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Monday, July 17, 2017

How to Save Battery on Apple iPhones


Smart ways to save battery on any smartphone from any manufacturer

It’s really frustrating to watch the phone battery down with no charging port in view. Luckily there are some smart ways which can help in saving battery or to be more precise prolong the battery life across the smartphone regardless the make and manufacturer. A smartphone expert from smartphone firm called Three has given out nine effective tips to enhance battery life on the smartphone. This also means that from now on you wouldn’t have to worry charging the device overnight to get enough juice to last next day. Now follow these exciting tips in your everyday life.

  1. Turn off the auto-brightness and control it manually as per your requirements. Auto-brightness is notorious for getting away with considerable amount of battery. 
  2. When you perform heavy duty task on your phone like gaming or running power hungry applications then it gets hot. Phone also gets hot when you are charging and playing games simultaneously. It is advisable to give the phone some rest and let it cool down before you use it again as this helps in saving the battery drain. 
  3. Nowadays phone comes with high quality display which is also notorious for draining the battery. It is better to change the screen resolution in order to save the battery and this feature is only present in some of the modern devices from manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei. 
  4. If you don’t need GPS then it is better to turn it off and save the battery. The best way here would be to turn on the battery saving mode which helps in utilizing the wifi and mobile networks only for the location fetching purpose.
  5. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the notifications and vibrations also tends to drain battery life. It is better to set the notification light and do away with the vibrating and ringtone based notifications for once and all.
  6. Having a high screen time out is certainly not a good choice if you want to have a longer battery life. Just set the screen time out in between 15 to 30 seconds and this will ensure that your phone turn off quickly when not in use. 
  7. Get rid of the bloatware and unwanted apps which every smartphone comes pre-loaded with. It has been found that these kinds of apps tend to run in the background using up the device resources and battery in the process. Just uninstall or disable them and if you need them back then you can downloaded it again from the app store anytime. 
  8. Ever heard of battery bank or battery cover? Its high time you start investing one of the such commodity as these cases are designed to enhance the battery life. 
  9. .If you really need a lot of battery to go through the day then opt for smartphones with massive battery like Lenovo P2 which comes with a huge 5100mah battery.
Utilizing these smart steps you will be able to get more juice out for a battery life instantly.

Monday, August 24, 2015

The First Hydrogen-Powered Battery That Will Charge Your Apple iPhone for A Week


Intelligent Energy- Developed Working iPhone 6 – Built-in Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Intelligent Energy, a British technology company has claimed a main smartphone breakthrough by inventing an iPhone that can remain without recharging and runs instead on a built in hydrogen fuel cell. The company had developed a working iPhone 6 prototype comprising of both a rechargeable battery together with its own patented technology in creating electricity with the combination of hydrogen and oxygen producing small amounts of water and heat as waste.

Scientists have been aware for over 175 years that the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen which can produce water can also create electricity. Intelligent Energy’s advanced version of the chemistry uses layers of steel as well as plastic which are similar to the breathable Gore-tex preferred by hikers in order to multiply the effect. The company is said to be working closely with Apple and what is said to be the first in the world, has incorporated a fuel cell system in the present iPhone 6 without any changes to the size or shape of the device.

The only differences when compared to other handsets are the rear vents for the slight amount of water vapour to escape. Intelligent Energy would be scrapping the diesel backup generators which tend to power mobile masts when India’s grid takes one of its common unscheduled breaks.

Intelligent Energy Considering Cartridges Sale

The company which is based in Loughborough would be replacing around 26,000 internal combustion engines with its own hydrogen fuel cells driving the sub-continent’s mobile setup to the cutting edge of the energy industry. Over the years, the company has built up a portfolio of around 2,000 patents and patents pending, in order to protect its version of a hydrogen fuel cell. Intelligent Energy is said to be considering on the cartridges sale price.

Executives are of the belief that for the price of a latte, a market valued as much as £300bn a year could be opened up. Chief executive of Intelligent Energy, Henri Winand, who has refrained from commenting on rumours of Apple’s involvement, had said that `to their knowledge, this has never been done before.

 He has informed that they have achieved in making a fuel cell which is so thin and can fit in the existing chassis without the need of any alterations as well as retaining the rechargeable battery. This has been an important step and if one intends moving to a new technology, one will have to give people a path they would be comfortable with.

Refuelled Through Adapted Headphone Socket

Seen by The Telegraph at Intelligent Energy’s Loughborough headquarters, on the prototype fuel cell iPhone, hydrogen gas is refuelled through an adapted headphone socket. The company is creating a disposable cartridge for the commercial launch that would slot in the bottom of upcoming smartphones and comprise adequate hydrogen releasing powder for a week of normal usage without the need for recharging.

The company’s corporate finance chief, Mark Lawson-Statham has stated that `their view is that this is out for a couple of years though it’s’ about how soon their partners would want to press the button and get on with it. Apple has refrained from commenting. Intelligent Energy has been selling fuel cell charger already, known as Upp, solely through Apple Stores.