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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pixel Buds Vs Apple AirPods

Google’s Pixel Buds gives stiff competition to Apple’s Airpods

Google launched the new lineup of Pixel devices just a few days ago. With this new lineup Google is expanding it hardware line with bringing more new products under its umbrella. Google Pixel Buds vs Apple Airpods has become the talk of the technology industry at the moment. Google Pixel Buds is the first of its kind from Google which happens to resemble more like the Apple’s Airpods. Google has followed the patch of Apple and has simply done away with the headphone jack on its Pixel smartphones for good. Therefore it came up with its own wireless headphone called Google Pixel buds to sell along with the Pixel smartphones. Quiet incidentally Google has priced Pixel Buds at $159 which is exactly the same price quoted by Apple’s Airpods. Here is detailed breakdown of features to showcase the battle of Google Pixel Buds vs Apple Airpods.

Impressive Battery backup and usability

Google Pixel Buds vs Apple Airpods, it has been seen that both the devices offer similar level of battery life. Google Pixel Buds offer five hours of battery backup and its carrycase has the ability to recharge the battery almost four times. But Apple Airpods happens to be very small and are quite simply & easy to carry around.

When the battle of design emerges in between Google Pixel Buds vs Apple Airpods then again Pixel wins it by a massive margin. Pixel Buds makes use of an open-air design which means this wireless headphone sits against the ear not right in the ear.

Better controls and impressive compatibility

When it comes to controls comparison in-between Google Pixel Buds vs Apple Airpods, Pixels simply offers more number of controls than Airpods. Users can play and pause music, adjust volume by swiping across and double tap to read out the notifications. While Apple Airpods only offers limited tap controls which isn’t as good as the Google Pixel Buds.

Comparing Google Pixel Buds vs Apple Airpods, the Google counterpart again wins the race on the compatibility front. Google Pixel Buds can be used with other phones apart from the Google Pixel smartphones. It can work with any smartphone which has Google Assistant features in it and possess the Android version Nougat and above. Sadly Apple Aiorpods can only be used with the Apple iPhone. Just like Apple Airpods users are asked to make use of Pixel smartphone in order to get the so called complete experience.

It’s just wireless headphone

While comparing Google Pixel Buds vs Apple Airpods we cannot miss the point Google has somewhat blurred the line between a wireless headphone and a ‘true wireless headphone’. Google Pixel buds are wireless earbuds as there is no plug running right to the phone but these pods do have wires running in between. This is the first time Apple Airpods wins the battle in Google Pixel Buds vs Apple Airpods as it offers truly wireless earbuds to the target audience. Google Pixel buds has came as a winner on a number of occasion and it surely appears to be the first massive competition for the Apple Airpods.