Monday, March 30, 2015

Dedicated Apps for Creating GIF in Mac

GifGrabber – An Application for Mac – GIF Animation 

We normally see gestures and blows, in videos which deserve a GIF. GifGrabber is an application for Mac which enables the user to convert a video section into a GIF animation and is another type of app without the cloud sharing service CloudApp’s GIF feature on which it is built in order to make it simple to create GIFs on whatever is found on a Mac’s screen.

It is free software which enables the user to capture animated gifs from a video source on the screen and is very easy to use where anything on the screen could be turned into an animated gifs. GifGrabber seems useful in developing an animated image of cartoon clip which may be needed to turn into a funny GIF that can be sent to friends or for demonstrations for guidance on how to do troubleshoot on OS X problem besides the several reasons one would want to create a GIF.

Utilising the app is quite simple for those who are not well versed in computers and after the installation of the same from the Mac App Store, launch the app where a green box is displayed on the screen. The size of the box can be adjusted to capture a section only or the entire screen.

Program/Interface Simple & Easy 

On clicking the `Start Capture’ button, start the recording whenever needed. Prior to that, one should click on the red record button then on the app’s icon in the menu section where one will find the setting to adjust capture quality and toggle if you want your mouse pointer captured or not.

Once the recording is started, the green box tends to disappear and whatever takes place within the defined area is then captured.GifGrabber tends to capture 30 second clips of the content and some behind the scenes work to change the same into an animated image and once done, a box pops down your menu bar providing an option to select the GIF for viewing , editing as well as eventually, sharing.

The newly captured GIF can be saved, or edited within the app. The program is simple and efficient and the interface is very easy to use enabling users to learn on how to move around quickly making the most of its function in the shortest span of time.

Simple Shrinking/Trimming

Users need to make a note that the video format does not really matter since one can convert to GIF format fragments from anything one could possibly tend to imagine. Animated GIFs enables to get your point across without using a video, visually and one can make animated GIFs from an existing video though if one needs to capture the screen GifGrabber can do the needful.

It is like a previously featured Giffing Tool though for Mac and once the program is started, a box is drawn on the screen and the recording can be done on pressing the record button. The user has the option to start and stop the capture with hotkey to avoid getting the mouse in the way. The program does some simple shrinking and trimming of the file to have a GIF which can be shared as per their choice.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

iFusion – Integrated Communication Docking Station

The iFusionis an integrated communication docking station for the Apple iPhone with capabilities of several top selling iPhone accessories in a single device. The iFusion uses built-in Bluetooth technology, a patented ergonomic design, a full duplex speaker phone to deliver superior voice quality which meets the needs of the present home as well as business consumer.

The patented iFusion is especially designed to fit the requirements of small office/home office users by assimilating useful features of a traditional telephone with the iPhone. The framework design of the iFusion supports iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, providing capabilities of securely docking the phone while supplying power, data synchronization through an integrated USB cable and battery charging. With the A2DP Bluetooth streaming support, users can enjoy their favourite iPhone music from the internal speakerphone. It also has the following advantage:

  • It is appropriate for call when one needs to talk hands free with high quality speakerphone which has been designed for the iPhone.
  • It is ideal for use in a home office
  • Enjoy streaming music from iPhone
  • Capable of starting a video conference with apps like FaceTime or Skype
  • Integrated dock charges the phone faster than USB
The Key Features comprise of-

  • Integrated Bluetooth technology delivers rich audio quality
  • Comfortable, ergonomically designed telephone handset
  • Powerful full duplex speakerphone meant for hands free conversations
  • USB port enabling data synchronization with a PC or Mac
  • Embedded iPhone dock providing power as well as battery charging
  • Audio line out for connecting external stereo speakers.
Reduces the Need of Expensive Proprietary Desk-Phone

The iFusion when used with iPhone business PBX application tends to save money by reducing the need of an expensive proprietary desk-phone. Being a revolutionary communication docking station, it turns the iPhone into a business class speakerphone wherein the combination of the iFusion with an iPhone and a mobile Unified Communications application enables enterprise mobility.

It works effortlessly with several popular Bluetooth enabled mobile UC apps for iPhone which include – Cisco Mobile 8 x for iPhone, Avaya one X® for iPhone, CounterPath Bria iPhone edition and Microsoft Lync 2013 for iPhone. It supports a unique Bluetooth pairing mode which permits audio to be sent through the iPhone to the iFusion when it is docked and releases the audio back to the iPhone whenever it is undocked. This capability of seamlessly sending and retrieving calls between the iFusion and the iPhone supports true unified mobile convergence.

Soft Phone App Running on iPhone

To consolidate the desk phone and iPhone in a single device for communications needs, use the ergonomic handset or hands free with the full duplex speakerphone, keep the iPhone adequately charged and plug and play in less the five minutes. It is essential to note that the iFusion is not a phone but strictly a docking station device and the phone used with the iFusion is the soft phone app running on the iPhone.

An accompanying VoIP softphone application known as Altigen MaxMobile is offered by Altigen which can be downloaded for free on the App Store though it may require AltiGen’s MaxCS server v6.5 update 1 installed as local gateway of IP PBX. The iFusion would be made available in April and will be offered in black and white at $169 and the company will be accepting pre-orders at its site with a $20 discount.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

All About Power Bank Devices

In our digital world of today, individuals are too dependent on their devices which are in constant use by them and there could be instances when the device could be low or even empty on battery. Those who are too dependent on their device could face the problem of being disconnected when they may encounter an insufficient battery life at any point of time. This could be a major issue since connection is the main criteria among individual with several apps improving the system of communication.

A momentary failure of connection creates much problem in the present scenario and to resolve this issue a portable power bank for the device is essential to ease out situations like these, with longer hours of using the device such as mobile or tablet, for texting, phone calls, clicking photos, playing music through the phone’s media player, web browsing and much more.Power Bank Devices with various options are availablethat are economical and advantageous to the user intending to purchase it for their devices which are displayed in online portals with the much needed details for the benefit of the consumer. Power bank options under 1000 are offered for Rs 300 off on Rs 500 and Rs 500 off on Rs 1000 andare available for only a limited period of time.

Works with Various Brands of Smartphone

Power bank are useful especially while on the go which solves the problem of low battery life especially when away from home and can be used in times of an emergency. With the aid of portable powerbank, one can have the batteries charged till they can use the phone once again. Besides this it tends to work well with various brands of smartphones together with MP3 and MP4 players, iPads and digital cameras. One could opt from the different capacity levels for travel chargers like A-5 2600mAH, Samsung 2699mAH, Canvas 2600mAH, Universal Power Bank 2600mAH and much more and the need to purchase battery pack which could be expensive or bulky for regular use, need not arise. These portable battery packs are appropriate to provide the much needed energy when one runs out of power.

 It is compact and light which is easy to carry and helps to remain connected anytime and anywhere.These kind of products are available in online stores for a nominal price. The process of taking the opportunity of these kind of product is a simple and quick one wherein the user could visit the those portals which offer these product, login or register and add the required product to their cart, applying the relevant coupon code if any. The need to update details should be done such as shipping details together with other desired information and then proceed to the buy option and opt for the desired mode of payment. With all the benefits, features together with the attractive offers, users could not ask for more on these essential products that could bring about a change on purchase of these high quality products which could suit their requirements at any point of time when it comes to recharging your device when faced with the situation of low or empty battery life.

Airlines Embrace Apple Watch with Upcoming Apps

Apple Watch with Upcoming Apps

Apple had highlighted several apps which would be available on the Apple Watch including the app from American Airlines at its Apple Watch event recently, which would enable users to receive flight information, check in for their flight and much more. American Airlines, an Apple partner at the Watch’s launch is the focus of attention for building a Watch app which will be helpful at the airport, according to Sullivan. He states that there are other Watch apps from other airlines too. Several others have also announced the upcoming apps for the Apple Watch with a hint at some for the ways in which the Apple Watch would be used in making life easy.

 For instance, British Airways announced a British Airways app for the Apple Watch that would be available by April 24. With the help of a glance option, that can be accessed on swiping right on the watch face, the British Airways app would be displaying a summary of the customer’s next flight with details like flight number, the flight status, the countdown to departure time as well as the weather at the destination. These details would be made available at a single glance reducing the need to check the emails and open app to access the flight details.

Supports Wrist Check-Ins for Flights

Moreover, the app also supports on wrist check-ins for flights as well as convey notifications to direct users to their appropriate entries and at specific airport terminals, like Heathrow’s Terminal5, users would also be receiving welcome messages which are powered by iBeacon. VentureBeat had asked several airlines on their plans for Apple Watch apps, earlier this week which provided information on two upcoming apps from United and Delta.

The Delta app which is in the development stage will be delivering notification on flights to the user well in advance of their flights which would give them access to the boarding pass stored on their iPhones. Besides this, it would also offer flight numbers, flight time, gate number as well as other information and if the flight tends to get changed, user would also receive notification on their Apple Watch. They would also be receiving notification whenever a flight approaches a destination city together with information with regards to luggage pickup. Though United Airlines has not shared app screenshots of its upcoming Apple Watch app, it has divulged some details regarding the same.

At-A-Glance Information 

The app would be offering at-a-glance information on its upcoming flights, which comprises of gate number with status, as well as enable users to view their flight reservations within the United Airline Apple Watch app. It will also be capable of alerting users if the flight time or gate numbers tend to change and also pull a traveller’s boarding pass from the Passbook app. VentureBeat has been informed by Southwest and Virgin America that presently, they have not been working on Apple Watch app, though the two airlines together with the others are likely in creating apps as competition developing apps for the device. It is said that the Apple Watch would be made available on April 24 when pre order starts by April 19. Developers have been working hard on the finishing touches of the apps prior to its launch with several even undertaking flights to Cupertino for guidance from Apple for third party apps availability to consumers from the launch day.

Monday, March 23, 2015

How the iPad is Changing the Way We Learn

iPad – Learning more Personalized 

With the iPad, classroom contents could go way beyond the classroom with the provision of over 80,000 app appropriate for education, virtual tours, and videos from experts and institution from across the world, interactive books on any given topic and speeches and much more. In this digital world the progress in updated technology is on the rise and every function faced with problems comes up with innovative ideas which are increasing by leaps and bound.

Learning has been enhanced with iPad making learning more personalized wherein with a few taps, one can customize with materials which could fit with their level and as well as learning style. With various options now made available one could choose from the available app to suit the need of the individual for instance for those keen on learning by listening, they could download a podcast from iTunes U on Newton’s laws of motion or for those who tend to learn through concrete interaction, could choose an app which will enable the student with an appropriate choice. One will find various contents on different subjects as well as grades making it easy for students at different levels of learning. With the use of iPad one could make teaching all students the same lesion in various ways.

iPad – Device with Free Apps

Learning tends to become interesting now with the iPad since it gives student the opportunity to create and every iOS device has immense features which activate the mind of young individuals who are keen in exploring and learning the various features that are equipped in the devices. Every iOS device has iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, Numbers and Keynote, GarageBand which can change a given assignment into something big and special. This enables them to `speculate and explore’ which makes their assignment all the more interesting and appealing.

The device which they love to use have amazing free apps which helps them to write, analyse data as well as present their work in a very attractive manner. In Pages, they could make term papers something appealing with photos, videos as well as graphic which could enhance the presentation. In the case of data-rich projects, Numbers could prove to be beneficial in expressing ideas in tables, charts and graphs which could be more than a spread-sheet while in Keynote; they could create presentations with striking alterations and effects.

Compatible with Microsoft Office 

Most of these apps have been designed for iOS devices and Mac and are compatible with Microsoft Office to enable the students on a Mac or PC to share documents. With iCloud, students can also access their work from any device they could be using such as the Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.Further options in enhancing the creativity are through creative apps such as iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand which helps in transforming a typical term paper or research project wherein students could use their creativity in shooting and editing their own HD video with iMovie, create visual journal with iPhoto or even record, edit as well as mix music for any project with GarageBand. The iPad technology has given way to extraordinary implication for education with its design, functionality together with its capabilities thus enhancing the possibility of a technology based classroom.