Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to Use YouTube to Promote eCommerce Products

YouTube can do more than simply host cat videos and personal fail compilations. It can be used as a strong platform to host videos regarding the products you sell on eCommerce sites. These videos can then be used on a myriad of other social media profiles as well as your own website or blog.

Demonstrations and How-Tos

Demonstrating how to use a specific product can be greatly beneficial to encourage sales. Informational content regarding the product or service can help consumers understand what the product is and what it can do. Perhaps you could create future pieces based on efficient uses for the product to help enhance you're site's reputation. Demonstration and how-to videos are often some of the most sought after content on the Internet.

Use Social Networking

YouTube incorporates a wide variety of social networking on every video on the system. From Facebook to Twitter, the most popular social media sites are represented allowing viewers to share the video on many different websites with a few clicks of the mouse. This is also beneficial for you as you can share your own videos in this same manner on the social sites you have a presence on.

Embedded Code

Once your video has been uploaded, you can copy and paste the provided HTML code in order to embed the content onto your website. It can be customized for virtually any size dimensions allowing you to perfectly fit the video onto any page. You can also remove player controls and showing suggested videos as well. This means the video on your website can not be used to watch other content or inadvertently show competitor videos.


On every video you create, make sure that you're descriptive regarding its content while providing links back to your website and the page of the product or service you're demonstrating. This makes it easier for YouTube visitors to find your material while giving them backlinks to visit your site.


When you develop your own content without the use of copyrighted music or imagery, you can monetize it in order to generate some ad revenue. Although you might not make a lot of money, it's still a worthwhile process - especially if you create a video that goes viral.

Companies such as SecureNetShop can help you develop websites that are ideal for video integration. Not only does it make your site look more attractive, but you could engage YouTube visitors that may not know your company exists. From the overall design of your site to the merchant shopping cart you use, everything involved in the day-to-day processes of your site plays a role in its success. Take advantage of YouTube and it's capabilities to enhance your business platform.

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