Monday, November 14, 2011

Logitech and Apple's new deal

There is an inspiration for Apple-Logitech. At a conference yesterday with analysts, CEO Guerrino De Luca detailed the mistakes and problems in recent times by specialist accessories. De Luca led Logitech for several years and took over the operational management this summer after the poor performance of the CEO in place (before he made a long career at Claris and Apple Europe and Apple US, marketing, before s' go away in 1998 after the return of Jobs).
De Luca was first readily acknowledged the fiasco of the adventure with Google TV. He then pointed to other strategic errors. For example, that to focus on products, entry-level "We know that customers are willing to rise in price range to buy very good products, but lately we do not give them enough reason to do so . It's something we'll fix it. "

De Luca, back in command, conducted an audit of the range product only to find she was not strong enough, and a general overhaul was necessary "In previous years we have strengthened our product offering entry level in almost all areas, which provides customers great rates. Unfortunately, we have often overlooked a proposal for all products as attractive, but positioned in the middle and high end. ".

This new product line, more qualitative, more expensive and more profitable is developing is arrive by Christmas 2013 "We should have such a product line two years ago," admitted the CEO, who regretted that this effort was hired on the "quantity over quality."

Quality is a virtue and simplicity is another. Summing up the same conclusion that Steve Jobs took to turn his back to the Apple Mac wealth of the catalog, De Luca pointed the problem of the overabundance "We also created a lot of complexity in the product range, and this complexity means that it offers customers more choices than they can absorb. The choice is a quality largely overstated, people who have fewer options available to them are generally happier with the choices they made, and they make their decisions more easily. We have just forgotten these basic principles "

Always on the future, De Luca made the observation that the general public in developed markets, the PC has "lost its ideological leadership." The PC is not dead - Logitech also expects a lot from Windows 8, described as "truly revolutionary" - it is not replaced in all its uses, far from it, but people have repositioned in their daily lives, with consoles and especially the advent of smartphones and now tablets. The PC has seen its role evolve into primarily a productivity tool. Charge to Logitech to provide the necessary accessories to improve it.

The other observation on the outskirts of the previous one, is that the arrival of the iPad among mobile phone users has somewhat changed their habits. They do not dispose of their machines, but they leave behind them more readily when they are away, preferring the mobility of the tablet. And said computer, even portable, settle, he said opportunities to add accessories, which would have resulted in sales of Logitech "This is one not so obvious consequences of the arrival of the iPad ' .

De Luca goes on to talk this time Apple's "Mac King is not because the market share Apple would have become incredibly high [...] But because the ideological leadership in the PC industry is now at Apple , which is a development that has eluded us. "

De Luca says the policy choices have always made the criterion of market size and therefore a focus of the much larger PC "We did not realize that Apple's leadership, leadership in design in usability, etc.. have spread. So we made products for the Mac that are adaptations of PC products and of course the Mac community is a very "religious." Converted to Mac users in particular are very religious about these things. They know where they come and they will not find any mention of their old sins on their new Mac. "

However for various reasons not everyone can or will not exchange his PC to a Mac. Provided it can feel like a touch of Mac on your PC. Logitech will therefore take the opposite route, bring the spirit Mac to PC "The idea of
​​designing products, especially in the high end for the Mac, and get them on the PC platform is an approach that takes advantage This dynamic exists in the consumer market. "

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