Friday, October 7, 2016

Apple Rumoured to Launch Three iPad Pro Models

 iPad Pro

Apple’s Three Models of iPad Pro

According to Mac Otakara, Apple intends to launch three models of iPad Pro in the spring of 2017 which comprises of a new 7.9-inch model, updates to the 9.7-inch and 10.1-inch models. The Japan based blog quoting `reliable sources’ states that the latest 7.9 inch Pro model would be featuring four speakers and a Smart Connector identical to the existing line of iPad Pros that had been updated earlier in March this year.

The small iPad Pro would be carrying Apple Pencil support like the rest of the line-up and is expected to replace the iPad Mini 4 provided presently. The three models would be retaining the headphone jack which had been detached from the iPhone line-up in place of wireless Apple EarPods in September when the iPhone 7 had been released. No specific launch timeline and pricing for the new Apple tablets had been provided in the report.

 It had also been reported by Otakara that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2 would be receiving a 12-megapixel camera together with True Tone flash. No more additional specifications were shared. Ming-Chi Kuo Apple analyst of KFI Securities had mentioned in August that the anticipated three new iPads which would be launched in 2017 would be a 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2, a new size 10.5-inch iPad Pro and a low cost 9.7-inch iPad. No mentioned regarding a 7.9-inch model had been done by him.

Latest 10.5-Inch Model – Education & Commercial Markets

As per Kuo, the latest 10.5-inch model would be for education and commercial markets. The price of the same had not been disclosed. Kuo believes that the iPad sales would continue to drop by 10 to 20% each year since Apple has seen the decline in sales in its iPad line-up.

He also mentioned that Apple would bring about huge alterations to the iPad line-up in 2018 with the inclusion of a flexible AMOLED panel with a view on enlarged screen resolution together with essential variations to form factor. As in the case of all rumours, readers are encouraged to take the latest iPad report with a grain of salt. Mac Otakara does not seem to have a flawless track record with the rumours regarding Apple, though its sources have confirmed precisely on several occasions in the past.

New Models Shipped with Lightning-to 3.5mm Audio Adapter

The blog had been the first to report regarding the controversial plans of Apple on the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and adding of new Black and Jet Black colours on iPhone 7 models. The new 7.9-inch model would be occupying a lower pricing tier than the 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pro models. However, in spite of its budget price tag, the iPad Pro would be receiving if not all, but most of the features of 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

The website has correctly leaked the naming scheme, pressure-sensitive Home button together with the bigger earpiece model of the iPhone 7.It is also said that the new models would be shipped with a Lightning-to-3.5mm audio adapter, though the 3.5mm EarPods seemed wrong and had suppressed rumours regarding the inclusion of a Smart Connector.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

iPhone SE: Is the cheapest iPhone the best one?

We all dream about using an iPhone but with high prices those dreams crush right in front of our eyes. What if there was a way in which you can have an iPhone that you can easily afford? Feeling excited yet? Presenting the new iPhone SE which provides the looks of an iPhone 5S but contains features and technology that has been used in the newer iPhone 6S models. Moreover the trust of the Apple Brand makes iPhone SE irresistible and a must buy if you are looking for a budget phone.

As the phones these days are getting bigger and bigger, iPhone SE begs to differ from the common trend and presents you a phone that can easily fit in your hand. iPhone SE’s small size packs a powerful punch in terms of its compact features and a stylish and classy design. Not much has changed from the previous version of iPhone 5S, or as you thought! iPhone SE is on a totally different level from the older 5S model both in terms of performance and display.

iPhone SE comes preloaded with excellent features

  • iPhone SE has a 4 inch retina display supported by a front 1.2 megapixel camera exclusively for taking sefies and a powerful rear 12 megapixels camera that captures photos with ultimate clarity and 4K videos. The live photo feature literally brings images to life! 
  • iPhone SE stands out by having the most powerful processor in a small sized phone. Apple’s A9 processor which is a standard issue in the iPhone 6S version provides you a 64 bit desktop like architecture and a high class graphics performance. You can now play any of your favorite games without worrying about phone lag. 
  • Powered by the iOS 10 operating system that is known for its user friendly interface, amazing features and a tight end security. 
  • Contains a collection of essential apps including the patented Face time and iTunes music. 
  • iPhone SE comes in 2 different color variants that is Rose Gold and Gold along with two combinations for the top and bottom of your phone in the form of Space grey and Silver. 
  • At the heart of this phone rests a 2GB Ram and a 16 GB memory slot. Apple iPhone 5S also provides you with iCloud support hence you get basically unlimited memory space.
iPhone SE gives you the nice nostalgic feeling of using old iPhone models but this time it packs a punch in terms of advanced features and components.

The perfect iPhone to suit your budget

The newer iPhones cannot by afforded by everybody and that’s a fact. Keeping this in mind the people from Apple gives you a taste of the iPhone 6S features in the price range of an iPhone 5S! Without a doubt you can say that the cheapest iPhone is the best iPhone till date! With all these excellent features it is the hottest phone in the market as has always been the case with iPhones.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New iPhone 8 Rumors Reveal Apple's Shiny Surprise

iPhone Rumors

Apple has launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus just a month ago which was bashed by the critics for similar design theme as seen in iPhone 6.But it has not dampened the spirit of Apple loyalists who are eagerly awaiting the launch of this device in respective regions. Rumor mills have started working overtime to come up with new thoughts regarding upcoming design theme in iPhone 8. Cook has himself asserted that next generation of iPhone will feature a redefined look which has never been seen before. Here are some suggestions from a renowned industry analyst who offers some insightful details about the possible which will be seen in iPhone 8.

Apple set to enhance the design language in iPhone 8

A renowned industry analyst at KGI Securities named Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that Apple is working towards bringing drastic changes in terms of design in next version iPhone. Apple is expected to make switch to the curved glass panels which will made available at both the front and back of the device. It is been assumed that this change will be seen in iPhone 8 models in two years of time.

Even users has adopted the design language of jet black iPhone7 will great delight which shows that consumers love glossy and shiny finishes in the smartphone. Apart from making use of glass panels Apple will also be bringing the curved OLED display to iPhone 8 by calling it 2.5 glass. This will help in offering a smooth and completely unblemished exterior to the iPhone users.

iPhone 7 marred with criticism

Apple has made some controversial changes in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which didn’t go well both with the geeks and critics. This included the removal of headphone jack and change in the home button in latest design change. But most of the users failed to recognize the long term plan of the Apple of improving the overall design and look of the device.

Through simple removal of the headphone jack Apple will be able to bring a design language on iPhone 8 which will feature lesser number of external ports. Through utilization of virtual home button Apple will be simply shifting the ‘on-screen’ home button to the users with a bigger screen size. It also opens up the possibility of bringing an edge to edge screen with lesser bezel and higher compact size in future iterations.

Another thing worth noting is that Apple’s patents are going in the direction of bringing compact and precisely defined device sin future. iPhone 7 is simply paving the way for the transition of the iPhone users to the sleeker and highly compact yet magnificently powerful device in form of iPhone 8 in 24 months time. Apple isn’t much worried about sales as it will remain consistent in upcoming years but the launch of iPhone 8 will again help Apple in wining over the critics and fans alike.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Apple iOS 10 Review: The biggest iOS Update, Ever

iOS 10

Apple’s iOS 10 – Main Alterations

An important renovation to iOS operating system had been rolled out by Apple around three years back which was designed by John Ive, Apple’s design chief and the iOS 7 had brought in a completely new experience for the users of iOS. This was in the form of flattened app icons, modern look as well as touch, to new experience which had been seen in Google pursuing in its latest updates on Android.

Apple had gone ahead with the new design in spite of iOS 7 being criticised for being ridiculously colourful as well as slow. The latest couple of updates, iOS 8 and iOS 9, were built on iOS 7 with minor tweaks, enhancements together with new features though at the same time kept the general look as well as the touch somewhat the same.

Apple had rolled out the iOS 10 update for its well-matched iOS devices and like the iOS 7, the iOS 10 of Apple tends to bring in main alterations in the iOS or according to the Tim Cooks’ words that it is `the mother of all releases’.The iOS 10 had been announced and revealed at WWDC 2016 in June, had been released to app developers as a beta testing form.

Ecosystem to Third Party Developers

Shortly thereafter it had been released to non-developer beta testers as portion of the public beta. From then onwards, Apple had made attempt to progressively release efficient beta forms of iOS 10.Apple has taken a massive step ahead with its iOS 10 by opening its ecosystem to third party developers. Moreover, WhatsApp and Truecaller have also joined it with more likely to join in, in the near future.

The iOS 10 for Apple could be the biggest update so far. The iOS 10 seems to be more of a developed approach from Apple, right from opening the OS to third party developers to small thing such as interactive notifications care together with much more customizable widgets that could probably realize the importance of opening up its ecosystem.

 Apple has mentioned that it has redesigned the experience of the lock screen. To unlock the smartphone one needs to `Press home to unlock’ which means that you depend on the fingerprint scanner or passcode. You can modify it by going to Settings> Accessibility> Home button and toggle on the Rest finger to Open feature.

Apple – Focused on New Redesign/Tweaks

This will permit you in unlocking the phone by clicking the side lock/unlock button as well as resting finger on the home button instead of pressing it. However, this would only function on devices having Touch ID. Apple has focused on new redesigned or tweaked areas on the features of iOS 10.

The biggest change to Siri appears to be that Apple has opened it to third party developers which mean that one would be capable of activating non-Apple apps and operate through voice control. QuickType is a convenient and genuine time saver presently though simple. It will tend to be more proactive in bringing in data from the other apps, providing it as part of one’s reactions.

Maps in iOS 10 have a new design and like some of the other apps which have been refurbishedfor the update; it tends to look simpler and cleaner. According to Apple the controls seems to be easier for accessing.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Apple Files New Patent - for a Paper Bag


Apple’s New Patent – White Solid Bleached Sulfate Paper Bag

Apple tends to file for new patent application on various things and when it does so, people seem to take an account of it. The latest patent application is for a drumroll, a paper bag. It is not any old bag but `a bag container which is formed of white solid bleached sulfate paper having at least 60% of post-consumer content.

According to the report of Gizmodo, the US Patent and Trademark Office – USPTO had recently published an Apple patent application for a paper bag. The bag could hold stuff and one which has already been utilised in the stores of Apple for many months. Considering the bag from the millions of the other paper bags in the world, are its environmental credentials with recycling material of 60%. Recycling paper bags are not an invention and in this case it is how Apple intends to hold the bag together with high proportion of recycled material.

The white paper bags which is made of recycled material is said to be quite flimsy owing to the amount of bleach utilised. Hence Apple has come up with a pack of modifications which could be helpful in keeping its bags pearly white as well as environmentally friendly.

These changes comprise of elegant reinforcements towards the bottom which tend to stick to the side together with a handle `formed completely of paper fibre yarn which is knitted in an 8-stitch circular knit pattern.

Designed to be `High-End Retail Bag’

Accordingto an application of Apple, the bag could be formed completely of paper with the possible exception of adhesives in order to fix portions of the bag together. It further states that `its reinforcement inserts could augment the strength and resistance in tearing the bag container material in making it structurally appropriate for use as a bag, thus amassing the quantity of post-consumer content to be used in an SBS bag.

This could be helpful in plummeting any ecological impact from production, use and disposal of the bag. Similar to the other technology companies, Apple patents a swing of technologies which may or may not make progress to store shelves. The said bag which it intends to pitch to the USPTO could be just another in a long line of inventions which the company is patenting with expectations of preventing other retailers from imitating its look and feel.

 Moreover, it is also said to be a bag which is in line with its specified goal to be more environmentally accountable. In its detailed description, Apple had stated that it is a bag which is designed to be a `high-end retail bag’.

Reinforcement Inserts

The mention of `post-consumer content’ here means that 60% of the paper material of the bag has been recycled. Eventually that amount could be beneficial to restrict its environmental effect on all phases inclusive of production, use and disposal.

As Apple notes that environmental friendly, could at times tend to have negative consequences on a retailer. Apple states in general that any bag having over 40% or 50% recycled material could be `prone to tearing’.To avoid those problems, the bag that Apple seems to have `reinforcement inserts’ tends to keep it strong while providing more recycled paper.

 The said bag seems to look absolutely like any other Apple store bag with the exception of the drawings which does not show the logo of Apple on either side. Apple has not mentioned in its patent filing what the future could hold for the bag.