetected malware hovering over your Mac systems? The Fruitfly mac malware is the one that has been undetected since a very long time.

So, if you are not updated with that fruitfly story then here is the brief and latest news for you.

Fruitfly Latest Update: 

FBI has finally solved the 15 years undetected fruitfly mac malware mystery. The Mysterious mac malware was created by an Ohio man just to take control of the malware victims & Mac computers.

The hacker has stoled flies, keyboard strokes, and also watched victims via their webcam secretly and had listened to their private conversations as well. According to the latest FBI report the man has created this fruitfly mac malware in 2003 itself when he was at the age of just 14 years. Since then he is using this malware until his arrest 2017.

The crazy think about this malware is the mac upgraded versions of antivirus programs never detected this “Fruitfly” malware on any of the victim's computers. Even the experts couldn't figure out the working process of a fruit fly and how its creator has spread that virus around the Mac computers.

According to the FBI, the accused used a port scanner to find the internet macs with weak passwords and he logged into these weak systems remotely via the open service ports and he installed and hid the “fruitfly on the user's computers without their notice.

Now, if you are really new this term “fruitfly mac malware” means you will be banging your heads and thinking about what is fruitfly and whats the relation between mac and that fruitfly etc.

If you are one of them then don’t worry here I am going to cover everything about the Fruitfly mac malware.

What is Fruitfly Malware? 

The fruitfly malware is a stealthy but very highly-invasive malware on Macs. As said above this particular malware has been around the Macs for almost 15 years. Even Mac Antivirus programmes and other anti-malware software hasn't found that virus.

Fruitfly Mac malware Discover: 

This highly-invasive malware was first discovered back in January 2017 with a normal blog post from the Malware bytes and it has highlighted its existence.

In that post, the author has explained how fruitfly infects mac computers and he also stated that it has an ability to capture screenshots, view keystrokes and control webcams etc on the Mac. In that post, he also stated that the creator of the malware will have full access to all affected victims.

At that point of discovery, they suspected that the malware has been around 2014 since the OS X Yosemite update but it recently it has been relieved that it was first created in 2003 itself by a 14 years old kid. You will know more about him below.

In that blog post, they have said that this malware is targeting biomedical research centers. And they also said that the first version of this fruit fly is really unsophisticated and it is just using a hidden file and a launch agent to keep the mac infected.

New updated Varients of Fruitfly Emerge: 

After first discover of this fruitfly malware most of the experts tried to resolve this malware but they couldn't crack it. At some stage, all thought the new update from Apple has patched the issues.

But the new variants of fruit fly have emerged and they have infected a large number of computers. The new version has also been undetected by all antivirus. That has made this malware spread even more.

In the July of 2018, a former NSA hacker has done a in-depth analysis of the latest variant and told some interesting facts about the malware. He stated that despite the virus is relatively simple but the malware has full control over the system as there will be no speed in processing and other factors it has been undetected.

In that wardly research somehow he could crack the malware and found the malware creator ip address, the name of the users and other necessary information. And he also found that there are more than 400 infected macs connected to the registered services as he was unable to view the IP addresses and users of those devices he didn't speak a word about them.

He later tried to do further research but said that there’s no way to know how the malware infects computers. However, he said one information that this whole virus has been spread through a tedious and malicious email attachment.

Who’s the mysterious man behind the Fruitfly? 

At that point of time even though he collected all the information but he couldn't do anything because he skipped from his network. But, wardly has discovered that he is a single hacker rather than the team of a hacker. However, he recently got caught in the FBI investigation and he is behind bars.

Although we can't share enough information about him as we only know some information we can say that person is from Ohio State and he has found that malware in 2003.

Who is affected by fruitfly: 

As said, in the above statement the fruitfly has affected more than 400 plus mac computers in a single server but to be frank the list could be increased as well. Although you don't have to worry about these because you can protect yourself from these kinds of attacks. In this article, I am going to disclose how you can protect from fruit fly and other types of malware.

How to protect yourself from fruitfly: 

Apple has released all the security patches for fruitfly earlier this year. But as the newer version comes into the place you have to be very careful in dealing with email attachments and spam emails.
You should not open any kind of spam or unknown emails. Apart from that, you have to keep your password much stronger than ever because he has remotely accessed weak password-protected accounts. So, you have to take care of your password as well.

As of now, the mystery has been relived so all the antivirus has updated their core algorithm according to it and you can quickly find these type of malware with Anti-malware or Antivirus programs.

How that fruitfly malware looks like: 

If you are a techie who is striving to see the malware code means you can see that in this posts. This code was first published in the “ malware bytes” Blog post only. We are just using this as a reference to show you how the fruitfly mac malware looks like.

The malware was extremely simplistic on the surface, consisting of only two files:



You can see full code in the malware bytes post. This is all about the fruitfly mac malware.


As this fruitfly malware can be detected by some of the antimalware tools you can stay protected from it. Along with that keep, a secure and robust password will always keep you safe from most of the malicious programs.

I hope I have covered every aspect of the fruitfly mac malware. Now it's up to you if you have any queries you can let us know in comments section below.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

7 Reasons to Buy the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max?

iPhone XS
The most awaited Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are finally out in both the international and in Indian markets. Although these brand new models of iPhone have arrived silently without any parties or grand launches in India across the metropolitan cities.

As the new batch of iPhone is released, people are rushing into the Apple stores and ordering the new devices. However, some brave people are carefully looking at the reviews and other factors to judge whether to buy the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Now, if you are one of them who want to know the reasons to buy the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Then you in the perfect place, here I am going to show you all the best reasons to buy the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Now, let’s look the best reasons to buy the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Along with that, you can also have a glance at why to skip this new update of iPhone devices.

Reasons to buy the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max? 

These are the best reasons why you need to update your old device with new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

1. iPhone XS and Xs Max both run on the latest A12 Bionic Processor: 

The most recent A12 Bionic Processor powers the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. This powerful processor is faster than all the other processors in real time. Apple dominates the routine phone tests conducted between Snapdragons 845, Kirin 970 chip and A12 Bionic Processor.

After conducting the tests, Apple iconic A12 processor has been the fastest of the three processors tested. So, it has an even faster processor in the iPhone XS and Xs Max rather than other models of iPhone.

In general, the A12 processor has two performance cores that are reportedly delivering 15% faster performance than other processors and also consuming 40% less power than the A11. Along with that, it is having four efficiency cores, which further saves the power consumptions.

Now you will not have any sort of disturbances in the iPhone while playing games because it is having a 50% boost in speed it efficiently perform all the high Graphics interface games without any kind of problem.

As said above A12 Bionic, the processor is the fastest processors, and it leaves the most rapid Snapdragon 845 in the dust. Therefore, this is the best reason “why you have to upgrade your iPhone to iPhone XS and XS Max.”

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

2. The New iPhone XS and Xs Max both come with the biggest ever display on an iPhone: 

If your concern is about the display size, then you have to check out this new iPhone XS and XS Max. I am saying this because iPhone XS and XS Max are having the biggest ever display on the iPhone. These devices are coming with a 6.5-inch display.

So, if you are watching out closely to buy a more prominent display iPhone means you should be buying iPhone XS because of its giant display. Along with that giant display, this also looks stunning in appearance.

3. iPhone XSis having most significant battery performance ever on any iPhone: 

The new iPhone XS claims that it is having the biggest ever battery life on any iPhone versions. As Apple promised to improve the battery performance, they had done that in the new version. Apple’s new XS phone lasted 10 hrs. 45 minutes on the battery test which we had conducted. Even after using, the phone continuously over LTE until it runs out of charge.

Usually, the conventional iPhone devices will not last longer than the 9hrs clock, but the newer version almost has two hrs. Better battery time than the standard device. Therefore, this new iPhone XSwill last longer than other devices. If you are striving to get better battery performance, then you have to have a look at the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max at the Thanksgiving Day sales.

4. iPhone XSand Xs Max is the most durable than another device: 

If you are looking the best durable device in iPhone, then you should be looking at the new batch of iPhone devices XS and XS Max. Usually, the iPhone X sported an IP67 Rating for the dust and water resistant, but when it comes to the iPhone XS and XS Max, it has IP68, so it is litter tougher than the iPhone X. Which means, you can drop the phone in up to the 6 feet of water and you do not have to worry about anything? The Xs is a better option in other ways too; it is having the reformulated glass, which can save your phone when the drop has happened.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

5. Better Face ID, Dual SIM, and Speakers: 

If you are eagerly waiting for the Apple new version, then your wait and patience levels will pay off because the Xs is having a bunch of upgrades than its last model iPhone X. This new version is having an improved Face ID, which means your phone will unlock faster than the other device.

Its screen offers greater and broader screen experience along with its prolific processor A12. Apple has stated that the new phone offers a wide range of stereo sounds and if you are the lover of music, then you will love this new device. Along with that, you will appreciate the dual SIM cards support in the new iPhone models.

6. iPhone XShas more Expansive Storage Options: 

The Apple’s new phones are having more extensive storage options than other Apple iPhone. Usually, the base model of the iPhone XS offers 64GB, which is more generous than the 32GB. As it is normal storage space, you can now, go for bigger options. Both the new iPhone devices can be top out at 512GB of the storage. Which is another impressive feature of the iPhone XS and Xs Max? The 512 GB version costs $350 more than the standard models.

7. The Brand New iPhone is the most beautiful devices in the market: 

In general, iPhones are always known for its looks and appeal. Now if you are one of them who always gives preference to the look of the phone, then you should be buying the new iPhone XS.

The brand new iPhone models are one of the most beautiful devices presently available in the market. New devices are having the new gold color option, which is strikingly good-looking, and it is one of the gorgeous devices I have seen in today’s market.

Until now, we have seen the reasons to buy the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Now if you really want the reason why not to buy the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Then don’t worry I will cover them in the next post.


This is all about the reason of why to buy iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. What do you think about these iPhone reasons to buy? Do you have any other better reason to say? Please let us know in the comments section.