Friday, February 24, 2017

Apple Reaches new High in the Stock Market

You just have to do a bit of research to discover the company Apple, founded in 1976, is described by many as a mind-blowing company when it comes to technology.

It Hasn't all been Plain Sailing 

Apple's value, determined by its stock price, is in the region of $728 billion. Small wonder that many organisations rank it as the world's most valuable brand, and in fact on the Forbe's list, it was ranked as twice as valuable as Microsoft.

It hasn't all been plain sailing for Apple, because in May 1985, the company experienced once of its biggest dips in the AAPL stock price, sinking to $18.12 after Steve Jobs tried to oust CEO John Sculley. From 1994 to 1997 Apple also experienced a difficult period as this is when other companies were catching up to their amazing innovation levels. A sum of $708 million was lost and stock hit a low of $4. This was a dark day for Apple as on September 29, 2000 stock prices fell 51.9% in just that one day.

It was in 1980 that Apple's IPO which stands for Initial Public Officering was $22, and after a day of trading, the first day in fact, shares rose to $29 and the Initial Public Offering was worth $75.5 million, consisting of more than 2 million shares.

In 2007 Apple launched the iPhone - the first mobile phone with so many high-tech features in one small device. In just one month, the stock price rose over 15%. More recently, the Apple iPad, with the portability and ease of the iPhone and much larger screen made its appearance and AAPL - Apple Stock - saw a 43% increase.

2017 - the World's most Valuable Company

In February 2017, Apple's stock has risen to about $135.09, passing its previous intraday trading high of $134.54 from April 2015. Apple's market value has now gone beyond $700 billion, entrenching the fact that it is the world's most valuable company.

Apple analysts are among a group of observers who believe Apple's stock remains undervalued and that it is likely to rise. They think that in 2017 Apple needs to come up with iPhones that customers want and not what Apple thinks they need. Apple (AAPL) is expected to have a good year in 2017, more so because of its 10th anniversary iPhone. The phone is expected to come redesigned with a glass enclosure and edge-to-edge OLED display.

Apple's Stock Prices more Accessible to Individual Investors

Apple stock has soared in February 2017 and investors are actually seeing that 2017 is a year of growth in Apple after a disappointing 2016. Apple needs to come out with new iPads and Mac desktops in 2017 and also get good reviews for these products.

Apple currently enjoys more press coverage than any company in the world, and there is always information on whether their stock should be bought or sold. Currently, its stock prices are more accessible to individual investors and those were never able to buy the stock can add it to their portfolio.

You can imagine that buying Apple stock will require having a reputable, knowledgeable online broker. CMC Markets is registered, regulated and award-winning and can help you open your online account to get trading.

You can't afford to be making mistakes with Apple and you'll want a trustworthy brokerage who have been around for years and with whom you have 100% confidence that your money will be safe with them. Once you have money in your stockbroker account, the world is your oyster and you can buy stock listed on NASDAQ, the New York-, Tokyo- and London Stock Exchange, among others from your own computer.
Apple stock is now selling, and once you have completed your purchase, you'll receive confirmation that the transaction has gone through. The thrilling part is you watching to see Apple stock go up up and away after you purchase it and your dwindling account rising simultaneously.

Is Apple Stock A Good Buy? 

That's the exciting part about stock trading - the risk and the thrill. Has Apple finally run out of innovative products? There are all sorts of rumours flying around but a look at the stock market in February 2017 shows that their stock seems to be trading in a pretty positive fashion lately and therefore seems like a good investment.

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