Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Have an Edge Over the Competition

Whether you're an entrepreneur or an established business, you always need to be one step ahead of the game if you are going to have staying power. The competition is fierce in today's economy and many businesses fold on a daily basis. To keep yourself in the running, be savvy and consider possibilities that can give you an advantage so that your company stands out in a crowd.

Brand Yourself

You need to become a household name. To do so, you are going to need to choose a brand that makes a splash. You'll want a logo design with attractive graphics that will catch consumers' attention. Get with a graphics design team to help you establish your brand. If you have a brick and mortar establishment, turn to a quality signage company in order to create a sign that will represent your business in a positive way. You'll want to carry that logo over to your business cards, brochures, and website.

Go Viral

If you haven't set up a website, get it done. This is the age of technology and everyone is connected. All they need is a personal computer, a laptop, or a mobile device. You want to be accessible to anyone on the go and break out of your geographic area. This is not the ideal, do-it-yourself project. Hire a web design team that can take the essence of your company and capture it on a site that is attractive. You'll also want it to be easy to navigate so that you'll draw customers in and keep them.

Don't Forget Your Shopping Cart

Tap into online shopping cart software from to give consumers the opportunity to shop online. People love the convenience that comes with buying on the Internet. They can shop when they're on the bus, taking a lunch break, or sitting at home. With a simple click of a button, your product will be on the way to customers' doorsteps. Your online shopping cart is a great feature that can help you to increase your sales. Offer a rewards programs and promotions to attract more consumers. When you have special sales that are only offered online, your shopping cart software will go to work for you. Pull all of your efforts together, pay attention to current trends, and it is going to pay off.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung has been actively promoting its latest smartphone in the Galaxy series named A8. This model itself feels like a flagship premium device with its bit different design and refreshing looks. Samsung Galaxy A8 has been pitched as a mid level premium device which aims at offering high end features which is just little bit short of the Samsung’s own premium S series. Samsung Galaxy A8 offers top of the line features and specifications at fair price which might give a serious competition to the Chinese rivals not on the price front but on the brand front.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Features

Samsung had long been using the similar designer and look which makes it tough to distinguish one phone from the other. But this time Samsung has opted for refreshing design which makes it standout from the dozens of Samsung handsets. Samsung Galaxy A8 uses a thin bezel design with signature Samsung looks attributes coupled with premium metallic finishes and an impressive 73 percent body to screen ratio. It features the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop on the top of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI along with a hybrid card slot.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung has provided a relatively larger display to A8 model with 5.7 inch full HD Super Amoled Display. This smartphone is powered by Samsung Exynos 5430 processor coupled with a 2 GB RAM along with a robust internal storage of 32 GB. Users can easily bump up the storage on this phone up to 128 GB through the use of micros sd card. Camera is worth mentioning as it features one of the fastest and beautiful snapper with 16 MP auto focus rear camera with wider lenses, optical image stabilization and a flash. And for selfie Samsung had provided a real sharp and awesome 5 MP front shooter.

On the connectivity front, this phone offers options like Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi, Glonass, GPS and LTE support. Samsung had packed this device with a large battery of 3050 mAh which easily offers more than a day usage to the users.

Few minor issues in Samsung Galaxy A8
Samsung had brought some high end premium features in its A8 smartphone but it still has a few numbers of issues of its own. The finger print scanner is highly touted to be the one of the premium feature but it is extremely frustrating to set this feature up in the first place.

 It possess a hybrid sim card slot which simply translates either the user has to sacrifice on the advantage of dual sims or to rely on a micro sd card for extra storage. Certainly one cannot have both which means dual sim and extra storage at the same which is a letdown.

More color options for Samsung Galaxy A8
Glaxy A8 happens to be the slimmest smartphone ever made by the Samsung with a thickness of just 5.99 mm. Galaxy A8 will be made available in different options of eocnic Wite, Black and premium Gold colors.

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Multifunctional Power Bank

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hands on- iPad Pro with Apple Pencil


Apple Pencil for Pressure Sensitive Drawing/Painting

The new big screen iPad Pro of Apple has been expected for some time and bears some resemblances to the present products in the market. The iPad Pro introduced at the media event recently is a 12.9-inch screen with the potential of running two apps alongside each other without either of them getting cramped.

The iPad Pro weighs 1.54 pounds and is much bigger and can be held easily. Its screen is amazing and at 2732x2048 resolutions, it has 5.6 million pixels and the short side has several pixels as the longer side of an iPad mini. The Apple Pencil is not a stylus and is not focused at pointing and tapping things which one can reach, but is for pressure sensitive drawing and painting in app as Apple’s own Notes app or as complex and professional as the demonstrated Procreate or AutoCAD.

The Pencil feels great like a pencil and very natural wherein the sensors tend to detect the pressure and angle and effortlessly create lines of various thicknesses. The Notes app even has a ruler which enables perfectly straight drawing. Utilising the side of the Pencil’s tip one can also create realistic shading like using the side of a pencil lead.

Lightning Connector at End of the Pencil for Charging

A Lightning connector concealed at the end of the Pencil enables plugging right into the iPad Pro for charging. According to Apple rep, a quick charging provides enough juice for an hour or so of work in a few minutes while a full charge could last all day.

Besides this, Apple has also developed its own Smart Keyboard identical in appearance to the Touch Covers which Microsoft made for the Surface tablets and closes around the front of the iPad Pro. It tends to flip back to form a stand like the Smart Covers Apple had made for a while, though it has a built-in fabric surface keyboard having short key travel like the new MacBook.

Third-party keyboards would be capable of using the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector that power as well as pairs the keyboard. Logitech has already planned to introduce its own `Create’ keyboard in November.

No Buttons, Detects Pressure/Angle/Orientation

The Apple Pencil does not have buttons and besides detecting pressure, it also detects angle and orientation enabling it to perform more than just a simple stylus and follow more closely the behaviours of a pencil, brush or charcoal. That is the reason, why Apple chose the name `Pencil’ instead of a pen or stylus, both of which have induced an earlier generation of input sticks.

Adobe, for instance had demonstrated a watercolour brush effect for Apple Pencil which changes the paint-to-water mixture as one change the tilt of the Pencil enabling the artists in adjusting how much colour they have put down mix on making a stroke.

Another difference in Apple’s Pencil is that it tends to use a male Lightning connector in order to plug in the iPad Pro, once for initial automatic Bluetooth setup and subsequently to recharge. According to Apple it takes 15 seconds to charge the Pencil for 30 minutes usage and a full charge tends to last for 12 hours.It now remains to be seen if the Apple Pencil would be significant drivers of sales of iPad Pro or would remain a niche tool for certain classes of education, business and artist users.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

iPhone 7 'will be as Thin as an iPod Touch'

Apple is set to host its mega September 9 event where it will be releasing the latest iterant of iPhone dubbed as iPhone 6s. But rumor mills are working overtime to second guess the specifications and features of next generation iPhone7 devices. On such rumor which is worth considering comes from a analyst at KGI Securities named Ming Chi Kuo who believes that next generation iPhone device will be as thin as the current iPod Touch.

The latest iPhone 6 and 6Plus, which was released last year was quite think device and bigger devices features 6.9mm and 7.1 mm thickness respectively. This analyst is predicting a further decline in the iPhone devices in upcoming generation in the range of 6mm to 6.5mm, which means will have to stick with its cell panel display technology over the glass screens.

Apple has made a trend to release thinner devices

Apple has long been following its self-made trend which focuses on developing more thinner and studier devices than before especially in the Smartphone segment. Thinner iPhones had earlier raised the concerns over the durability of handset but Apple has been able to bring the enhanced durability to its sleeker phones with reliance on studier materials.

It should be noted that a recent testing conducted on the iPhone 6s anodized aluminum shell had found that the device possessed the ability twice much amount of pressure the iPhone 6. The latest version of iPhone to be more precise the iPhone 6s was able to withstand 80 pounds pressure quite easily, which is good sign for the iPhone lovers.

Engadget Japan reports a thicker iPhone 6S

Engadget Japan had earlier suggested that iPhone 6s will be 0.2 mm thicker than the earlier iPhone device due to use of a new alloy. Analysts had made a lot of predictions about iPhone 6s which includes it might come with a relatively new rose gold design. Rumor mills even proclaims that iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will feature a relatively new 12 mp camera shooter with the capability of 4k video recording. Even the front facing camera will have the top notch imaging quality and video reproduction ability with 1080p videos at 60fps along with a flash support.

Force touch technology on new phones will be norm

Apple will be upgrading its new generation of iPhones with much acclaimed Force Touch technology, which will enhance the user experience. Force Touch technology can easily detect between the different kinds of presses on the screen and can offer different actions on basis of it with ease and grace. Reports suggest that this technology will help the users in enabling the menu shortcuts by performing different kind of simple presses right on the screen.

An enhanced Apple TV is also coming
Apple TV will be making a new move with featuring a one-of-a kind touch pad remote along with extra inbuilt storage and presence of Siri in it. Siri will help users in browsing content and selecting from different programs and it will also suggest the content to watch from.