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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

5 MacBook Stands to work Smarter

MacBook Stands

MacBook Stands and why you’ll Love them

So everyone knows that when you use a laptop, you can use it on your lap but for better performance you might want to switch over to using a base. With a MacBook stand you will allow for better air circulation with your MacBook and will also help improve your posture as you won’t have to bend to look at anything. So better posture equals better work.

You might think what’s so great in a MacBook stand, they’re all the same. Well no some do offer you more than others and also will cost you more than the others but from your work to your posture they will all seem a little different. Depending on ease of use we give you a list of the best MacBook stands out there.

The First MacBook Stand on our list- ProBASE HD USB- C Aluminum Monitor Stand: 

This MacBook stand comes with a Type- C port as well as 4K HDMI output and a number of USB ports. You can charge up to a number of devices using this MacBook stand and all at the same time.
Plus the way things are organized you get less wire clutter and everything in order while you work at your MacBook stand. When not in use the MacBook stand doubles as storage, allowing you to stash away your MacBook.

MOBICASE MacBook Stand in Carry bag form: 

This is not just your average laptop carry bag but this bag features a MacBook stand too. You can raise the height of the stand to up to 8 inches and is great for those travelling and working at the same time.

As a bag you get a lot of storage for all your workly paraphernalia too.

Henge Docks Presents to you a MacBook stand- Pro Docking Station: 

This MacBook stand is not just a stand, just like the others but is a docking station too and can dock to up to 13 devices all at the same time.

You can even connect up to 3 external displays on to this MacBook stand to create your own mini work station.

A Curvy MacBook Stand on the list- Twelve South Curve MacBook Desktop Stand: 

This MacBook stand has a curve on its base bring in a little modernity to its look. Made of aluminum, this MacBook stand has a notch to hold your laptop in place. Your laptop will be at a slight angle thus helping you look at your work more comfortably.

Something a Little Fancy on the list: 

The de Dolomieu Marble MacBook stand is made specifically for Apple products. This MacBook stand is actually made of marble form Italy while the actual MacBook stand is made from Germany and you have your self an international MacBook stand right on your desk.

The MacBook stand lifts your MacBook to just the right height too.

Combining simplicity with Functionality- Elgato Thunderbolt 3 MacBook stands: 


This MacBook stand combines functionality with a flair of simplicity. The stand also supports many ports and is connected through a USB- C port.