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Friday, March 4, 2022

Apple Event- Apple Announces March 8 Event

Apple Event

Apple is the most valuable tech company in the world, and it is holding a large product announcement event. This event is essential because the first major event that occurred this year could not grab attention as its September iPhone events did. Now, the chance has come for Google to highlight its benefits. Finally, the date has come for Apple's next event, i.e., Tuesday, March 8. According to the rumors, Apple may reveal a third iPhone SE with a revamped iPad and a new Mac at least.

The company has shown us the devices will be launched in an all-virtual event through a live stream on Apple's website. As per the company, they will broadcast it from Apple Park in headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Apple Event: Date and Time

Apple is ready to set the event for Tuesday, March 8. It will come as a live stream that will begin at 10 a.m. PT, 1 p.m. ET, and 6 p.m. GMT. People can see the event streaming live on Apple's site and YouTube.

Apple March Event: iPhone SE 3

The iPhone SE Plus or iPhone SE 3 can present two big upgrades to the iPhone SE, available in 2022. It is compatible with 5G connectivity first, and some 5G phones cost under $500 and $400. Besides, the iPhone SE 3 will come with the A15 Bionic chip used to power the model, and it is available on the iPhone 13. As a result, the new upgraded iphone becomes quicker than its predecessor, and it helps to improve the battery life of the iPhone SE generation-over-generation.

The iPhone SE 3 tries to maintain the same design as rumors. It is similar to the iPhone 8, which features a Touch ID and a sizable forehead. The new handset can adopt the iPhone XR's body. However, people can see the concept of art only.

But there are still no details about the camera of the iPhone SE 3. It is expected that the model will be compatible with night mode and a better selfie camera. Another rumor says that Apple calls the device the iPhone SE Plus 5G. It has the recent design of the iPhone SE, but the device will update its specs, including 5G connectivity. It is expected that we will see a more radical iPhone design in the market soon.

At the time of arriving, the iPhone SE 3 will experience a little hard competition from Google's budget mobiles.

Apple March event: iPad Air 5

The iPad Air 5 is not included in the potential reveals at the Spring 2022 event. The Eurasian Economic Commission provided a few regulatory approvals to Apple tablets, and these sound like the iPad Air 5. However, according to the report of Bloomberg on a rumor of the March event, the company will call out a new updated version of the iPad Air.

Due to the update to the iPad Air lineup, it can feature a faster chip. It is expected that Apple's A15 Bionic will be the chip available with 5G connectivity. Apple can offer some improvements to the tablet's front camera. According to the previous iPad Air 5 rumors, Apple considered an OLED panel for the updated tablet. But as per the analysts, the iPad Air 5 will stick with OLED.

Apple March event: iMac Pro

The 21.5-inch Apple iMac comes in M1-powered 24-inch iMacs. However, the 27-inch model is not available in the market because it is due for an update. It is expected that the big-screen iMac will get a refresh and one leaker in 2022. As per the strong track record, it will be rebranded as the iMac Pro. The iMac Pro is expected to come with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, and you can find these chips available in the new MacBook Pros.

The chip will provide HDMI, SD Card, USB-C ports, and Face ID detection technology. According to Dylandkt, the cost will begin at or over $2,000. Alleged regulatory documents backed up some rumors of a new mac.

Apple Event: iPad Pro 2022

You may not hear too much news regarding the iPad front. But it doesn't indicate that the Pro model will not get a refresh in the Spring. Apple released the iPad Pro (2021) at its last event in Spring.

The iPad Pro 2022 may sport the M1 Pro chip, seen in the most updated MacBook Pro PCs. But according to another rumor, the next iPad can offer advantages from the first 3-nanometer chip. However, we still don't have many details about this new chip.

A rumor that is related to the new iPad Pro 2022 backs up a few claims. Besides, there is a benefit of wireless MagSafe charging that a magnetic Apple logo offers on the tablet.

Apple Event: Mac mini

You can hear news from the rumors swirling around a new updated Mac mini. It is equipped with an M1X chip and a new design. According to the insider news from the iDrop News, you get to know that Apple had made a plan to release a new Mac mini with the upcoming MacBook. The information has been received from a person involved in Apple's marketing. However, it delays the release to let the laptop "shine."

A similar report can claim the supply chain insider details, having production for a new Mac mini ramping up. A possibility is there that a new Mac mini may be revealed soon.

The bottom line: 

You can see here details regarding Apple event. People can also hear early rumors related to the AirPods Pro 2. It is expected that an Apple Car may be available in the market in the near future. Apple event will be hold in the summer, and they will release free software upgrades.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Apple Event: What Can You Expect on Tuesday?

Apple Event

Apple has announced its biggest event of the year on Sept. 14, Tuesday at 10:30 P.M sharp IST. Likewise, the previous year, considering the pandemic scenario, an online event will be streamed this year at Apple’s official site and some other platforms as well. According to expert predictions, you would see companies launching probably iPhone 13 series, Apple watch series 7, Apple AirPods new variants, or MacBook Pro Models. No one can confirm what’s exactly going to happen in Tuesday's event, but here are some leaks based on experts estimating what’s exactly going to happen in this launch event. Let’s have a look at all the estimated leaks: 

 Estimated Predictions in this Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ event according to experts: 

New variants of iPhone 13 models The new iPhone 13 model series consists of the maximum chances of launch in this event. It is also estimated that the iPhone 13 is not going to be very different from iPhone 12, though it would have a smaller notch. The reports also confirmed that the iPhone 13 would also come with the same lineup as iPhone 12 comes with - 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro,13 Pro Max. However, there would be some great visible improvements also like 

  • Camera Sensors are going to be more advanced 
  • Camera sensor-shift stabilization feature might also be there. 
  • Camera lenses are going to be wider. 
  • Battery Life will also be increased by 18-20% 
  • The best upgrade might be the 120Hz display rate. 
  • It could have some advanced portrait cinematic features. 
  • Display expansion 
  • And much more Apple 

Watch Series 7

 A new variant of the Apple Watch series might also be launched at Tuesday’s event. And one thing is 100% confirmed that the time you'd see this time of the Apple watch would blow your mind. It has a touch of iPad Pro and iPhone 12, so this will be one of the stylish watches till today. It is not only going to have a significant improvement in its outer look but its battery life and processor speed will also be improved. 

Features like blood sugar monitoring and body temperature sensors are still circulating as a rumour, whether they are coming or not; it will be clear in Tuesday’s event only. 

 AirPods 3 

There has been no update in Apple AirPods for such a long time, and they need to update them now because even if it comes to Apple AirPods 2, they look so outdated now. So this can also be something that’s about to launch. There are no predictions in the market about the specs and features; still, there are chances that they could remove those silicone eartips and try something better. 

Other devices such as MacBook and iPad have lower chances to be launched in this event. But in the end, this is a curiosity of what will happen in this Tuesday’s event. 

How Can You Be a Part of this Apple Event? 

This event will take place on the 14th of September at 10:30 P.M. IST., and this is going to be streamed on Apple's official website, and YouTube as well so you can join wherever you want.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Apple Event: Go Big or Go Home!

Go big or go home seems to be Apple’s new motto when it came to the Apple event that it held this Wednesday. As Apple released its new iPhones, the overriding theme seemed to be that if you didn’t go big you had to go home as the starting price of these new unveilings are at $750, $1000 and $1,100, when last year it was at $700, $800 and $1,000.

As iPhone markets saturate around the world, Apple plans on getting as much out of the market before it dwindles altogether by getting better performing phones and another alternative is to make a phone do more so that people wouldn’t have to look elsewhere for gaming and such.

Introductions at the Apple Event: 

The new round of iPhones are supposedly bigger, better and faster than their last year’s counterparts. The biggest ever iPhone to be released at an Apple event was this time around. The new ever largest iPhone ever to be released by Apple is 6.5 inches and is called the iPhone XS max not extra small mind you but ten S.

This mammoth of an iPhone, as mentioned at the Apple event will retail for $1,100, if that does not make your eyes pop then I don’t know what will.

Another mention at the Apple event was a larger Apple watch that comes with a heart trend monitoring system or ECG apparently approved by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration.

Bigger, Faster iPhones at the Apple Event: 

The recent Apple event saw an iPhone XS which is a premium model that has a 5.8 inch screen and a 6.5 inch screen iPhone XS max model, which is its biggest ever selling smart phone.

But if you’re looking for a more basic one then Apple also unveiled a 6.1 inch entry level iPhone XR model.

What’s the Difference in these models discussed at the Apple Event: 

The XS iPhone models will be the better, faster and bigger iPhones that was mentioned with better processing speeds and a super retina OLED display that has a wider color gamut.

The iPhone XR model on the other hand will be made of aluminum instead of the higher end stainless steel and is made of LCD tech rather than the high-fi super retina OLED display.

Although, the XR model is as fast as the XS models as said at the Apple event.

Here comes Apple watch Series 4 inaugurated at the Apple event:

Apple also released its watch series 4 at the Apple event which is much sleeker than what they released previously back in 2015. This time around, the watch series 4 as released at the Apple event has no bezel to go with it, making it seem as if it has a larger screen.

This new watch as Apple said at the Apple event has better motion sensors to detect when a person has fallen down and has got major injury as well as a faster processor.