Saturday, June 27, 2020

iPadOS 14 Introduces New Features Specifically for iPad

iPadOS 14
iPadOS 14 may have a lot of the same features brought forth in iOS 14 but it does come with something of it’s own as well. Some of the features in iPadOS 14 that are similar to iOS 14 are new widgets and upgrades to Siri. But besides all this, the new iPadOS has something up its sleeves yet that makes it worth the wait. Among those changes are multi window support for Apple music and a Low power mode option, which is something that will come for the first time to an iPad. While iPadOS 14 does have some new and significant features, it also lacks out on some new features which iOS 14 brings to iPhones. More on this in a bit…

Multi Widows Support for Apple Music brought to you by- iPadOS 14: 

Multi window support may not be all together new when it comes to the iPad. It first came out with iPadOS 13. Multi window support allows you to open up multiple versions of the same app. For example you can open two or more safari browsers separately.

Now to bring something new to the menu, Apple has added multi window support for the music application as well. While it may not be the most useful thing on the planet, you can still open up two or more music applications at the same time. Plus it does bring with it several new options that you could try out.

One way of using this new feature to your advantage is to open up live lyrics in one application while on the other you can browse Apple Music. Another way you can use this new feature is by keeping the now playing tab always open at the side while you do whatever it is that needs doing.

Besides a multi window option for Apple music there are also a number of changes and new features that you can see with the application itself.

Low Power Mode on iPadOS 14: 

Low power mode has been with the iPhone for years now. With iPadOS 14 it marks the first time when an iPad gets the low power mode option. With low power mode on you can prevent battery drain as your iPad will disable things that run in the background such as email fetch, Hey Siri as well as some visual effects.

To enable low power mode on the iPhone you simply have to go to the settings app and then power mode. However in iPadOS 14 there is no such option of going to the settings page. To enable the feature you simply have to access it via Siri. Since you have to access low power mode through Siri, the feature does not disable it but disables things such as Auto lock and background app refresh.

No emoji search with iPadOS 14: 

Another welcome and highly anticipated feature with iOS 14 is an emoji search. By clicking on the emoji option in the keyboard you get a search field that appears above. With iPadOS 14 however there is no such feature as yet.

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