Thursday, September 6, 2012

Welcome Home: Nokia helps move to Windows Phone

Welcome Home to Windows Phone, Mark / Space implements a Microsoft patent: This application supports iPhone users, Android or BlackBerry to Windows Phone.

First, it enables to create a full backup of your existing phone. Contacts and calendars are transferred to your Windows Live account, with the exception of data iCloud, which are not supported. Photos, videos and music are saved in iPhoto and iTunes (on OS X). We can then use the Windows Phone Connector to retrieve them.

The apps are not transferable from one system to another? Big deal! Welcome Home uses the services of search engine applications Quixey to offer the equivalent of your Windows Phone applications iOS, Android or BlackBerry. With a few exceptions, which reveal more delay than Windows Marketplace weaknesses of the application, the suggestions are rather convincing. It is however not present on your iPhone apps that are detected, but those stored in your iTunes library.

It was sponsored by Nokia, and as such is free: it is a tool to promote the Lumia range. Mark / Space has long been a similar tool to move to Android, sold $ 9.95 (€ 7.95).

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