Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite is free !

DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite
Christmas is not over yet. DxO editor, specializing in photography software offers until tomorrow December 31 DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite.

Just enter their email address on this page to receive a free activation key and download the application on Mac or Windows. DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite is a good competitor to Aperture and Lightroom used to process RAW files. It is not the latest version (dating to 2009) as DxO Optics Pro is now in its ninth version, but the software has not aged too badly and it works on Mavericks.

The complete list of cameras supported profiles is available there. Note that the license offered does not move to a higher version at a special price. DxO Optics Pro 9 is sold € 99 in the Standard Edition and 199 € in elite edition (promotional rates until tomorrow) .

Another promotional campaign ending soon (January 1) on the Millumin; an application for the video mapping for the Performing Arts. It is sold with a discount of 20% which puts the price at € 479 instead € 599. Several videos show the tool running, alone or through its plug-in After Effects.

Monday, December 30, 2013

4 Pieces of Technology Your Business Needs

If you are an entrepreneur who has just opened up a new company, you might have already determined that it isn’t easy to run a business without technology. We all know that technology serves a variety of benefits for businesses, from providing research tools to simply printing out our critical work documents. When we think of technology at work, we typically think about the usual, common items such as computers with internet service, keyboards, and projectors. However, what if there were other technological advancements which could provide you with a plethora of advantages? For instance, did you ever consider how beneficial an envelope printer could be? Here is a list of incredible forms of technology which can be useful for either the office or outside of work, which you might have not previously considered.
1. A Tablet
A tablet works almost like a mini computer, with all of the touchscreen features of a smartphone. With a tablet, you can access important apps, such as Dropbox, Kingsoft Office, TouchDown, and much more. These devices are light enough to carry with you to your meetings or even out to lunch. A tablet allows you to access your email as well, helping you to stay updated with important work information. This is a great way to stay in touch with your work outside of the office, since it can be transported nearly anywhere.
2. Envelope Printers
If you are searching for a way to mass-produce your mail, why not consider an envelope printer? Envelope printing is the ultimate way to meet the demands of high volume mailers. Envelope printing increases the efficiency of all of your direct mail campaigns by allowing you to place unique and even personalized messages on your envelopes that will encourage customers to take action. This is an excellent marketing strategy which will simultaneously boost your company’s productivity.
3. Scanners
A scanner is a very important part of your business. In the event that you need to digitalize a certain document, a scanner can make the process significantly easier. Once an image is scanned on the computer, it can be copied and edited accordingly. Additionally, it will remain stored on your work computer instantly, allowing you to always have that particular document. Scanning frees you from having file cabinets full of paper and allows you to have digital access to the documents needed. This preserves space and provides a greener alternative to filing.
4. Ergonomic Keyboards
Although these aren’t necessarily considered as technological as a tablet, ergonomic keyboards serve extremely helpful purposes for your business. For starters, an ergonomic keyboard can ensure the comfort of your employees through the ergonomic properties of the keyboard tray. It is a good way to avoid carpal tunnel or RSI (repetitive strain injury). Sometimes technology can serve our physical needs as well.
Whether you have just started out or you have been in business for years, these four ideas are perfect in case you are looking to spoil yourself or your employees. These pieces of technology serve a bountiful amount of purposes and will be sure to assist your company in the long run.
John Bowie is a CEO working in Philadelphia, PA. In his spare time, he enjoys writing about technology and business.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

All new Apple Mac Pro

Mac Pro

Yup the long awaited time has come folks!!! The All new Apple Mac pro has hit the market with a big bang. Dec 19, quite a day for the Apple Company. Apple Company had made a revolution by creating a footprint. With just $3000 dollars to spare you could even own this baby yours.

Well what is it? 

Now there arouse a question in all your minds what is it? Seems so shiny and attractive. All could see is that it’s pretty. Some may even think what’s there in this cylinder and why should i buy the shiny, pretty cylinder for $3000?

Apple’s MacPro is a computer’s CPU can you believe it? Quite the shape it has isn’t it. It is the most powerful computer released till now, with extraordinary features and outstanding performances. Don’t be stunned till you hear out its features.

Mac Pro-1


Now let us go into the details. Now basically what does a CPU have? Probably a great processors, storage, Graphics and expansion etc. So what did the company do? Did they make new components to make the CPU? No. Your guess is wrong. They just thought of a way to make these components to arrange and work in a different fashion rather than an old boring way. Well what did they do you ask. Here let me show you.
Outstanding Features:

OS- Mac OS (Mavericks[10.9] 


First things first, the architecture is stunning with a sleek black (also available in metallic silver) cylinder and a hole at the top to drive out the heat from the inner parts. 9.9 inches tall and has a diameter of about 6.6 inches. Withe help of Thunderbolt 2 ports the size is also considerably reduced and the connections for USB 3.0 are present at the back.

To connect the peripherals with your MacPro rotating it would be just fine rather than pulling it and getting hit at the table while making a connection.

  • Unified thermal core:
All our computers consist of several heat sinks to cool off different processors. Apple Company thought why all the components can’t be cooled with a single heat sink leading to the production of a single unified thermal core. In that case if 1 processor doesn’t work, the heat transfer is shared among all other process.

  • Single Breakthrough Fan:
We all have processors fans in the same size of the processors inside our PC’s and we all come across a problem of this fan not working in most of the cases. This consists of a single large fan with back curved impeller blades with few rpm/minute.

Possible I/O connections: 

The I/O connections that can be made through the computer is Thunderbolt 2, 2 Gigabit ethernet (allows you to connect with multiple users), USB 3, HDMI 1.4 (provides with the latest TV, projectors, displays[supports upto 4K displays])


Processor is New generation Intel Xeon E5(processing speed of 3.7 GHz) with a processing speed of max. 12 core (Quad core) process on a single die. Beyond our imagination right? And 30MBL3 cache memory, 256 bit wide floating point instructions might also add a feather on its cap.


RAM-12GB and SSD hard disk-256GB. 

With a 4 DDR3 memory controller and the type of memory used is ECC (Error Correcting Code- tests the accuracy of data when it while it runs in the memory system) memory and also SATA storage interface. The storage also consists of the next generation flash storage where it is 2.4 times faster than the last released SATA cable


Both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections are available. Wi-Fi specifications (802.11a,ac,b,g,n). Also Wi-Fi encryption is made by WEP, WPA, and WPA2. 2 Ethernet ports available (10/100/1000GB)


The current generation computers have graphic cards in MB size alone. Whereas here we’ve upto 2-6GB VRAM with 2408 stream processors. So imagine the quality of video by yourself and this is suitable for the heavy gaming champions out there.


The technology might be well equipped with a different perspective to enter into the market, but it takes some time to settle down. Coz we’re not sure about this technology anyway. We’ve always worked out our problems in the same usual and boring way and this venture of Apple firm is appreciable but it takes some time to adapt to the technology.

Moreover new technology needs new members to guide them. So whenever there’s a problem in it (after all it’s a machine right? How much can it handle?) we need highly educated technicians who thoroughly knows each nook and corner of it.


You know what the best part is too. Energy is saved pretty much. MacPro goes green. Just a corner at your table would be just fine. It’s the dream of every person to own such a computer.
Well then off you go. Place your orders as soon as possible. The firm has started to take orders.

The world's toughest Cases

Anybody who uses firearms in their job performance, or is a serious, responsible gun collector, knows the importance of gun safety. They also recognize the necessity for gun protection, maintaining the integrity of their firearms in a safe, dust-free gun case. There is no wiggle room when it comes to firearms safety; guns must be kept away from children and those who might misuse firearms. It is to that end that contemporary gun cases are crafted with specific features including locks and a durable outer construction with high-tech materials.

Naturally, the protection of human life is the primary concern, but firearm protection is crucial to keeping the gun in perfect working order. If the gun's integrity is compromised, the firearm is on its way to being totally useless, a sad loss to the collector or user. Without exception, sporting weapons as well as working weapons require a reliable, padded gun case, one that won't deteriorate, one that will keep the gun in prime condition.
Quality gun case manufacturers like Casesbypelican.com, for example, provide top-notch gun cases that are designed to protect guns for years. Pelican actually provides a "forever" guarantee. Such a powerful guarantee is exemplary and not necessarily the industry standard.

If you use or collect firearms, and do not already have a quality, lockable, rugged gun case, do not hesitate to get that taken care of immediately. Choose a high caliber gun case website and order now to avoid unfortunate accidents or regrettable incidents. Keep you family, friends, neighbors and guns safe.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top 5 cool tips to keep your iPhone 5 in best condition

iPhone 5
Everyone wants to buy iPhone 5 because of its beautiful features. The best gadgets and the rich look of the phone make everyone crazy about this phone. But buying the iPhone is simply not enough; we have to take care with proper maintenance. Without care you phone will definitely repair within a month after it has released. People now had a clear idea about the care and maintenance of the costly Smartphone. So they search all over the internet on iPhone tips and tricks. This information helps them to take care of their iPhone. Here are the simple tips to keep your iPhone in good condition.

Protect your iPhone

If you want your iPhone free from scratch, then you have to protect your both front and rear end of the phone with proper screen protectors. These screen protectors not only protect your device from scratch but also protect this from moisture, dirt and some sprays. This also protects your device from some droplets of water. This invisible shield is my top recommended accessory for any kind of tech. The good screen protectors protect your device from wards off finger prints, scratches and from stuffs.

Apart from the screen protectors your phone also needs a case. It may be on any substances like plastics, rubber or any material. This case protects your phone from getting damaged. When you hit your phone in any hard substance or if falls then these case absorb most of the impact and protect your phone from severe damage. It will be great if you have a case which is covered even the front side.

Trust only reliable source to download Apps and Media Files

There are so many sources are available in the internet to download Apps and Media Files. The entrusted source let your phone to be affected by the malware and it affects the phone’s software. If it happens means remove the infected file and reboot your phone.

Keep Your Phone Cool 

Sometimes your phone will be peculiarly hot due to so many reasons such as direct sunlight, exposure of heat. The main reason is we use our phone for hours and hours, this cause our phone to get hot. If this happens means allow your phone to cool before using it or even you can switch off the phone to cool.
Clean Your Phone Regularly

If you use your phone regularly then your phone is affected from moisture, dust and dirt. So always have a microfiber cloth in your hand to wipe your screen with it to protect and remove the moisture, oil and dirt. Some of the dirt is deposited in the side and back of your phone, so once in a week remove your case and wipe the sides and the back of your phone. You can also use straw to blow off the dust which you couldn’t reach with the cloth.

Conserve your iPhone’s Battery Life

This is more important thing is protecting your phone’s battery. Always make sure that your Phone charger is discharged enough before plugging it. Allow your phone to charge completely before pulling out the charger. Run the important applications only especially in the standby mode.

It is important for us to take care of our iPhone 5 by proper usage. We can enjoy as much as possible with our phone when we know how to use our iPhone 5 gadget. Follow these steps to keep your iPhone in best condition.