Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What is the New Wi-Fi EasyMesh Standard?

Wi-Fi EasyMesh and what to expect?

Today everyone has a need to stay connected to the internet. For that purpose, we have mobile data and Wi-Fi systems at our disposal. In cases when there is Wi-Fi, sometimes we find that we don’t get the same coverage everywhere and why would you too? The closer you are to a router the better the Wi-Fi. That’s where mesh Wi-Fi s come in.

Wi-Fi EasyMesh allows you to get the same coverage no matter where you are in the vicinity of a router. A mesh Wi-Fi system is where you connect devices or routers from the same manufacturer to get the same reception throughout the place irrespective of where you are in relation to a router. What happens when you want to use different manufacturers devices to create one mesh? That’s where Wi-Fi EasyMesh steps in.

What is Wi-Fi EasyMesh? 

Wi-Fi EasyMesh is a mesh system where you can connect any manufacturer’s hardware in the house together to get Wi-Fi throughout a space.

Mesh systems allow you to get strong Wi-Fi throughout a space no matter where you are in relation to a router. You may think why not use an extender then?

You can always use an extender but setup is problematic and they often have a different name to your actual router. They come with the suffix SSID. But under mesh systems that is not there.

With mesh systems you connect to the closest device that gives you the best connection and you get Wi-Fi all under one name itself.

Why Wi-Fi EasyMesh is Better? 

With any mesh system you have to get hardware from one manufacturer itself. If you’re already using linksys then you have to get hardware from linksys itself. Where as in Wi-Fi EasyMesh, that is not required. You will be able to use hardware from any manufacturer to set up your mesh system.

Wi-Fi EasyMesh is a standard developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to allow users set up a mesh network using various manufacturer’s hardware and not just one.

Under Wi-Fi EasyMesh standard, one unit becomes the controller and the rest are all agents. So, if manufacturers decided to adopt this system then you could use one manufacturers hardware with another. For example, you could use Google Wi-Fi with Linksys to create your Wi-Fi EasyMesh system.

Why Manufacturers do not like Wi-Fi EasyMesh? 

Manufacturers are not so ready to adopt Wi-Fi EasyMesh as yet and here is why.

The main reason has to do with manufacturers wanting people to use all of their hardware itself. If you were to use Wi-Fi EasyMesh instead, then you could use two or more different manufacturers hardware to create your Wi-Fi EasyMesh system. This will affect their bottom line.

The next point to note with Wi-Fi EasyMesh is that if you use devices form different manufacturers, then upgrading will be a problem. Just think about it, if one manufacturer updates his hardware and others do not, then you have to wait till all manufacturers update all their hardware to update your Wi-Fi EasyMesh.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Apple Hides iPhone X Plus Secrets In iOS 12

 iPhone X Plus

Apple to make a New iPhone X Plus Model

Yes you read right Apple plans on making a new iPhone X plus model that will be radically different from the previous iPhone X. But who am I kidding, any phone coming out these days has to be way different from their predecessors if you want people to latch on to them. The same goes for the Apple iPhone X plus. While Apple does enjoy a huge and loyal customer base, their new phones have to have the wow factor if Apple has to maintain its image in the market.

This new detail about iPhone X plus coming out is due to another leak by Apple. These days companies really need to get plumbing done. Most are suffering form various “leaks” and that to of the big variety. The first Apple leak concerned a major upgrade in iOS 12 beta and now it has to do something with Apple iPhone X plus.

What is the new leak about?

This new leak was discovered by a Brazilian site called iHelp,BR which reveals details of Apple’s new and gigantic iPhone X plus in iOS 12 beta version 5. This new iPhone X plus will have a huge 6.5 inch screen and will operate much like an iPad. This new bit of information will have significant implications for the iPhone X plus.

How did iHelp,BR discover this you say? Well the answer is simple enough through a hack of course.
What’s the Hack concerning iPhone X plus all about?

Previous leaks concerning the iPhone X plus ( Apple should really look into a good plumber), shows that the iPhone X plus will have a 2688 by 1242 pixel which is higher than what you’ve ever seen before with Apple iPhones.

So now coming closer to the point, iHelp,BR used Apple’s Xcode simulator to run this iOS 12 beta 5 on it at 2688 by 1242 resolution and the results were astounding. They found that by doing this, new secret landscape modes were unlocked. Besides this many new interfaces for core Apple iPhone apps too were visible.

Apple’s new landscape mode with iPhone X plus:

Up till now Apple has played with the idea of using landscape modes for apps such as Calendar as well as Contacts on the iPhone plus sized variations. But has never thought of doing it for the iPhone X 5.8 inch model.

Now Apple is pegging the iPhone X plus as a more productive phone than its predecessor pushing the iPhone X down to second best.

Apple’s budget friendly 6.1 inch iPhone X did not get this feature too. Apple is planning on using this feature exclusively for iPhone X plus along with giving it dual sim exclusivity as well. This may be because the company wants to move users from their earlier models on to the new and better iPhone X plus. Which is also more expensive too.

The good news relating to iPhone X plus:

To make your decision to buy the iPhone X plus even easier, Apple has decided to slash prices of their phones this year.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

How to Get Rid of Annoying Mac os Update Notifications (2018)

Imagine you could get your mac up to date without the annoying mac os update notifications.

If your updates are installed in the background automatically without showing up annoying updates means you can stick with your work without any disturbance. It is beneficial for you, and even you can work flawlessly.

Usually, these software updates are useful for any device, and they are essential. It is because they can bring brand new abilities and features to your device and helps to safeguard your system.

In general, these updates are quite frequent for any modern devices. But, If you are mac computer users means you will probably feel frustrated and sick with all those annoying update notifications which show up every day on your computer screens.

Usually, people don't have a problem with updating their computer, but their main problem is all about the frustrating notification which appears at the right time -- when you usually arrive at your work hours or when you have week worths work to complete in few days or at the first thing in the morning, etc.

These situations are quite annoying, and people complain about these most often. Even if you update your computer today, there will be another update waiting for your tomorrow. So, if you want to get rid of these annoying mac os updates means, merely follow this post.

In this post, you will find about how to install updates with getting any annoying mac os notifications. You can even see the solution for updates notifications which you can dismiss or remind me later as well.

Before going to the article how to get rid of annoying mac os update notifications. You have to think about the updates process as well.

Usually, these updates can fix all the security issues and resolve bugs in your system. In this post, I’ll show you all the three options, and you have to choose the best option which you want to try?

So, let's start,

Get Rid of Annoying Mac os Update Notifications

How to get rid of seeing Mac OS update notifications:

Usually, stopping the mac os update notifications is quite easy. I’d instead suggest you skip this method because in this method you’ll skip updates and notifications. But, that is genuinely your call, and you can do as you wish.

If you want to ignore all of the Apple’s Mac OS updates means you can simply use this option. This option opens up the vulnerabilities of your system, and it could be open for the attackers.

To quickly stop seeing updates just follow this process:

  • Firstly, Open System Preferences
  • Then click on the App store settings.
  • After clicking on that, a box will appear on your screen.
  • Now, uncheck “ Automatically check for updates option.”
That's it with this process you can quickly stop seeing updates. But if you really want to install updates without showing any annoying notifications means, follow the next process.

How to get rid of only Mac OS update notification but not updates:

If you want to improve your computer health and want to keep your computer updated means you have to use this method.

In this method, you keep your system update but you I’ll get rid of annoying updates.


  • Firstly open the system preferences on your Mac.
  • Then select “App Store.
  • After that click on “ Install macOS updates” in newer versions. If you are using an older version means click on “ Install OS x Updates.
In this way, you can quickly install updates without getting notified. That's why this is one of the best ways to get rid of annoying notification updates.

How to get rid of updates apart from the security updates:

If you want to safeguard your mac with security updates means you can install only security updates other than installing Mac Os Updates.

It is still possible if you want me to show that process means, have a look at below method.

Here’s the process:

  • Head over to the system preferences.
  • Then open your Mac’s App store settings.
  • After opening check the box beside the “ Automatically check for updates option.”
  • It will have four options now deselect the “ Install Mac OS Updates.
  • Then you can deselect the install app updates.
  • After that "deselect download newly available updates" in the background.
  • Make sure you only check in the install system data files and security updates option only.
This process will install all the data files and security updates, but it will not install significant OS updates until and unless you update them by selecting Mac > Software Update.

Now if you want to disable high sierra notifications means you can do that.

How to disable high sierra notifications:

Usually, all of the above notifications are easier to manage, but the new major operating system upgrades High Sierra, is the Apple’s latest big update and it is a sophisticated update which comes with a notification that's always harder to dismiss it manually.

In this notifications, you will only have two options one is "install," and another one is "details" so there is no way to skip the notifications. So, to these harder changes, we have come up with a solution.

There are two different ways to merely mute these high sierra notifications: 

First way:

  • The first one is a simple process -- here all you have to do is launch the mac app store.
  • Then click on the updates.
  • After that, you will see a big banner for the high sierra at the top of the page.
  • Right, Click, anywhere on the image and select the hide update button which pops up.

Second way:

  • If the above process doesn't work, then you can use this method.
  • In this method, you have to open finder and press the shift + Command + G keys
  • simultaneously to launch the “ go to folder.”
  • Then type “/Library/Bundles” in the dialogue box.
  • After that, you will see a file named “OSXNotification.bundle.”
  • All you have to do is delete or move the file somewhere on your computer.
  • While doing this, it will ask your computer password.
  • You have to enter the password and allow your computer to restart.
  • Once it is restarted means, you will be free from high sierra update notifications as well.
These are the two different ways to get rid of notifications. This last high sierra second process was learned from Make Use Of article. You can find more details on that post regarding high sierra.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

5 MacBook Stands to work Smarter

MacBook Stands

MacBook Stands and why you’ll Love them

So everyone knows that when you use a laptop, you can use it on your lap but for better performance you might want to switch over to using a base. With a MacBook stand you will allow for better air circulation with your MacBook and will also help improve your posture as you won’t have to bend to look at anything. So better posture equals better work.

You might think what’s so great in a MacBook stand, they’re all the same. Well no some do offer you more than others and also will cost you more than the others but from your work to your posture they will all seem a little different. Depending on ease of use we give you a list of the best MacBook stands out there.

The First MacBook Stand on our list- ProBASE HD USB- C Aluminum Monitor Stand: 

This MacBook stand comes with a Type- C port as well as 4K HDMI output and a number of USB ports. You can charge up to a number of devices using this MacBook stand and all at the same time.
Plus the way things are organized you get less wire clutter and everything in order while you work at your MacBook stand. When not in use the MacBook stand doubles as storage, allowing you to stash away your MacBook.

MOBICASE MacBook Stand in Carry bag form: 

This is not just your average laptop carry bag but this bag features a MacBook stand too. You can raise the height of the stand to up to 8 inches and is great for those travelling and working at the same time.

As a bag you get a lot of storage for all your workly paraphernalia too.

Henge Docks Presents to you a MacBook stand- Pro Docking Station: 

This MacBook stand is not just a stand, just like the others but is a docking station too and can dock to up to 13 devices all at the same time.

You can even connect up to 3 external displays on to this MacBook stand to create your own mini work station.

A Curvy MacBook Stand on the list- Twelve South Curve MacBook Desktop Stand: 

This MacBook stand has a curve on its base bring in a little modernity to its look. Made of aluminum, this MacBook stand has a notch to hold your laptop in place. Your laptop will be at a slight angle thus helping you look at your work more comfortably.

Something a Little Fancy on the list: 

The de Dolomieu Marble MacBook stand is made specifically for Apple products. This MacBook stand is actually made of marble form Italy while the actual MacBook stand is made from Germany and you have your self an international MacBook stand right on your desk.

The MacBook stand lifts your MacBook to just the right height too.

Combining simplicity with Functionality- Elgato Thunderbolt 3 MacBook stands: 


This MacBook stand combines functionality with a flair of simplicity. The stand also supports many ports and is connected through a USB- C port.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Apple Stops Signing iOS 11.4 Following Launch of iOS 11.4.1

iOS 11.4.1

Code Signing to Apple iOS 11.4 stopped just a Week after iOS 11.4.1 Release

Apple has recently launched its official version of iOS 11.4.1 to users earlier in the month. Besides the not- so- spe
cial correction of bugs and a system update, the most interesting news with iOS 11.4.1 is that the signing of iOS 11.4 ceased only a week after the iOS 11.4.1 release. According to Apple the ceasing of iOS 11.4 has to do with getting all users on the same page. Basically everyone should be using the most up to date iOS software available.

This is done so that everyone can have not only the latest but also havea software where the old bugs are sorted out. Normally Apple ceases code signing a month after the official iOS software releases but this time has been different.

What does iOS 11.4.1 contain? 

Like all previous software updates and all coming software updates, iOS 11.4.1 takes care of a number of bugs and addresses some critical issues.

Among coding that iOS 11.4.1 corrected was the coding related to phone crashes. Some users’ iPhones crashed after typing in the word “Taiwan” or being sent a Taiwanese flag emoji in a text.

Apple also instated USB restricted Mode for iPhone and iPad owners, in iOS 11.4.1, as a way to disable hardwired USB data connections after some time of use, to prevent brute force passcode attacks.

Apart from the above, Apple also fixed AirPod tracking with iOS 11.4.1, for Find My iPhone and also improved the reliability of mail, contacts and notes sync with Microsoft Exchange. Before the update, users complained of their phone’s battery draining due to syncing of data in the background.

Apple’s trend of ceasing old iOS signing: 

Apple normally ceases code signing a month after the official new iOS release to prevent users form downloading old and buggy versions of the old iOS following a new release.

This strategy helps keep users safe and ensures that all Apple devices are running on the most up to date version of iOS that there is. This eases potential compatibility issues that devices may have with the new software and its features. At present all Apple users will have to download and run iOS 11.4.1.

Apple’s new iOS 12 release: 

Apple is currently working on its new generation iOS release which it hopes to launch along with its new iPhone models coming out later this year. Earlier in the week Apple launched the fourth developer beta version of iOS 12 for developers to test and try out.

This new version is all set to bring in new features and performance enhancements than previous iOS versions. Among those new features will be newer first party apps, a new measure tool that measures 3D objects in space with AR technology, group Facetime, Memoji, Siri shortcuts and much more.

iOS 12 is slated to release this fall along with Apple’s new iPhones that are supposed to release this fall too. iOS 11.4.1 may be the last of the iOS 11 series to be released.