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Friday, April 19, 2019

Best Airpower Alternatives: Few Essential Alternative Wireless Chargers Other Than Airpower

Best Airpower Alternatives
Wireless charging has made a lot of difference in positive ways to enable quick charging when your device runs out of battery. This can certainly make your life a lot easier. These chargers work in Android devices, and they are unlike Airpower that is exclusively for iOS. Nowadays we also have charging cables and pads that can help us charge more than one device at a time with efficient qualities and time saving ability. These chargers are super-fast, and they are very safe for your phones to use as well. These best Air Power alternatives are available both online and offline along with their features. In this article, you will know about the best AirPower alternatives that are available in the market. Once you know about the best AirPower alternatives in the market, then it can benefit you while you are making a choice.

Using a wireless charger will keep you active because we depend on devices and gadgets as we grow and develop in the modernized word. The boon of technology has served human with comfort and convenience. If you are looking forward to purchasing the best AirPower alternatives for your device, then here are a few alternatives that are a must see-

  1. The Nomad base station –

  2. This base station serves as a Charger for multiple devices and is one of the best Airpower alternatives. The premium charger is made out of aluminum and leather along with two USB outputs. This charger is highly effective and has many uses because it can charge two devices. The required power sully is 7.5 Watt. It is one of the recent and very useful devices to charge your phones and it charges the apple watch too. A leather cover pad with three coils underneath which can charge two devices or an iPhone. This also supports the Night Mode of all devices. This one is one of the best AirPower alternatives available in the market

  1. Zens Watch charger and Charging pad –

  2. This is very efficient alternative as a charger and this might just be more than enough if you own three apple devices. With the capacity of 20 Watt, it can fast charge your devices and for watches it is a great deal to secure the entire. This is made of Aluminum material for durability and performance and available for very affordable price as well. You can find the Zens Charging pad in Amazon for $99.99.This is one of the best AirPower alternatives in the market.

  1. The Belkin Boost Up Charging Dock –

  2. The Company has always been very reliable when it is about Apple devices. The charger can handle both your Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time and it has a USB port as well. This port can be used for i-Pad, iPhones and your Bluetooth headphones too. This one is among the best AirPower alternatives.

  1. Kanex Go power –

  2. This wireless charging base can be used for your Qi-enabled devices and it has the capacity to charge three devices simultaneously. This one is one of the best AirPower alternatives devices among customers and users. You can find this in all e-commerce sites for online purchases and Amazon sells it for $80.

  1. The Anker 7.5 Powerwave charging pad –

  2. If you are looking for a lightweight charger with portability, then this is the one. This fast charger is provided with a 6-foot Micro USB cable and a wall charger. It is great choice because of its simple looks and quick charging capacity. This also protects your devices from over charging when you forget to get it out of charge. The Anker Powerwave 7.5 being one of the best AirPower alternatives can help you secure your devices when there is reduction in battery life.

  1. The Monoprice charger –

  2. This charger has a thick puck that is white in color, measuring up to 3.3 inches in diameter, weighing 1.8 ounces and 0.4 inches thick. This is very easy to handle and travel. You can fit this easily in your pockets and pouches. The power output of this device is 5V DC 1A and it has a blue indicator when you put it to charge and that turns red when your device is fully charged. It costs you $7.99 for home use or for office purposes as well. This is one of the best AirPower alternatives out there for you to check out.

  1. Rav power –

  2. Another wireless charging device that looks good with great battery and chargers at affordable prices. There are options that you can choose including a charging stand and a common charging Pad as well. Rav power is a very popular company and they have provided their best products to the customers without neglecting the need to understand each one of them. These are available at $16.99 on Amazon. This one counts among the list ofbest AirPower alternatives.

  1. Aukey graphite Wireless charger –

  2. The Aukey Graphite wireless charger is among the best AirPower alternatives that one can select. It has won the red dot design award in the year 2018 and it can work with Qi compatible with smart phones and device and has temperature control, power input monitoring, foreign object detection and overcharging as well. This is available for $15.99 in the online market.

  1. Groovemade –

  2. Groovemade is unique and unlike any other devices because the company makes their products with natural materials. The device contains stainless steel at the bottom that gives the device an extra grip. This is available in three colors and is one of the best AirPower alternatives that you can buy from the market.

  1. Maluokasa wireless charger –

  2. The device is considered as one of the best AirPower alternatives of all time where you can charge your phones and apple watches easily. The device also has a cutout where cone can fix their Apple watches and charge both their phones and watches simultaneously.

The abovementioned list of the best AirPower alternatives can help you choose according to their features and what exactly you wish to buy. Check out the efficient list of the best Airpower alternatives and save money as well.