Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Apple: Tim Cook made his revolution

It is a thunderbolt! While some observers as Adam Lashinsky, praised the stability of the management of Apple, best guarantee to perpetuate the legacy of Steve Jobs, the Apple brand has announced a complete reorganization of its management team.

Two departures: Scott Forstall and John Browett

This two victims: Scott Forstall and John Browett. The first was not just friends at Apple. His position was weakened from the failures of Siri and plans.

Adam Lashinsky, in Fortune, heard that Scott Forstall had refused to sign a letter of apology Apple Plans, published at the end of last month. It is indeed Tim Cook did. Lui, who dreamed they say as the next Apple CEO will leave the company next year. He held the role of Special Advisor Tim Cook during the transition. A fairly standard process to stay on good terms, and especially to see Forstall prevent competition ...

In an email sent to all employees, Tim Cook Forstall thanked for all he had done for Apple all these years. Attention which was not present in the press release. Presented as a mini-Steve, Scott Forstall has spent his entire career at NeXT and Apple. If he had his detractors and enemies, he was also somewhat of a protégé Jobs. No doubt he had the same status with Tim Cook.

His absence at the last keynote was not unnoticed. Years, with Phil Schiller is one of the main organizers of conferences Apple. This eviction amid poor relations with other members of Apple and especially the fiasco Plans recalls precedents.

MobileMe boss was snapped when landed became clear that the launch of the online service was a disaster. Same penalty for Mark Papermaster under Antennagate. The recent history of Apple is not stingy with such examples, but it is rare that they occur at the top of the pyramid. In the past this has occurred for reasons other than technical failures, there was for example the case of stock options that have anti-dated cost place to CFO Fred Anderson and Nancy Heinen legal officer in 2006 . Regarding John Browett, it strongly resembles a casting error. The English manager arrived at Apple in April only after months of searching for a gem. But he failed to mention Ron Johnson as Head of the Apple Store.

His failed attempt to reorganize stores was badly experienced internally. Apple is actively seeking a replacement for him. In his email, Tim Cook congratulated the work "phenomenal" performed by employees of the Retail Division. Assuring them of "respect," "admiration" and "support" from Apple. Such terms are not innocent; it is certainly recognition that Browett had sin in his management teams. It is not excluded suggests that the ax has fallen sharply, John Browett was in Beijing there are less than two weeks to the opening of a large Apple Store.

Graduates: Jony Ive, Craig Federighi, Bob Mansfield and Eddy Cue

Jony Ive, Craig Federighi, Bob Mansfield and Eddy Cue gaining ranks. The first will now have a dual role: head of design and responsible for the user interface. On the second point, maybe Will we have the right to greater coherence between different solutions from Apple. It is also evidence of willingness to homogenization between the user experience and the resulting hardware software. It is not only that their integration ensures proper operation, but they express the same philosophy.

In any case, his first steps in the field will be closely monitored. With the advent of iOS, Apple has been thoroughly map skeuomorphisme. The idea behind this term is a bit pompous visual codes apply to former a contemporary object. For example, the leather upholstery in Calendar on iOS and OS X or tape drive in Podcasts. Between sketch designs of Jonathan Ive and these skins busiest, there were as dichotomy. This skeuomorphisme's approach was apparently far from unanimous within Apple. She was such debate between Scott Forstall, developer of the philosophy of realism, and Jonathan Ive. He had left sweat mixed feelings during a recent interview. Without issuing qualitative opinion, he pointed out in his reply made in May he took care of the equipment and it was not associated with the choice of software interfaces. We saw firmer support ...

Craig Federighi, who remembered, is also a former NeXT will support the development of iOS. He succeeded last year Serlet Bertrand (who was spotted in the audience at the last special event) to oversee the development of OS X.

It will then load two operating systems. This is not trivial. Cook does not seek to replace Scott Forstall. He concentrated in the hands of one man the future of both OS that recent versions multiply gateways one to the other. Should we see a simple desire to streamline and simplify the supervision of these two major developments, or the beginnings of a rapprochement increasingly fusion?

Craig Federighi was promoted to Senior Vice President in August. Marketing on time and without a hitch Mountain Lion has probably pushed Tim Cook to tape over this man appreciated for its developers listening skills. Meanwhile, Eddy Cue, resumes pans Scott Forstall, namely Siri and Plans. He will manage a services division that also includes App Store, iBookstore, and iCloud. This is not the first time that Eddy Cue takes in hand the products have experienced a difficult start. Real firefighter called to the rescue by Jobs, it was the great architect of recovery MobileMe. While he was on the verge of retirement a few weeks ago, now Bob Mansfield is in turn called to lead a new group called Technologies. This organization teams include wireless Apple and semiconductors. In its press release, the Cupertino reaffirms have a lot of ambition in this field. Seen even with the A6 processor. The purpose of this division: more innovation on the material plane. Mansfield is committed to pushing his retirement two years.

The most important decision of Tim Cook

Apple said it had carried out the reorganization to improve synergies and collaboration between the various divisions of Apple. This is undoubtedly the most fundamental decision that Tim Cook has been taking since he has full powers.

Life without Steve Jobs pushed Tim Cook to review how Apple works by creating a close-knit team that concentrates all powers: Jony Ive to design and user interface, Bob Mansfield for hardware and software for Craig Federighi. To this list should be added Phil Schiller, the marketing is something fundamental in the DNA of Apple. This new organization is in place and the new organization was changed tonight on the company website.

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