Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Apple Pencil 2 Latest Rumours: Release Date and New Features

Apple Pencil – Best Tablet Stylus

The stylus of Apple for the iPad Pro known as the Apple Pencil is presently perhaps the best tablet stylus in the world. Many are keen on knowing what the design team of Sir Jony Ive tends to come up with, when the Apple Pencil 2 will eventually be unveiled.

The present Apple Pencil can be purchased on Apple’s Store for £99. Rumours have been circulating regarding the new Apple Pencil that the same would be released during the WWDC 2017 in June though it had been decided by Apple to bring the software updates to the stylus and would be made available to the public somewhere in September when iOS 11 would be released.

 However, they are available in beta for the developers presently and a public beta programme shortly. The new features comprise of Instant Markup that will enable the user to utilise your Apple Pencil to rapidly draw or make notes on PDFS, screenshots and much more. One could just pick the Pencil and touch the same to the screen. Moreover, one could also tap your Apple Pencil to the Lock Screen of the iPad Pro to start taking notes within the Notes app, immediately.

Document Scanner in Notes

Inline Drawing enables the user to draw or write in Notes while mechanically touching any text out of the way, above or below the drawing and this is said to work in Mail app also. Lastly, the new Document Scanner in Notes enables the user to scan the document and instantly sign or fill it with the help of the Apple Pencil.

Apple had also announced the new iPads during WWDC 2017 comprising of a new 10.5in model and details regarding the iPad is made available in their best iPad buying guide. In September 2015, the first Apple Pencil had been revealed together with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in order that the apparent time to expect an update would be in autumn 2016.

However no updates came forth to the Apple Pencil. Since the software updates have been publicised, there is a possibility that we will not see an Apple Pencil 2 this year at all or most probably early 2018 together with the annual iPad refresh. There is some impetus which has been building around the rumour that the next Apple Pencil together with the next iPad Pro would be capable of attaching to each other utilising magnets.

Extending Range of Application

It is evident that this would be quite suitable than the present state of affairs, wherein the Pencil would roll off and be lost on the floor. To support this theory, the latest report from Letemsvetemapplem has cited `information directly from suppliers in China’ tends to claim that `in accordance with the patent which Apple had attained last year in September, the user would be in a position to attach a pencil to iPad with the magnet like the original Apple iPad Smart Case covers the display.

A site which is in Czech claims that the Apple Pencil 2 would be having a small clip similar to a traditional pen which means that one can clip the Pencil to your pocket though it seems probably like a simple solution to the problem of the impeccably round pencil rolling across desks and not remain in a particular place. Presently, it is very much unclear though some suggest that Apple is aiming on extending the range of application with optimised support from the Apple Pencil.

Back End of Apple Pencil – An Eraser

A Chinese-language site, Wei Feng, had already quoted in the release date segment that `the so-called Apple Pencil 2 will have what kind of characteristics? As per the supply chain, the answer was `compatible with a large number of applications’.

An Apple Patent 9,329,703 filed in 2011 and published on 3 May 2016 tends to describe an `intelligent stylus’ where the individual nib has its own sensor that seems to pair with a separate sensor in the body of the stylus. The patent’s detailed description reads ` The stylus 110 can include multiple sensors to provide information regarding its condition, where the sensors can be selectively used alone or in various combinations.

 The ability to provide information beyond simply touch input information, particularly information about the stylus’s condition that the stylus determines itself, gives this stylus,intelligence absent from a traditional stylus’.Referring to patent 9,329,703, Apple has mentioned the possibility of turning the back end of the Apple Pencil into an eraser.

Another patent of Apple initially filed in Q4 2014 though published in February 2017, has revealed plans for an Apple pencil with various touch and force sensors along the body of the device. The sensors could be utilised for touch gestures with the device and also when the Pencils is being rotated. Moreover it could also detect how the amount of pressure being utilised in controlling the scrolling or zooming or using pinching as a means of picking up and move on-screen objects.

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