Sunday, January 9, 2022

Apple Fitness+ Introduces New Ways to Motivate People

Apple Fitness+ is a service that is powered by Apple Watch. Here, many specialists and trainers guide different workouts and meditation categories. People having Apple Watch can find the program appearing as the center tab in this App. This App is available on iPad and Apple TV also. Users need to download the App from the App Store.

Workout Video Categories:

It comes with different workout categories such as Treadmill Walk, Treadmill Run, HIIT, Rowing, Dance, Cycling, Yoga, Core, Strength, Pilates, Mindful Cooldown, and Guided Meditation.

Here, many workouts can be done without any specific equipment. But workouts like Rowing, Treadmill Walk, Treadmill Run, and Cycling need compatible equipment. Besides, there are a few yoga workouts that need a yoga mat. On the other hand, a few training exercises are there where you may need to use dumbbells.

You can also experience seasonal workout options like "Workouts to Get Ready for Snow Season," which includes exercise routines. This workout is designed to enhance skiers' and snowboarders' performance ahead of the winter season.

The App is designed to do your workouts from home, the park, a hotel, etc. It can also be connected and used in the gym, workout equipment, and an Apple Watch connection.

Time to Walk:

The App will introduce its 3rd Time to Walk session on January 10. This audio experience is designed to egg on users to be active by walking. The feature contains stories, photos, and music shared by some influential people of the world with Fitness+ subscribers.

Time to Walk feature allows you to date 41 guests like Dolly Parton, Anthony Joshua, Jane Fonda, Randall Park, Camila Cabello, Naomi Campbell, Ruby Bridges, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Bebe Rexha, etc. January 10 onwards, you can walk with actor and producer Rebel Wilson.

Time to Run:

Running is an activity that you can do anytime you prefer. This specific workout comes with many advantages, such as improved cardio fitness, a better mood, and stress relief. This updated feature offers a new audio running experience and makes users more consistent and better runners.

Emily Fayette, Jamie-Ray Hartshorne, Sam Sanchez, and Scott Carvin give some coaching tips also. Besides, the feature adds coaching tips to a new running trainer who is Cory Wharton-Malcolm.

Ideal for Beginners:

Every workout video comes with three different trainers on display at a time. One of these trainers must perform a "modified" version of the workout. For instance, a cycling workout will pedal slowly, or a trainer does yoga poses in a yoga workout.

If you're a beginner, you can find a series of 10 to 20-minute videos here. It is for beginners only who are not yet ready for the standard workouts.

Custom Workout Duration:

Choose the time duration for your workout to match the time. You can select a time as short as 5 minutes or longer as 45 minutes.

Music Integration:

Now, non-Apple Music subscribers can listen to songs. But the Apple Music subscribers can download the playlists.

Post Workout Metrics:

After completing your workout routine, you can display a summary display with workout metrics like full workout time, average heart rate, active calories burned, total calories burned, etc.

Weekly Content Updates:

The company comes with an advanced team of trainers who create workouts videos. Besides, they include new workouts every week.

Goal-Setting Workouts:

You can find here a weekly video series that sets your goal. It helps to keep users motivated and continue your training. This company adds new workout videos each Monday. Besides, a workout trainer offers suggestions for workouts.

Smart Suggestions:

The App is a collection of workout videos. You can see this application suggesting workouts that you want to have. Besides, the App now offers new trainers and workouts that are useful to even out your routine. This App offers you suggestions after you finish three workouts.

Artist Spotlight:

The App also includes the famous Artist Spotlight series and different songs of Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, Shakira, and the Beatles. The Spotlight series contains a unique playlist for every Artist Spotlight musician. The App helps to motivate also. Besides, it features high-energy tracks from catalogs, collaborations, and remixes for motivation.


The App priced at $9.99 per month or a $79.99 per year subscription plan. But this price has been reduced to $6.67 per month. The service can allow up to six family members to use.

It is available in the Apple One Premier bundle, where the cost of the App is $29.99 per month. The App provides Apple Music, Apple TV plus, Apple Arcade, Apple News, and 2TB iCloud storage.

Free Trial:

If you buy a new Apple Watch Series 3 or later, you can enjoy a free three-month trial of this workout app. Other people can enjoy the free trial for one month.


The App is now available in countries like Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Indonesia, etc. Besides, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, the UAE, the UK, and the US are examples of some nations where the App can be available.

As the App is shared among up to six family members for the same price, it becomes easier for other users to enjoy this service in the same house.

The application needs an Apple Watch Series 3 or later version with watchOS 7.2 to use. Besides, it can be available while you pair with the iPhone 6s or its later version with iOS 14.3. If you are willing to enjoy the App's latest features, you are required to use this service with Apple Watch Series 3 or later with watchOS 8.3. It can be used while you pair this with iPhone 6s or later with iOS 15.2, iPad with iPadOS 15.2, Apple TV 4K, or Apple TV HD with tvOS 15.2.

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