Sunday, December 31, 2017

Apple’s Confession: Apple Degrades Your old iPhone’s Performance

Apple has recently said that their software could be affecting the old iPhone’s performance. In a bid to offer their customers the best experience form using their products, Apple has recently released a statement saying that they have put a fail safe that actually, as a side effect reduces performance of customer’s old iPhones.

Third party engineers also took to examining the whole affair and came to the same conclusion that something was pulling back the performance of old iPhones. They have reportedly reached a conclusion where they believe that the battery and a certain patched code in the software of old iPhones seems to be causing degradation in old iPhones.

What exactly is causing slow performance in older iPhones?

The IOS coding in old iPhones seems to have a certain coding called “powered”. The so called powered is there so that it can control power usage and CPU/GPU speeds depending on how the battery is performing. Basically powered is a failsafe there in order to ensure the phones don’t catch fire when battery performance is lagging. In other words powered ensures that the performance of old iPhones does not get ahead of the batteries in the phones.

It is no surprise that any smart phones battery deteriorates over time and usage. Powered comes in addition to the normal power saving mode found in all phones. Powered works even when the power saving mode in old iPhones is put off.

Powered places a check on the peak performances of the CPU and GPU in old iPhones. Apple has said that its goal was to offer the best experience to their customers, which includes not letting the devices switch off to protect the hardware of the phone. For that Apple has built in powered.

What’s the problem with performance degradation in old iPhones?

It is no surprising fact that lithium ion batteries performance degrades over time. The amount of juice stored up in the batteries as well as the peak of the batteries drops as time passes. This not an unknown problem when it comes to manufacturers and dealing with the performance of smartphones.
Apple iPhone users can also replace their old iPhone’s batteries with new ones at a cost of $79 rather than bringing in a new iPhone altogether but sometimes we all want to look at some excuse or the other to get our hands on a new iPhone.

Why make a big issue of the degradation in old iPhone’s performance then?

It is not the powered failsafe or the fact that batteries in old iPhones has been degrading performance over time. Apple has taken all these steps in order to protect their customers and there is nothing wrong with that.
The problem begins when the issue was concealed from customers and others alike. As a company who has reportedly their customers best intentions at heart, they have deliberately kept their customers in the dark when it comes to the performance issues in these old iPhones till now.

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