Friday, March 30, 2012

New iPad: better than the iPad 2 for the same price - II

Best camera

Apple highlights the camera better on her new iPad. The result is the same everywhere: the camera is actually much better than on the iPad 2, which was also not difficult. Macworld focuses on the quality of this camera: very close to the iPhone 4S for photos, she is also very powerful video, including with bad light conditions. The stabilization is clearly effective for

New iPad: better than the iPad 2 for the same price

U.S. sites have appeared in the night the first tests of the new iPad to be released in the U.S. as in France tomorrow. Meanwhile our full test of the third tablet from Apple, here's what to remember this advice generally very enthusiastic.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mike Daisey and Foxconn: the tools of the theater are not those of journalism

"How old are you? "I am thirteen years," she replies. Thirteen? It is young. Is it difficult to be hired by Foxconn when you - and she said "oh, no." All his friends nod; they really do not check the age. I tell you ... for the first two hours the first day I spent at the gates [Foxconn], I met the workers of 14, 13, 12. Do you really think that Apple does not know?

When the media influenced the works

The advent of paperless media has affected more discrete in appearance and in their use and distribution: the very creation has been disrupted. Indeed, the physical media has been a constraint as such, to be considered in the creative process, and has had an influence on the form. Some constraints are evident, for example for music: the total duration of an album now has virtually no limits imposed. Others are more subtle for the consumer, but not less inconsequential to the creators.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Testing the iPad Third Generation (Wi-Fi, 32GB) - II

Retina Display: a sheet of paper illuminated

It is nevertheless difficult to snub his pleasure at first boot, the only word that comes is "Wow! ". The effect of the Retina display is less impressive today than it was two years ago when we discovered it on the iPhone, but it nonetheless still amazing, especially on a Screen 9.7 "screen of the iPad is like an electronic sheet of paper backlit.