Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to charge your iPhone quickly?

Everyone wants Smartphone because of its elevated and smart performance. Whenever you thing of SmartPhone brand the thing comes to your mind is Apple. Apple launches its new iPhone5c and iPhone5s. These two SmartPhones are really awesome. If you are not heard about this means then check them out. When it comes to iPhone the major problem is the battery life. We do enormous thing with our smart phone like surfing internet, playing games, listening to music, watching videos and many more. All these things make your battery to drain within a minute. And so we are urging to increase the speed of charging for your iPhone. Here I will pour some tips to increase the charging speed.

Just switch off your iPhone

It is advised and suggested by little evidence that your iPhone rate of charging is more in off condition than in ON condition. This is because there is no power is required to run your phone in OFF condition hence the rating speed is increased in this condition. Then another method is while charging changes your handset mode to “Airplane mode”. This you can change by navigating to settings menu. This will increase your changing because it will prevent you phone from searching for any availability of Wifi signal and this will save your charge. Another advice given by many of us is not using your phone will charging. This will consume more power than normal time.

Prefer using a wall charger-Always

Always charge you’re through power outlet rather than via USB port. Because charging by wall charger will be faster than USB port. Here I like to share the Apple official advice “for the quickest charge connects the device to the power outlet by using the USB cable that came with the device and an Apple USB adapter”. These instructions are given by the Apple Company itself.

Maintain the coolness of your device 

Don’t let your phone to direct contact with sun or hot car. Because the scientific that battery’s ability to hold charge is directly and significantly proportional to the extreme temperature levels. So always check your battery temperature before charging. This helps you to speed your charging time. You should keep your iPhone as near to room temperature i.e., 22 degree centigrade as possible. The substances like covers and cases with heat can cause a severe damage to your phone.

What if only USB chargers?
I mentioned earlier that always use wall charger. There will be possibilities that when you have only option to charge by USB cable. In that case you can increase the rate of charging speed by the following methods. If you want to charge your mobile through USB cable means then remove all other USB devices which are connected with your computer. Change your computer mode to “HIBERNATE” or “STAND BY” mode. This will increase rate of charging of your mobile.

Do you maintain your battery? 

If you answer all my previous question YES means then the next question is do you regularly maintain your battery? Apple advices it customers that “For a proper maintenance of Lithium based battery keep the electrons in it moving occasionally”. Charge your battery to 100% and then completely running it down. This makes your iPhone work in a healthy way.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Top iPhone App for web Developer

Smartphone are the leading tool which helps you to improve your performance in day to day life. By using the right apps, you can diagnose your problems and improve your skills and you can easily make your content to fly high. Smartphone helps you to perform your task more effectively and perfectly. In this post, you can find the best apps for blogging.

Dropbox is a best and must have app for the web developer which is used to store and back up your data on the cloud server. Dropbox is a leading service which is used to store your data over the cloud storage wherever you want. You can simply drag over your files over the Dropbox folder and you can share it to anyone you want. You can store up to 2.25 GB for free. Dropbox mobile app allows you manage your various activities over the Dropbox account and you can easily back up your data through this application. This is more advantages in the case where your mobile has low memory capacity and you can upload anything you want in your Dropbox account whenever you want. This app let you to share and maintain various files from any location in the world.

Adobe Photoshop Express:
Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the best mobile editing apps which let you to perform various editing works by using your mobile itself. You can perform awesome editing work from your mobile itself which can be done by the Smartphone hardware design. This app replaces your home editing from your mobile itself. This app brings you an effective way to edit your pictures and you can perform various basic operations by using this tool. Adobe Photoshop Express helps you to adjust saturation level, brightness and you can also apply some filters for your work. This app works more effective on the devices with larger screen and you can easily edit your photos; you can perform various operations on your photos and it is more effective than the other photo editing applications.

Ego is an app which let you to monitor various information regarding websites. The process of website development is not only based on the great content. It is also relies on the analytic tool which you use for that website. Ego is a mobile app which let you to connect with various analytic tool at a single menu; it includes tumblr, vimeo, FeedBurner and also you can connect with your analytic tool using this tool. You can monitor the various activities on the about analytic tool which let you to monitor the various performance of your website. Various stats report is generated using this app and it let you to increase your work efficiency. With a single click, you can get the various analytic reports and makes you to analysis the value of your website. Ego helps you to determine your updates and you can easily improve your traffic by analyzing the different statistical report generated by this mobile app.

The various mobile apps are used for improving the performance of a website but using the effective mobile app, you can get various level of information about your site.

Best Wireless Router for Mac Users

There are tones of wireless routers are coming from the electronic department of various manufacturing companies around the world. Most of the routers are suitable for only Windows and Linux operating systems rather than supporting Mac Os. Only few of the routers are coming with Mac operating system compatibility and they are unique in performance. Choosing the best compactable router is a tougher task; if you were an expert then you can easily able to select by your own. In this post, you can get various information about routers released by apple in the market.

Apple Airport Extreme 

Apple Airport Express is a top pick product by most of the magazines; the various feature if this product made this to become the top product for this year. This is not exactly a cheap device on the market and the various functionality of this product gives you an immense happiness when you were using this product in your Mac. The Apple Airport Extreme allows the user to work over 802.11n and 802.11 a/b/g connections. This router enables you to access your internet connection at almost top speed whenever you want to access the internet connection. This router can connect up to 50 Guest connections and also able to share your hard drive data over the network. The speed of the hard drive sharing is comparatively high when compared to the other devices in the market. If you need an extreme connection, then you can surely go for Apple Airport Extreme.

Apple Airport Express 

Apple Airport Express makes you to sticky way to apple’s theme. This router is comparatively cheaper while compared with Apple Airport Extreme. Devices are extremely simpler one and you can connect with up to 10 devices and there is no Ethernet port in this router. Even though, you can connect up to 10 devices using this router. An interesting character with this router is the Airplay Function. By Using Airplay function, you can stream your ITunes library to speaker system in your living room / home. You can easily play your favorite music over the air by using this router.

Apple Time Capsule MC343LL 

Apple Time Capsule is a branded piece of apple and it is not only a router. It offers you lot of features rather than simply routing in the network. This router is slightly a price one and it is similar to Apple Airport Extreme and it has inbuilt memory storage component to store the data which are downloaded by using the router. It comes with 1TB inbuilt hard drive and it can be expanded up to 2 Tera Byte of Memory. It has Ethernet port similar to Airport Extreme and the additional features made this to become a best router in the market. In this router, your files are automatically backed up, suppose if your files are corrupted by the nasty viruses, your files will be automatically saved without performing any manual tasks. This one will suits for those people who looks for an all-in-one stuff.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Things to be done before defragmenting Mac

Generally all devices will go down or becoming slower when they are used for a long time. This case is similar for Mac also; often usage of you Mac will lead to decrease in the performance of the process. If you were noticing the above thing in your Mac, then you should take necessary actions to improve the health condition of your Mac. The primary step involves is the defragmentation of your Hard Drive; this allows you to speed up the performance of the Mac. Defragmentation process involves organizing your files on your hard drive in linear memory locations. The files are stored in a scattered way in your hard drive when you were using it for a certain period of time. It causes the processor to take extra effort while performing the tasks and it decreases the performance of the processor. The process of defragmentation allows you to arrange those scattered data in a linear and continuous allocation in your hard drive.  When the data segments are arranged in a continuous way, then the processor can access the data very quicker than the scattered.

The various precautions before defragmenting your Mac are given below:

1 Backup your data: Before performing the defragmentation, the primary step is to backup your data on the external backup devices. Back up all of your files by using Time machine application in your Mac before performing defragmentation. It will reduce the chance of losing your data while defragmenting your Mac.

2. Perform the process during night time: Since the full process will go for more than 8 hours, defragmentation process will eat your time when you’re performing it during day time. So it is always preferred to perform it during night time.

3.  Your hard drive should have at least 20 percentage of the free space so that files will be moved from various locations and allocated in continuous manner. Once the process of defragmentation gets completed, the processor will work very smoothly.

How to Defrag in Mac: Mac support third party defragmentation tool to perform defragmentation. Stellar Drive Defrag is a recommended tool to perform defragmentation in Mac. This tool is recommended by the Mac Experts and you can use this tool to reduce the amount of temporary files found in your Mac. This tool supports various advanced algorithms to perform defragmentation process and you can also create a bootable DVD to perform defragmentation on the Mac Boot volume. Stellar Drive Defrag tool is simple and it is totally safe; the Stellar Drive Defrag has dedicated mechanism to fix various defragmentation problem and issues on your Mac.

Various features of Stellar Drive Defrag are:

1.       Defrag your Mac Hard Drive and enhances the Performance of your Mac
2.       Can Defrag various volumes and optimizes free space on Mac Hard Drives
3.       Defrag heavily fragmented Disk Volumes and also locates all the fragmented files
4.       Defrag one or more selected fragmented files.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple launched iOS 7

Apple currently pushing the major upgrade of its operating system for iPhone , iPad and iPod. It is of new Program, new features, but also with new design. The owners of an iPhone 5 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 4, iPad mini , iPad 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation or iPod 5th generation can update their devices with the on-line by Apple iOS 7. Progressively, this upgrade is done as usual from the menu Settings> General> Software Update from the terminal. Wi -Fi is recommended. More than an update, Apple proposes a real graphic evolution of its operating system, a move that was expected as its platform appeared to be frozen for several years. So the arrival of the "flat design” more modern, more flat, more likely, on iOS. The grid of icons has been preserved, but it is flatter, more graphic, too. Also counters the effects of reflection in applications. In addition to notifications, a number of options are available, including on / off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth one step.

We find, in addition to the network options, the “Do Not Disturb” button, and iTunes and some "Utilities" application controls such as a calculator or a camera. The notifications are also improved because of Android as they are synchronized between different iOS devices. Need to reject or treat 2 or 3 times! 7 also introduced iOS multitasking for all applications, without affecting the battery life. The management interface Multitasking has also been revised, more fluid, more. For the rest, the system is intended primarily "smarter” up-to - date "opportunistic" , at the best time for the user, automatic adaptation to the best network conditions , etc. It also wants better integrated with its environment through the sharing feature AirDrop files.

It will, however, available for the iPhone 5 owners. And Mac OS X, Safari has been updated with a tab management closely resembling mobile Chrome (tabs are advertised as unlimited), and an address bar disappears when scroll on a web page ... like on mobile Chrome. Finally, the two boxes - one for URL and one for research - are fused into a unified bar ... as mobile Chrome ... Finally, Apple's implementation of new services. Integrated first, since Siri service has been updated.

The voice has improved, softer, but also more "intelligent”. Siri can for example change the camera settings to the application, such as brightness, or achieve more different searches. Pros side , iOS 7 includes many new features that can make life easier for mobile employees with the integration of " better protection of personal and business data , tool management application licenses , an MDM improved support of SSO ( single sign-on ) , configuring wireless apps and a default protection data on third-party applications “.