Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Peppermint 9 OS Review – Chrome OS Alternative

Peppermint 9

Peppermint 9 is a new, cooler and efficient OS for Linux lovers

For Linux users nothing sounds cooler and exciting than the launch of the new distribution of their OS. Our world is being aggressively ruled by the Windows and Mac OS which simply doesn't give the due share of popularity to the Linux based systems. One of the least known and particularly new Linus based operating system to debut recently is the Peppermint 9 which is available for free download for everyone. People still gets surprised to know that installing and running a Linux based operating system doesn't require any money. The best thing about the Peppermint 9 is that is extremely light OS which can run easily even some of the really hardware.

Peppermint 9 has taken feedback into consideration

  Peppermint 9 is based on the 18.04 LTS code base and it has been made available in both 64 bit and 32 bit flavours. Being available in the 32 bit will ensure people still using the older hardware will be able to make use of the OS without much hassle. Peppermint 9 comes with its own share of new cool features and changes which helped in enhancing the capability of the OS further. Team Peppermint has actively taken the user feedback into account while working on the version 9 and it has incorporated a number of features which has been sought out by the users. Likewise Menulibre menu editor has been installed in Peppermint 9 as default. Now users will also find a "Create new launcher here" option upon giving a right-click. This will help in improving the menu and launcher management on the Peppermint 9.

VLC will run smoothly on the Peppermint 9 as it honors the system Gtk theme. HTOP has been installed on the OS right out of the box and comes with its own menu item. Developers had also added a new fin your mouse cursor keyboard cursor which can be accessed by pressing Alt along with C key. Peppermint 9 has done away with Chromium bowser in favour of the Firefox browser for this version. It also comes with a new Skype web client SSB and it has been developed exclusively keeping the Microsoft users in mind who are able to make use of the Skype on their ageing systems. It also has a newer version of the Nemo file manager of 3.6.5.

Lightweight, fast and full of opportunities

Developers are hoping that people will find using the new Peppermint 9 a better experience than the earlier versions. Integration of apps both local and web based hasn't been new thing on the Linux based OS but Peppermint 9 takes the experience of using both to the next level. It has a dedicated cloud and web application management tool named Ice which ensures easy and simple integration of the apps into the system menus. It is free to download from its official website and it backed by a dedicated user support team which offers help through chat and email. So the time is ripe to enjoy the new age advanced and fast paced free Peppermint 9 OS to unlock your world of opportunities.

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