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Saturday, April 18, 2015

How to Avoid Burnout at Work

Even when you love your job, you can still feel burnout. The more you like your job, the harder and longer you’re willing to work, which can lead to burnout. Burnout is the physical and mental exhaustion you feel when work demands exceed your energy. It’s a common epidemic in workplaces today. Here’s how to beat burnout and make more out of your day.

1. Take breaks throughout the day. Achieving peak performance doesn’t mean working yourself into the ground. It means taking the opportunity to mentally refresh.

2. Unplug whenever possible, but especially at night. Before Blackberries became popular, most people left their work technology at work. You couldn’t take your work home with you, which meant you had more time to relax and refresh in the evening. If you need to go over documents at home, print them out with technology from home.

3. Engage in something interesting. During your non-work hours, schedule something interesting and restorative that you look forward to. That way, you won’t just be fighting the urge to work. Make a date with your spouse or setup plans to play racquetball with your friend. This is better than just relaxing during down time because it distracts you from constantly thinking about your job.

4. Take a long weekend. If you’re suffering from burnout, you may need a solid chunk of time off. You may not be able to take a two-week vacation, but a long weekend can do wonders for your energy. Three and four day weekends are ideal. Avoid the office and work completely. You’ll get more done in the days you do work.

5. Put focus on the meaning of your job. Why does your work matter to you? By finding a reason to do the work, you’ll barrel through it. When you don’t have work looming or you feel like you’ve had a productive few days, it’s easier to allow yourself the time off.

None of this is working? Figure out if what you’re dealing with is actually burnout, or if it’s something else. You may be dealing with something more serious if these solutions don’t work. Maybe the nature of your work is what’s zapping your energy. Maybe your manager isn’t giving you what you need to be successful. Whatever the problem is, take steps to solve it.