Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Some 2016 MacBook Pro Owners Experiencing Keyboard Problems

MacBook Pro
The 2016 version of MacBook Pro is reported to malfunction. The keyboard is not suited to the device. This latest launch of notebooks by Apple is retorted to have serious problems in the functioning of keyboards. The keyboard attached in this MacBook is developed via the latest technology using butterfly mechanism. This butterfly mechanism was for the first time introduced in ultra-thin version of MacBook, but a new version of this mechanism was fed in MacBook Pro, but instead of providing some extra benefits to the users; it is reported to be a disaster.

We are well aware of the fact that due to the presence of several versions of MacBook there are several opinions delivered by several other version of MacBook by various users. But, this butterfly mechanism though created a buzz in the market but eventually ended with a negative connotation as it is not at all reliable in comparison to the mechanisms fed in the older versions of MacBook.

Many customers who bought this 2016 version of MacBook is facing severe problems due to ineffective working of the keyboard. One of the most gruesome issues reported till date is that the keys that generally appear to make differently high pitched sound than some other key that would also make the same sound in different cases.

A video issued by MacRumors user monstermac 77 has retorted about a problem here, the problem is that whenever someone presses the caps lock key, then a sound is created that is way different from the sound of any other key present on the keyboard. Monstermac 77 has reported that this issue is only due to the problem in reproduction and is not because of any technical problem.

The users have claimed that the high pitch sound is very disturbing, but this problem is not as serious as the other problems that is reported in MacBook Pro. Reports are such that certain keys present on the keyboard of MacBook Pro version misses out the clicks and when pressed generally enters double alphabets simultaneously and sometimes they do not respond at all. So, the maker’s excuse stand on debatable grounds that this is a reproducible issue and not a technical fault as the problems that are reported clearly indicates that this is a technical problem.

Though, it is still not clear that what is the major issue behind this kind of malfunctioning of keyboards. Why and how do the keyboards become so irritating?But, this can also not be denied that the butterfly mechanism is very delicate and sensitive and can be seriously damaged even if it is projected to a certain amount of dust.

This is not the problem of all the MacBook Pro’s user as some have also reported in favor of the device, claiming that it is absolutely fine and there are even some who have said that they do face this kind of problem but it is not always that they have to encounter this kind of issues; It sometimes happens but then gets resolved automatically.

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