Sunday, June 14, 2020

WWDC20: It’s that Time of the year Again

The Cupertino based tech giant has recently announced the schedule for the long awaited WWDC20. Plus there’s also a special keynote planned, that’s worth taking a look at. There are even talks that Apple will ditch their Intel chips for new ARM based Macs. This will be a first in decade in which Apple takes such a step. 

What to Expect From WWDC20? 

In a first of its kind, this year’s Apple event will be totally digital. This we know is on account of what. On Wednesday Apple released the schedule for its first only digital event. The WWDC20 will kick start on the 22nd of June. The event will begin with a keynote, Of course, besides others.

The other itinerary for the day includes Platforms of the Union, all new developer forums, 100 and more engineering sessions, one to one labs with Apple engineers and much more.

Where can You watch Apple WWDC20? 

In a press statement released by Apple, the keynote address scheduled for June 22, will take place at 10am PT. You can watch the event live from the Apple website or the Apple developer app or YouTube or the Apple TV app. The keynote address will be streamed live directly from Apple Park.

After the keynote address, The Cupertino based company will conduct its annual Platform State of Union address. This event unlike the one above can be watched form the Apple developer website or the Apple developer app and on demand.

Besides all this you can also watch a 100 plus engineering sessions and all new developer forums, curtesy of Apple, all of which are scheduled to take place later in the day.

What to look out for at WWDC 2020? 

Typically Apple unveils the latest and greatest it has in the form of iOS, WatchOS, iPadOS, MacOS, the likes of which power macs, iPhones, iPads and of course the Apple watch.

Although the WWDC event is mostly focused on software and its associated updates, Apple hasn’t shied away in the past from releasing new hardware too. In 2019, Apple announced the latest Mac pro. So it’s quite possible that we could see new gadgets in the form of a new iMac and an updated Apple TV.

Also to counteract the competition, namely from the likes of Bose and Sony, Apple may also release a new pair of over the ear headphones. The new over the ear headphones will likely be upwards of $350 and may be called AirPods Studio.

Last but not the least Apple also plans on shedding its Intel chips for ARM based ones to sit under the hood of its Macs. This will be a first for the tech giant in over a decade.

Apple’s WWDC20 will stream from 22 June to 26 June. The keynote address will also be available on playback on demand after the event. The engineering sessions are geared towards guiding app developers, in well, app development, focusing on technical and design elements. Apple will also release videos of these sessions every day.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

New Tycoon Ransomware Targets Windows and Linux Systems

Tycoon Ransomware
Security experts have recently come across a new ransomware that targets Linux and Windows systems. The ransomware called Tycoon ransomware, targets systems across a number of industries. Researchers up at BlackBerry Research and Intelligence Team and KPMG’s UK cyber response services have given the name Tycoon ransomware after discovering it. According to them, this particular strain of malware is affecting SMBs in the software industry and educational institutions alike. What makes this malware even more potent is that it affects not only one system but two- Linux as well as Windows. These are the two commonly used systems across the globe.

More on Tycoon ransomware: 

The team further discovered that the malware has to be manually deployed with the malignant persons targeting individual systems as well as connecting to an RDP server. After this, the said person infiltrates using local credentials. After securing access to the system, the person then begins to uninstall any antivirus that may be on the system. Shortly afterwards, a application called ProcessHacker is installed.

What does Tycoon ransomware do? 

Once Tycoon Ransomware has been installed onto a system, it begins to encrypt files from the server. Then a ransom is sort from the said victim. According to experts the ransomware targets both Linux and Windows meaning the attack is quite widespread.

The experts up at BlackBerry have also said that it is common for malware writers to use obscure coding and languages to fly under the radar. That is why the use of Java and Go is common with malware writers. But this is the first time they have encountered a malware that takes advantage of Java JIMAGE format to create a JRE build.

The JRE Build: 

Tycoon ransomware comes in the format of a trojanized Java Runtime Environment or JRE for short. This helps the ransomware to avoid detection by piggy backing on a Java Image format. The settings for this java Image are deliberately put in settings to give developers the option of debugging their software. To do this they would first have to install a debugging application. This is how malware writers gain access to a particular system.

How far has Tycoon ransomware reached? 

Experts in the field have said that the malware has been in existence for six months now. But the number of attacks have been small. This shows that the attacks are specifically targeted. Besides this it also shows that the malware writers are working on different ways of targeting a host system, in order to see which method works the best.

Why the Name Tycoon? 

The ransomware was called “Tycoon” after discovering various references in the coding to the word Tycoon. The ransomware has been in existence since 2019 and has specific targets in mind.

The fact that malware writers have used Java and JRE to piggy back onto systems is very unusual. Experts have seldom seen such a method. Besides gaining access to a system, malware writers also seek to remove any existing antivirus on the system.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

iPhone Face ID not Working? Here’s the Solution

 iPhone Face ID not Working
Face ID is used for a lot of things, to unlock your phone, to authenticate apps and more. It’s an interesting piece of new technology to use. But what happens when it’s not working properly? No need to worry there are some few things to try before throwing up the towel. Is your iPhone Face ID not working? In this post we’ll be helping you fix it. So lets’ get to it the, shall we?

First of all iPhones that support Face ID: 

Face ID is a relatively new feature to hit the iPhone market. So only a few iPhones have it. The main iPhones that have it are the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, The iPhone XR and the iPhone X. Only these iPhones come with Face ID.

Check for updates in fixing your iPhone face ID not working: 

To make sure that your face ID feature not working is not a software issue, check to see if you are updated. You can do so by checking the settings on your iPhone.

A little word of advice before updating your phone is to make sure you back up data to iTunes or iCloud as you don’t want to lose any files if the update does not work out properly.

To check for an update simply go on to settings then general. You should then see if you are updated or there’s still more updates to install.

If there’s an update, click on install to get started. You may have to temporarily remove some apps if iOS needs more space to install the latest addition. You can always reinstall those apps later on. Once you’ve installed the update, try Face ID to see if it’s fixed. If not continue on to the next step.

Checking Face ID settings: 

By checking Face ID settings you can make sure that your Face ID is properly configured to your phone. To do so you can go on to settings and then Face ID and Passcode. From there check if everything is set up right. Also make sure that the areas where you’d like to use Face ID are shown as turned on. What Happens when your Face ID isn’t really set up?

You need to set up face ID to actually begin using it. To do so go on to settings then Face ID and Passcodes. From there click on getting started. Line up your face so that it is in the center of the frame provided. Move you face slowly from side to side till the circle is completed. You need to hold the phone steady enough to do this properly. After finishing press continue.

You’ll have to repeat the process a second time. Then tap done to complete.

Check the TrueDepth Camera in fixing Your iPhone Face ID not working issue: 

If you’ve tried all the steps above and nothing seems to work, then try the TrueDepth camera. Make sure that it is not obstructed in any way or covered in dirt or grime.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Second-Generation iPhone SE: Powerful New Phone in Popular Design

Second-Generation iPhone SE
Recently Apple released its new second-generation iPhone SE. Well the specs are easy enough- 8 body, iPhone 11’s processor and the iPhone XR camera system. Add to all this a few new capabilities and you have Apple’s new iPhone at your disposal. What’s more that’s not even the best part yet. You get all this and more for just $399. That is awesomely good thinking about what you’re getting and who you’re dealing with here. Let’s talk specs here a bit to see what you’re really getting…

Processor on the second-generation iPhone SE: 

The first thing you need to take a look at when it comes to this phone is the powerful juice its packing. The second-generation iPhone SE comes with an A13 processor, which is hands down the best processor a phone could have, period.

Let’s say you have a lot of dough on you and can afford the $1,499 price tag on the iPhone 11 pro max, the iPhone SE costing only $399 would still beat it down in the power department.

Not only this, but Apple is a company known to support its phones for a long time to come. So with an A13 processor on board, you’re likely to get software updates for years to come. Thus guaranteeing you more than your money’s worth with this phone.

Talk about storage: 

Apple has made the base level start at 64GB, while by paying $50 you bump up the storage to 128GB.

Look and Feel of the second-generation iPhone SE: 

As mentioned earlier the new iPhone SE looks much like what iPhone 8 looked like. The new second-generation iPhone SE is termed as a parts bin phone. That means it is made from old parts lying around in Apple’s storage. Well this isn’t really something to complain about, if the parts are all still good and the phone functions well.

The sad part about this iPhone is that it does not come with a headphone jack. Yes we know that this isn’t something they normally include these days, but it’s still sorely missing out. With no headphone jack comes an extra price to pay for Bluetooth headphones and another thing to charge being involved.

Camera setup on the Second-Generation iPhone SE: 

The new iPhone SE comes with a single camera setup rather than the dual setup that goes on most premium phones these days. However the second-generation iPhone SE does come with portrait mode and is resistant to a certain degree from the elements.

As for colors the new iPhone SE comes in three of them beginning with white, black and a “Product” red whatever that is.

New Budget iPhone? 

After years of releasing four figure price tag iPhones. Apple finally decided to release a second generation iPhone SE which is pegged to be a budget phone depending on where you’re buying it. Say for example if you happen to be in India, this so called budget phone would cost you around Rupees 42,500, which compares with most premium phones in the country.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How to Go Incognito on iPhone - Macmyth

How to Go Incognito on iPhone
In this digital world, most of the people leave digital footprints everywhere they go online such as browsing sites, log in to sites, and more. So, these traces were closely monitored by others to show advertisements, and in some cases, hackers may take advantage. If you are striving to check out how to go incognito on iPhone? Then you'll check how to go incognito on iPhone in this post.

Usually, it's hard to stay incognito on the web; any browsing session leaves lots of information behind. So, to prevent your browsing history, you have to use private Browsing. Now, let's check out how to go incognito on iPhone or how to use private Browsing on the iPhone.

But before that, let's find out what is the incognito mode and why use incognito mode.

What is the incognito mode and How to Go Incognito on iPhone:

Incognito mode is often referred to as private browsing mode. This is the setting within the browser you use. It prevents you from saving your internet browsing history, and it does not store any content, video and cookies of the website you visit.

What Incognito mode keeps private:

Incognito mode or the private browsing feature of the iPhone's Safari web browser, prevents the browser from leaving digital footprints and makes your Browsing safe. Generally deleting history doesn't offer complete privacy, so it's best to use Incognito mode.

Whenever you use this incognito mode, your iPhone will not store below things:

  • In this mode, it doesn't save any records of your browsing history.
  • It does not save passwords.
  • This does not allow auto complete or auto filling your passwords.
  • It does not retain search history.
  • Prevents websites from adding tracking cookies.

As you are striving to find out how to go incognito on iPhone, check this article you'll find out how to go incognito on iPhone.

What Private Browsing Doesn't Do:

The iPhone's Incognito mode or private browsing feature doesn't offer robust privacy or standout privacy. Besides that, it provides something. Let's explore what incognito mode doesn't block.

  • Bookmarks usually saved in a private browsing session are visible in normal browser mode.
  •  The IP address of the device and other related data are visible.
  •  A person who monitors traffic on the network can see what pages you visit. It happens mostly at the workplace or when using a work device.
  • Servers can see your device and behavior.
  • ISP providers see your device and behavior as well.
  • If the device has monitoring software, then its private Browsing cannot stop recording your activity.

Let’s check out how to go incognito on iPhone.

How to Turn on Incognito Mode on iPhone: 

To turn on incognito mode on iPhone or private browsing on iPhone or iPad you have to follow the below process. If you are striving to find out how to go incognito on iPhone? Then you should turn on private browsing on iPhone or iPad.

  • Click on the Safari to simply open it.
  • Then click on the "New Window" icon that is available in the lower right-hand corner. (This looks like two overlapping rectangles)
  • Then you have to click on the Private option.
  • After that tap on the "+" button to quickly open a new window.
  • Now, you are in incognito mode on the iPhone.
  • While you are in private mode, the top and the bottom of the site you generally visit in safari turn into the dark grey color.

This is how to go incognito on iPhone or how to turn on private browsing on iPhone and iPad. Let's now check out turn off private browsing or incognito mode.

How to turn off Incognito Mode or Private Browsing on iPhone: 

In the above step you have turned on incognito mode, now let's check out how to turn off private browsing on iPhone.

  • Click on the "New Window Icon"
  • Then click on Private.
  • Now, a private browsing window disappears.
  • Windows that were opened in safari before will reappear.

This way you can turn off the private browsing mode on iPhone or iPad.

Important information about iPhone incognito mode: 

People will use private browsing because they don't want other people to see what you are looking for, but if you are using "IOS 8" there is a glitch. If you turn on incognito mode and browse and then off the mode. Your browsing activity will be saved so if you are using iOS then have a look at the glitch and update your version.

Modern versions don't have this problem, so you are protected. This is all about private browsing on the iPhone. If you are striving to find out how to go incognito on iPhone? This article is helpful because it has all the information you need.


This is all about the incognito mode or private browsing mode on iPhone or iPad. If you are having any issues then do let us know in the comment section.