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Monday, March 27, 2017

How to Recover Deleted Word Document Files on Mac

word document
Recovery Software for Mac 

At some point or the other we often come across some experience of losing our data on our computers due to various reasons. But when an occasion of such an event takes place there is an option of data recovery to get hold of your important data from being lost. MS Word documents presently are being saved in an open XML based DOCX setup.

 It is said to be a consistent as well as a perfect file signature that can be selected by Deep Scan. Earlier MS Word document file were recognized by .DOC extension and assisted by Deep Scan binary reconstruction technique of Disk Drill.You could get hold of Disk Drill PRO file recovery software for mac OS X which provides many options of scanning and recovering deleted files one of which is Deep Scan.For more input visit the official website.

It is one the most all-inclusive scan one could perform on the internal hard drive or external storage device of Mac. You could download Disk Drill Basic and install it on your Mac and get some insight in recovering Word documents. Disk Drill is said to be an amazing free Word file recovery app on Mac with numerous options under a significant`Recover’ button and in several instances, tends to do a great job.

Word Document Stored – External Drive/System SSD

It is a known fact that loss of data can occur at any point of time but it is onlya matter of time when it could take place to any user. Word documents may be stored on an external drive on the system SSD wherein there could be several instances where the files could be lost. One may mistakenly delete or tend to overwrite Word files, which may be required.

 The USB drive could be modified or formatted through error or due to a hardware problem. The MS Office Auto Recovery feature does not seem to be dependable in recovering unsaved documents and pressing`Save’ regularly may not be the resolution. What could be the solution for word document recovery on mac?

Based on where the lost Word document has been stored, one could check at the system – local Mac drive or the external disk or an accessible location to Disk Drill. Opt for the partition where the lost files had been and click the `Recover’ button in Disk Drill.

Copy on Different Drive

Users could also navigate to Preferences of Disk Drill, disabling searching for any other file formats then Documents >DOC & DOCX (Microsoft Word Documents) for recovering lost documents which could reduce the time needed in scanning.

 Once the data has been scanned, you will get a list of found items which have been considered recoverable by Disk Drill from the target drive. When the files have been found, it could be marked for recovery and then you could opt for the `Recover’ button, choosing the location where the Word document that is recovered should be copied.

The best option is to copy on a different drive than the one it has been scanned. Recovery of the word document on Mac tends to take a few seconds and your valuable files or thesis or important documents are once again restored.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Recover My Files by Using Data Recovery Software

So if you accidentally deleted your files and some important data. Or even you have lost pictures of a very memorable trip or the videos of your loved one because someone just accidentally deleted it or due to some kind of virus attack. And you are regretting that you have mistakenly deleted those memories. Now you don't have to regret as I am sharing the method to get your pictures, important file or any kind of video back. Since most of our users are always connected to the internet there is a high risk of malware attack and you can lose your data during that. So with the EaseUS data recovery wizard free, you can recover your data back safely.

EaseUS data recovery wizard free is a very good free data recovery software available in the market through which you can recover any kind of data including music, pictures, documents, videos, emails and another kind of any data that is lost during the partition or permanently deleted from your hard disk. So the good part about this software is that you don't need to be a computer nerd to learn this software. It is a very simple and basic software even the novice software user can handle this software with no difficulty. The interface of this software is very user-friendly and the features of this software are self-explanatory.

You can recover all kind of data from hard drives, USB drives, and memory card and even from your phone through this software. This means that you can retrieve your lost data from any kind of devices. Now I think I have told you enough about the background of this software. Let’s just take you to that part in which you can learn about how you can recover your data.

First of all, you've downloaded the data recovery software from EaseUS official website to your. Once the software is installed, you can refer to the following three steps to retrieve your data back safely:

Step1 . Launch EaseUS Data recovery wizard free and select the specific file type you wanted to recover.

Step 2 .Select the disk in which data loss problem has occurred. Afterward, you have to hit the scan button and it will automatically start scanning.

Step 3. After you are done with scanning click the recover button to get your precious data back safely
Once the process is finished you can have your data back. I tried to cover all the aspects that are essential you know about this software and how to use this data recovery software.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Why You Need Recovery Software

Admit it. One time or another in our life we have lost important files on our computers, and if you haven’t already, chances are you most definitely will sometime in the future.

Data loss is a sad reality of technology these days and can happen for any number of reasons, ranging from accidental deletion to virus attacks.

Whatever the reason though, it’s not the end of the world and can easily be recovered by recovery software, ensuring you will never lose important data again.

Like we said earlier, if you haven’t experienced data loss before, you will most definitely encounter it someday, that’s why even if you don’t need recovery software now, it’s always good to know what to do incase of emergency.

Most people reading this though has probably encountered data loss and want to know what to do know…
It might seem like the end of the world, but to recover lost data is not all that hard. All you have to do is download recovery software, scan your device, preview the files and choose which files you wish to recover. That’s it.

It doesn’t matter if your data loss occurred due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus attacks, OS crashes or any other unknown reasons, recovery software will be able to help.

Now for the important part. What recovery software to use. Sure you can use any recovery software that comes up in your Google search, but that does not mean that they will be able to recover all of your lost data. You might even end up with a few unwanted viruses.

The most recommended recovery software by multiple Tech and PC Websites, is from EaseUS, and with reason.

EaseUS has a few different recovery software on offer, from free to $499. (Don’t worry, the paid options are for companies wishing to offer data recovery for their clients).

If it is good enough for the pro’s to use for their clients, it’s certainly good enough for you, and what’s even more, you can recover data from literally any device. Windows, Mac, hard drives or what have you.
And just like the supported devices, you will be able to recover any file format, from images to video, and even emails.

Sure, there are some drawbacks, but they are minuscule, like you can only recover 2gig with the free version. This can easily be remedied by buying an upgrade.

Even if you don’t need recovery software right now, it’s nice to know there are steps you can take to get your data back.

For those who’ve encountered data loss, Download EaseUS recovery software or android recovery as soon as possible, and get your files back as soon as possible.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mac Data Recovery Software at Free of Cost from EaseUS

Data Recovery 1
It is really annoying when the hard drive becomes malfunctioned accidentally and this incident is very familiar for many Mac users to lose significant data. Many people opt for data recovery tasks i.e. professional companies that focus on the recovery of data from Mac for a certain fee. Though it is one way for you, it definitely is not the best one since the data recovery might not go as easily as you want. On the other hand, the files or information that you want to be recovered might be extremely private and hence would be exposed to others if you are to hire professionals for the work.

The recovery devices differ from user friendliness to cost of purchase. Some may be downloaded for free of charge if you wish to apply the trial test of the tool. Others are very technical and are usually intended for professionals in this domain. They are normally found in file recovery corporations. If you have inadequate experience of Mac file recovery then it is best for you to discover a device that is user friendly.

Advantages of recovering file software that EaseUS brings-

Data Recovery Software 2
Today there are a number of file recovery tools for Mac that can be found on the web and EaseUS too comes up with a recovery software for Mac. Recovering documents from Mac used to be a very burdensome activity that engaged a lot of skill and money but with EaseUS, you only require the internet and you will be capable to discover a stunning data recovery software for Mac. This free data recovery software Mac tool for recovering data will make your recovery attempts simpler and will alter your entire viewpoint of data revival on Mac. The recovery procedures are rather easy if you use this recovery tool, which will not give you too much trouble in terms of functionality. More advantages are discussed below.
 Data Recovery Software 3
  • Free trial system:This first-class recovery software present free trial facilities for you to download and verify it free of cost. When you download and utilize it, you must be able to observe all the documents that have been recovered from the Mac computer.
  • Money back assurance: A best software manufacturing corporation like EaseUS always provide a money back guarantee in order to support the customer of the goods’ legitimacy. Money back assurance will make sure that you obtain your money back within a definite phase of time if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • Appropriateness for your condition:You have to see whether the software recovery tool fit for the recovery condition, you are in. It is not a software software that is not capable to recover the information in the precise means that you would like.
  • Accessibility of the software in the format of CD or DVD: It is significant to have soft copy as well as hard copy of the recovery software. Renowned companies like EaseUS supplies both of these copies for purchasing the software.